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Galaxy Highlighter for Notepad++ v1.0

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Hi guys!

This is syntax highlighter for Starcraft 2 Galaxy language. It works with Notepad++.
It is uses JassCraft style!

So for all thous who like "C" coding and JassCraft style, I am sure u will like this.

Ok so lets get started by explaining on how to install this.


1) First make sure that you have installed Notepad++.
2) Download this pack
3) Extract this pack
4) Copy Galaxy.xml to "...\Notepad++\plugins\APIs\"
5) Copy JassCraft.xml to "...\Notepad++\themes\"
6) Run Notepad++
7) Click "User-Defined Dialogue" button/icon

8) In appearing dialog click on "Import" and select GalaxyLang.xml, close the dialog

9) Go to Settings->Preferences->Backup/Auto-completition and set settings to this ones

10) Go to Settings->Style Configurator and select JassCraft theme.

11) Restart Notepad++
12) Go to Language->Galaxy
13) Start coding and enjoy! :)



Extracted Natives (common.galaxy)


Special Notes:

* Note that when you are saving your code make sure to use extension .galaxy
* Note that Notepad++ has limit of 3*10^4 chars for each section (consts, funcs, types and keywords)
Galaxy language has too much natives so notepad++ does not highlight a few of them


~Dark Dragon

starcraft 2 galaxy language notepad++ jasscraft trigger code script

Galaxy Highlighter for Notepad++ v1.0 (Binary)

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