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Freddy Krueger Escape 2.9


Idea, basic functions and first versions by Kadakash.
Remaster, triggers, redecoration and debug by
Current versions by
Kadakash & SMA

Freddy Krueger Escape is a multiplayer map in wich 10 victims must survive in a nightmare while being tormented by Freddy Krueger(by Kuzakani).

Choose different game modes and follow the objective as:
Victim, Freddy or Reanimated Corpse

This map takes place in a mansion in the dream-world.
With tight hallways that lead to a constant feeling of being lost.




Victims must survive the set time, that depends on the amount of people alive. Escaping from Freddy while looking for useful items and making use of their multiple skills.

Freddy must find them, using as guide his senses and stalking whoever is trying to escape him. In case he manages to kill a victim, it will become a personal helper to assist him in his hunt.

The game ends when Freddy manages to kill everyone or the time ends and there is at least a victim left.

Victims must repair electricity generators around the mansion so external doors open and be able to escape. The amount of generators is equal to the amount of victims, even though they don't need to repair all of them. Doors will open when the penultimate generator has been repaired.

Just like classic mode Freddy has to kill all of them, with the difference that there is no time limit.

The game ends when Freddy manages to kill everyone or the last alive victim manages to escape trough one of the open doors.



(Q) - PANIC:
(0 CD) (20 - 25 - 30 MC/s)
Gains|r (25 - 40 - 55)% Movement Speed but you drain (10 - 16 - 22 + 1% Max MP) Mana Points per second. If your mana is less or equal to 10, the ability will automatically turn off.

(15 - 20 - 25 CD) (30 - 50 - 70 MC)
Gains Invisible Status and creates an One-Hit Illusion. Lasts (2.5 - 5 - 7.5) seconds.

(4 - 3 - 2 CD)
Restores (20 - 40 - 60) HP and (10 - 20 - 30) MP to yourself or an ally.
You get experience when you Target allies, the amount of XP goes according to character level multiplied by 10.

(R) - LUCK:
You have a chance (15%) to Block Damage against Freddy Krueger or Reanimated Corpses.

(Last chance mode only)
Repair the selected Generator. The more people repairing the Generator, its Reparation Time will be divided according to the Victims repairing it.
Total Time to Repair a Generator: 225-202-180-157-135-112-90-67-45-22

Dance to Taunt Freddy with the Kazotsky Kick. Gains Vulnerable Status (100% Additional Damage) to Freddy Krueger and Reanimated Corpses. Using Healing Band or Panic remove the Dance Status.

(Passive / Automatic upgrade)
Your inventory slots unlocks every time you get ELevel (3 - 4 - 5 - 6). Gains 3 XP per every second.

(17 - 16 - 15 CD) (75 - 150 - 225 MC)
Freddy sticks his Claws on the floor, causing (10 - 70 - 100) Damage and stuns the victims. It has a Range of (600 - 800 - 1000) and the Stun lasts (1.5 - 2 - 2.5) seconds. Also, Freddy Krueger gains Cleave Attack (150%) into 125 AOE.

(15 - 20 - 25 CD) (50 - 100 - 150 MC)
With each continuous Attack against the victims, Freddy Krueger gains 15% Attack Speed. Lasts (5 - 10 - 15) seconds.

(10 - 14 - 18 CD) (50 - 150 - 250 MC)
Gains 40 Backstab Damage and increase the Movement Speed by (20 - 70 - 120)% with Invisibility Status. Lasts (5 - 6 - 7) seconds. Also, you gain Bonus Damage (70 Maximum Damage) if you attack a stunned Victim with Spectral Claws.

(120 CD) (300 MC)
Create a Nightmare Shadow per every alive Victim. Each one follows a Victim. Lasts 30 seconds.
Nightmare Shadows has True Sight into 145 AOE and the victims can destroy them dwith Sacred Texts or Divine Crown.

(22 CD)
Disable a Generator: HP Conditions are independents from each one. Leaves it with 1% Max HP if its HP is below 500. Leaves it with 50% Max HP if its HP is above 500.

Basic Attacks causes 5.5 DPS. Lasts 5 seconds. Killing a Victim restores your Mana by 20%.
Gains 5 XP per every second.

