Futuristic Doodads Extras

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
I needed/wanted some adjustments to a few models in the Futuristic Doodads Pack03 for my Mecha Protectors map.

@twilac edited the models.
@ThompZon tested them, gave feedback, and (with everyone's permission) did the "admin" of uploading it, including asked @Jab1z for permission to upload these edits of his models and have his blessing :)

Glass Walls have their "V2" (damaged) look as their "stand alternate" animation, meaning that it (in my opinion) is easier to trigger the damaged look.
Alarm is off by default and on in its "stand alternate" animation. I use this with the 2x4_blank.tga PathMap for easy rotation and placement.
PathMaps are included.
Exact import path for pathmaps is not important, you just need to setup the destructable to reference it.

The 10x2 pathmap is for the GlassWall_180Degree (V1).mdx in the original pack.

The numbers in the pathmap names is how big the texture is in pixels.

10x2 Glass Dead (Texture)

10x2 Unwalkable (Texture)

12x2 Glass Dead (Texture)

12x2 Unwalkable (Texture)

2x4 blank (Texture)

8x2 glass dead (Texture)

8x2 Unwalkable (Texture)

Alarm Wall Mounted (Model)

Glass Wall 12x2 (Model)

Glass Wall 8x2 (Model)

PipeStraightUpDown (Model)

A fine complementary bundle of Jab1z's doodads. Works in-game. Approved!