General Vezax

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OMG! this has been held from you guys for too long. Here it is, General Vezax. Designed by more than just me so lets have a round of applause for those who helped me soo dearly


Misha - Model/Animation Fixes, as well as a Portrait
Just_Spectating - For starting this idea with me and providing a base model

Enjoy you guys.

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General Vezax (Model)

General Vezax (Model)

General Frank: Very good model edit and awesome skin. Works in-game and performs very well. Good job. Approved.




Moderation: 20:11, 25th January 2011
General Frank:
Very good model edit and awesome skin.
Works in-game and performs very well. Good job.
Level 9
Jan 23, 2008
Oh my... 914kb.
No no this is too much, try reducing it somehow, maybe making the texture's resolution smaller, or removing the portrait file and adding an included one in model.
Sorry but i think it will be used only in very few campaigns, because maps won't afford a ~1Mb model.
3/5 because the idea is great and everything else(except filesize) too.
Looks nice. But did you really need a custom texture?


Im a skinner. so yes it needs a custom texture :p

Its from WoW you silly man!
Anyway, I think the head is a bit too dark. but everything else is alright.

Im not dealing with the head again >.< It was such a painful wrap that i couldn't fix.
making Yog Saron wouldn't be all that tricky, but the issue is, If i were to make a model like that i would put in the cliffside/cave rocks along with the giant puddle. And im not that advanced at modeling yet xP If I could get a partner, sure. But otherwise, it will take me a while to figure it all out

mhm.. yog sarron would probably need two models, since.. well.. the big puddle and stuff needs to stay where it is after he's dead =P (darn warcraft, lol)

EDIT: 3 models, i forgot the yog's brain, lol =P




Greetings. Can you create models of the Faceless Ones from the Wrath of the Lich King and the Cataclysm?

If it requires much time, could you just take a model of the Faceless from the Warcraft III and remove the mace which it holds?

Thank you.