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freeze units/keep sending food

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Level 5
Sep 18, 2010
how to make a trigger where you can stop evryone from moving (hero defence ) teleport the heros to a minigames and make them move agian ( not only move, but freeze)
also, how to make a trigger like you must feed the fat demon or he will attack you
rep+ for those ho help


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
About first question:
  • Unit - Pause <unitHere>
Should help you with stopping all the units on the map.

Follow this with:
  • Unit - Instantly move <unitHere> to <destination>
Dont forget about unpasing after teleporting:
  • Unit - Unpause <unitHere>
For picking every unit on map (or just a part of them) you have to use 'Unit Group - Pick every unit in (...)' action.

Second question: elaborate the subject, post test map.
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