[JASS] Getting the perfect arc with a set height; formula

Level 10
Apr 9, 2004
for months i've tried to figure this out and finally i have. Here's a formula that will get you a perfect arc every time adn allow you to set a max height if you want or make it relative etiher wya; this worsk 100% and to all those who are tired of making tirabgular arcs, here it is:

y= (-x^2 + dx)/(d /((mh/d) * 4))

y is your current height and x is the distance from the jumping point that you're currently at. d is the total distance and mh is the max height you want. It's the perfect arc every time and i;ve alreadyt ested it and it works. every time.

For the record however, this is technically a reversed parabola.

Hopefully this helps all of you with your arc related abilites and scripts.