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Submitted by Revan(Rom)
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
A lot of researchers traveled through this city.They tried to find gold and other treasures,but what they found was death,horror and pain.
Use your skills and your experience to survive in this "FROZEN HELL".

Update 1.01:

-Creeps in the middle were reduced

Update 1.02:

-Middle totaly changed
-Add. more creeps
-Add. one mine in the middle with 28000gold
-Set the gold of the mines in the corners to 20000
-Add. pets (pingu...)
-Add. 2 fountains of mana


FrozenHell (Map)

11:47, 17th May 2009, by Rui: Boring map. A "Market Square", but much worse. Empty terrain, bad neutral building & creeps combination, sucky drops... and a lack of lumber. Set to Reviewed status with a 2/5 (Lacking) rating.
  1. 11:47, 17th May 2009, by Rui:
    Boring map. A "Market Square", but much worse. Empty terrain, bad neutral building & creeps combination, sucky drops... and a lack of lumber.
    Set to Reviewed status with a 2/5 (Lacking) rating.
  2. Septimus


    May 3, 2008
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  3. leet.firefox


    Nov 18, 2008
    I don't normally review melee maps, but what the hell.

    Terrain is...average. Nothing new or exciting. It looks nice, but I wouldn't pick it over others. Frozen Hell seems a little extreme for the vibe given off by the terrain. It's more like Icey Purgatory.

    Creep drops seemed a little odd. Apparently 3 level 5 creeps dropped but one tome of agility. And the creeps also seemed kind of thrown together at random. Not of difficulty, but of type.

    AI didn't really do much. Attacked in the beginning, then didn't really seem to go on the offensive after. You can easily make a bee line to any base through the middle, but they seemed content to sit in their bases and wait for us. They were on Insane Difficulty, mind you.

    Nothing revolutionary, but still fun. 4/5
    Voted for Approval
  4. anarchianbedlam


    Apr 13, 2008
    [+]the terrain was well done, nothing especially fantastic, but since it is a melee map, the terrain should not detract from gameplay, in this regard the terrain was perfect. the bases/map was overall balanced and the expansions were very helpful and easy to access.
    [+]the layout was symmetrical but not boring the routes were not direct but there were no "choke points" to give anyone an unfair advantage.
    [+]Overall color scheme and theme were ascetically pleasing and everything fit, nothing seemed "out of place" or awkward
    [+]gold mines did not have a ridiculous amount of gold but enough so, while my gold mine collapsed, it did not allow any player to "camp" at their base and gather resources forever.
    [+]Creeps placed so you do not "attack" them accidentally but could be found easily and approached when ready
    [+]There were enough creeps and at a high enough level so you could level up a little before you attack enemy players but creeps were not spammed.
    [+]the map was so subtly well done i did not realize i was playing a user-made map, i seriously thought blizzard had made it (since i dont know every map in the (standard) game
    [-] :p i cant really think of anything bad with this map

    Overall this map was very well done, it is a good solid melee map. as i said above, nothing especially spectacular but since its melee, that makes it perfect. It is subtly awesome.

    a great map and a definite 5/5 for melee

    EDIT: oh shit i didnt even realize the map had a custom AI script, i just thought it was the normal AI being stupid :p

    [-] leet.firefox brought up a good point, AI was definitely... non-aggressive. :/

    sorry, a 4.5/5 now
  5. bounty hunter2

    bounty hunter2

    Sep 27, 2005
    bounty hunter2's Review on (8)FrozenHell

    FrozenHell is an eight player melee map, as the title suggests.

    The author is Revan(Rom)

    Let's start with the terrain, which is quite lacking. The tiles are placed randomly and are oddly chosen. I don't see how would all the "artificial" tiles be placed like that, in such a destructive manner. Some trees are growing out of rock, some dodoads are just overused, some aren't used at all. There are a lot of empty places aswell.

    The creep choice was fine, but the drops were once again lacking. Three level five creeps drop a tome. That can't be right, now can it.

    There weren't much trees at the starting positions and there wasn't really much build place.

    The AI acted quite strangely, being non agressive. There were some attacks on the start, but after that nothing much.

    The neutral buildings were all right, although I think a tavern would fit better in the middle, not a goldmine.

    The map itself is balanced, since it's symmetrical. It isn't really much, just a regular melee, average to lacking, so my vote and rating goes like this: 2/5 and Approval.
  6. Rui


    Jan 7, 2005
    Review on Revan(Rom)'s "FrozenHell" by Rui.

    When you said in my maps that I had no idea of the space, I expected yours to be... well, not as enlarged as this one, for sure. This one has too much empty space.
    The ground texture variation was alright at the bases. For the rest of the map, it was weird. Varying ground textures with tiles doesn't look good.
    Elevation was non-existent.

    Neutral buildings: Gold Mines on the edges are alright, so are the Taverns. I don't like the rest. The middle Mine is useless, because the Goblin Laboratories are too heavily guarded. By the time your army is powerful enough to defeat them, it'll already be late game and the enemy will have air, which will ensure that the Gold Mine is unused 99% of the games.

    Creep choice was OK. The drops, not so well outside the green creep camps.
    So, three level 5 creeps drop a lvl2 powerup, while a mix of five units with the exact same level (when summed) drop a lvl3 permanent plus a lvl2 powerup? Due to the number of units, having two drops is alright, but not a lvl3 permanent. I also suggest increasing it for the Magnataur and the Mammoths.
    The Gold Mines' guardians were alright, I guess. The Blue Dragons are always tough with their freezing attack. However, the starting locations' have an extra Giant Polar Bear and they drop exactly the same. The drop should be more powerful there, or less powerful on the edge Gold Mines.
    On to the Red hostiles. Starting with the Fountain of Mana guards, their strength does not justify a lvl6 permanent. The drops of the Goblin Merchant/Laboratory guards could be an artifact instead of two items plus two tomes. The latter is alright, but a lvl5 permanent and lvl4 charged don't justify at all unless you really want to use the shops, which you don't, for the reasons I referred above.

    The Gold is well distributed, but I have my doubts for the lumber.

    A boring map, in my opinion, which favors lame tactics such as tower rushes and air attacks on mains. A "Market Square", but worse.
    My rating is 2/5 (Lacking). My vote for approval, since the map has potential. Added the Medieval/Warcraft category.
  7. Beronin


    May 26, 2009
    terrain looks like "dudy, dudy ,doo let´s see what happens" at the market place
    but the idea is somewhat well done so its 2.7649124/5