Frozen River V1.0

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
You can play with many hero

Frozen River V1.0 (Map)

07:12, 23rd Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
Level 7
Dec 21, 2009
I'm tired and this map seems like poor quality, so be prepared for a harsh review.

Reviewed by Shimitar


This is pretty much just a meele map. The gameplay is not really worth mentioning, it isn't dreadul simply because it doesn't go any worse (Or better) than an ordinary map.

2/5 (Poor)


The terrain is just a meele map, but since it's good I'll give it a

3/5 (Mediocre)


The map isn't what I would call a stroke of originality. It's just a meele map pitting you against enemies. The only difference I can spot are the units in the center of the map, and the cameos from King Leoric and King Arthur are not apreciated (By me, at least).

1/5 (Dreadful)


I'm unsure where to begin here. The preview is just a map, the only sentence in your entire description is "You can play with many hero", this is all very off-putting.

1/5 (Dreadful)


I find it difficult to envisage why anyone would play such a map, one might as well just play a meele one. Nice try, but you have to be sure of the quality of your map when you post it.

2/5 (Poor)

Recommended for rejection.
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
hey bro! I can't visualize your map very well can you follow these steps describing our rules about map uploading:

show us some information about your map, tells more about the Gameplay, Features, Commands, Screenshots, Credits, and Changelogs.

by following these useful BB codes it can help you out with coding stuffs, and better yet, apply these Templates depends on your style, good luck and happy map-making :)