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Futuristic Doodads Pack03

• This pack was ready for like almost a year, but never had a chance to upload it, but here it is - hope it's of some use to you guys <3

FuturisticVent01 (Model)

FuturisticVent02 (Model)

FuturisticVent03 (Model)

FuturisticVent04 (Model)

GlassWall_135Degree (V1) (Model)

GlassWall_135Degree (V2) (Model)

GlassWall_180Degree (V1) (Model)

GlassWall_180Degree (V2) (Model)

GlassWall_45Degree (V1) (Model)

GlassWall_45Degree (V2) (Model)

GlassWall_90Degree (V1) (Model)

GlassWall_90Degree (V2) (Model)

Nice set of modern doodads. Good for sci-fi maps. Works in-game. Approved! It's alright to use a black terrain as a preview image, but next time please include another screenshot with a visible terrain in the description.
I can't really see a difference between the 180 vs 90 degrees version except for the rotation, something you can do anyways if you put a path-map on the destructible.
Here is usable pathmaps for straight glass walls. the one marked as "gate" is opened in the middle (with 2x1 path blocking at the sides), more coming soon(tm)


  • 10x2_Blocked.tga
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  • 10x2_Gate2x1.tga
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