General Vrykul Units Request Thread

Level 17
Feb 19, 2009
You know what's absurdly awesome? The Vrykul from WoW. Giant, lumbering viking warriors tall enough to throw an orc from Gilneas to The Barrens? Badass! Sometimes undead, sometimes vampiric, sometimes from hell, the list just goes on and on. They are pretty much everything cool about norse myth put together in a blender and unleashed on the hapless stooges of Azeroth.
Despite how awesome they are, I could count the number of Vrykul models on hive on one hand. Well, maybe if I had like eight fingers. Anyway, there aren't enough. Sellinsko did a great job getting the ball rolling, even making a Vrykul worker! But if you tried to make a Vrykul race right now, you wouldn't have a lot of units to play with just yet.

So I'm putting out a bounty! My request is simple, more Vrykul models! They can be anything you want 'em to be, just as long as they're Vrykul. You could make a Vrykul stock broker, a Vrykul pastry chef or a Vrykul stripper for all I care! As long as it's a Vrykul, I'll be overjoyed.
Now, if you're looking for inspiration for what kind of model to do, or what model people would need, I have a list of refs you can use.

[Basic Units]
Grunts: The standard beefy Vrykul footman/grunt style unit. Honestly Sellinsko already has this one covered, but if you want your Vrykul race to have a different feel or just wanna put your own take on it, that'd be pretty awesome. You could base your version off the existing orc grunts, the barbarians from Diablo, actual vikings, or the various NPCs from WoW.

Spellcasters, male and female: There are pretty much no Vrykul spellcaster units on the site. So anyone who made these would be breaking new ground. As of Legion, we now have the powerful Vrykul Runecasters as the male reference. Whereas for females, we have several different enemy types to go off.

Hunters: Bow-wielding female Vrykul who hunt and kill their enemies viciously. These could serve as your basic ranged units. Sellinsko made a mounted hero who kind of looks like the standard hunter.
Female Warriors: There are several female warrior npcs for the Vrykul, but I think the helmeted ones are by far the coolest. These are the ones I'd go for if you wanna make a unit. You could also make an alternate version with no helmet, because the standard armor is pretty cool on it's own.

Dragon Riders: Remember How to Train Your Dragon? Imagine that but all the characters are adults and actually very mean. Vrykul train and ride a very special type of dragon known as "Proto Drakes." A simple redskin of the normal red dragon model with a Vrykul on top should do the trick.

[Special Variants]
There isn't just one type of Vrykul, there are a wide variety of Vrykul types with their own unique look and style.

Ymirjar: Not unlike the Draugr of ancient legend. These fierce but black-hearted warriors pledged their life to the Lich King, and upon their death were risen by the Val'kyr as vicious undead warriors with a thirst for blood. These could be reskins of existing units, or unique units themselves. You *could* just tint your ordinary Vrykul warriors with a blue tint, but that's just tacky. Still, it'd do in a pinch.

Vargul: These are the "unworthy" dead of the Vrykul armies. The Lich King declared these guys as losers and revived them as ghoulish, ugly, shambling warriors to toss at adventurers like meat shields. A fun take on how the vikings of ancient times had "worthy" dead and "unworthy" dead.

Vrykul Skeleton: It's a big viking skeleton monster. What's not to like? You *could* just upscale a skeleton orc. You could also go back in time and VOTE FOR HITLER. But would you? WOULD YOU? The answer: probably.

Kvaldir: They are undead Vrykul who serve the evil deity known as Heyla. Shipwrecked Vrykul taken to her undead undersea kingdom, or unsuspecting Vrykul warriors captured by her evil forces and forced to serve as her evil minions. I really like the sea weed and and ocean debris that carelessly hangs off of them.

Valarjar Champions & Shieldmaiden: The TRUE honored dead of the Vrykul, taken by the golden Valkyries into the mighty halls of Valhalla. Powerful warriors in glowing golden armor, devoted to the mighty Odyn and ready to battle the forces of evil. It's worth noting the women battle with spears and shields.

That's all for now. This isn't some kind of demand for someone to create every single unit listed here or something stupid, just an inquiry for more Vrykul units in general. I'd love to see the interesting and creative takes the community would have on this.
Level 30
Sep 17, 2010
I am Kyrbi0 & I approve of this message.
Level 26
Jun 20, 2013
There is the Lindorn dragon, Jesus Hipster giant Vrykul. For the Casters is complicated, if Sellenisko used custom skins for his models, you may want to made the rest of the models using these skins to keep the same theme on the units.

Daenar 7 Runic pack could serve you well.