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[Trigger] Get on Horse

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Level 29
Jul 29, 2007
It be cooler if you could have the knight that is on the horse attack seperately while your horse is moving.

That means using 2 units (a unit and a horse) and making the unit move to the location of the horse every like 0.02 so it'll look good.

I still wonder if it'll be nice because you can't really make a unit sit on the horse unless he has some animation that looks good (or unless you want your hero to (WTFOMFGLOLZOR) stand on your horse while riding ! :p).
Another reason is, knights start their hit before they get to the enemy, you can't do such a thing in warcraft.
I guess you can do stuff with animations and "cause unit to damage" but as I said, I wonder if it'll look good.
Level 12
Jul 11, 2007
To do GUI trigger to ride on a horse is hard....
I have it done
If you do want the unit to attack WHILE riding, you need 2 units, one that moves and the other one that moves instantly which lets him to attack (I think).
You can only do that with new jass... else the unit will just be stopping when the unit moves. It would not work unless you do some annoying jass thing I can't do because I can't open vJass... just regular.
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