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Prior to the destruction of Draenor and Outland there were two factions of primal beings fighting for dominance.
On one side the mighty Breakers made of rock and magma. And on the other the Primals serving and seeking to spread life and nature.
The strongest of these beings were the Magnaron, hulking behemoths of stone and the Genesaur, mighty quadrupedal creatures often armed with massive gnarled polearms.
The Genesaur were the head guardians of life and the spreading of the Evergrowth and were often found alongside smaller ents, saplings and elementals
of nature.

Based on the Genesaurs from World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.
Comes in three versions: Green, Purple and Yellow.
Team colors included.
Custom icons available for each color, one custom texture per model and portraits included.
Please credit me if you use this model.


genesaur, centaur, warlords of draenor, primals, nature, outland, world of warcraft, wow, ent

Genesaur Green (Model)

Genesaur Green Icon (Icon)

Genesaur Green Portrait (Model)

Genesaur Purple (Model)

Genesaur Purple Icon (Icon)

Genesaur Purple Portrait (Model)

Genesaur Yellow (Model)

Genesaur Yellow Icon (Icon)

Genesaur Yellow Portrait (Model)

Neat custom unit models. The variations are appreciated. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 3
Jan 24, 2020
Hello explobomb I have seen many of your models and your photos of your creations are unique, no person made models of things that you do like the Ogrons, genesaurs, direhorn among other things I wonder if you will continue creating models of the breakers like the Gronnling , the Gorens and the Magnaron because it would be amazing in case you do them by when do you think you would do them?