(12 CD)
Teleport the Reanimated Corpse to a target point up to 900.

(33 CD)
Sleep a Victim for 2 seconds. Also, you bring Invulnerable Status to him for 0.20 seconds.

(1 CD)
Allow Reanimated Corpse to add Blood, Cold or Unholy Presence, granting a new effect in his basic attacks:
Blood - DPS and it can stack with other Attackers.
Cold - Slows Movement Speed and Attack Rate.
Unholy - Burns Mana to reach 0.

What do I do when the map starts?: Press F to confirm you aren't AFK. Then you will be moved to the game mode voting screen.

What version is this map for?: The map is edited with 1.27 so there is no difference. It works for reforged as for older versions.

Does the map have AI?: Currently not, and I doubt it will ever have.

Why does items have different colors?: Each color represents a grade of rarity. There are 5 grades. The more rare the item, the better the effect.

Why so much time for only a few victims?: Before half the starting victims die, each dying victim will shorten the timer to balance it.

Reforged or classic graphics?: Classic

Why I can't go trough X passage?: Passages are only one-way, you're most probably trying to enter trough an exit.

What are those girls singing a scary song?: That is Freddy's passive ability, it pings him whenever a victims is nearby, and the music starts playing part by part as Freddy gets closer to the marked victim. Everyone gets to hear the music but only Freddy knows who's being marked.



Kadakash, GhxBronie, Dread, Finicky, Crazybob, Shikuso, Fireup, EyeLicker, InMyMind, and many more on Battle.net


Freddy Krueger (Legacy) - Kadakash & SMA

Golden statue - Pamexi

Various decorations - Scorpio T1000

Raven Mountain Model Pack - ValdionWorld

bar.blp - stan0033

SupplyDepot - killst4r

Angel Statues - Grey Knight

Animated Computer pack - Grey Knight

Back Pack - Grey Knight

Barrel Pile - communist_orc

Basketball - Ribenamania

Basketball Post - Ribenamania

Blood Variation 1 (High and Low Quality Textures) - Felipe Gormadoc

BloodyZombie - ana

Bone Impale - JesusHipster

Bronze Boot by Sunchips - Sunchips

Bronze Bracers - Blood Raven

BTNCallHelp - Stanakin

BTNCloverStuff - JollyD

BTNFelRunedCloakII - Raging Ent

BTNINV_Misc_Pelt_Wolf_01 - Blizzard Entertainment

BTNINV_Misc_Pelt_Wolf_02 - Blizzard Entertainment

Burning Rage - Mythic

Ceiling Rays - Tranquil

Chests of Pearls Blue + Black - kellym0

Child Corpse Sitting by chilla_killa - chilla_killa

Cider - HerrDave

Circle Buffs - AlienAtSystem

Claw Effect - Otherknownoise

Claws of Attack Left / right - Thrikodius

Crate - Deolrin

Crown Boots - Sunchips

CrownHelmetbySunchips - Sunchips

DeadTV_ByEpsilon - epsilon

Demon King Statue + Demon Pillar - Kuhneghetz

DemonSpikeTrap - Amigurumi

Destructible Tree (Dead) - Callahan

Dresser - N.Knight

DUMMY - Grey Knight

Elven Boots - Matarael

EvilToilet - Amigurumi

Fence - Grey Knight

Firepit with Roast Meat - Grey Knight

Fireplace - Blood Raven

Ford Falcon - skrab

Gloves of Speed - Matarael

CloudOfFog - Ergius

Halo Tree - Fingolfin

Heavy Junk Armor - The_Silent

Holymagic_Projectile - sPy

Hooked Peasant - Sephiroth_VII

Icons to Models Pack - KAIL333XZ

Junk Armor - The_Silent

King's Crown - hell gate, Tranquil

Mansion Door - Kitabatake

Mantle of Divinity by Sunchips - Sunchips

Mindstaff - Thrikodius

New hero level indicator - Diego Delgado

Pickaxe + Item - PROXY

Pickaxe Item - KAIL333XZ

Pillar of Flame - Mythic

Pipe_Smoking - Uncle Fester

Porcupine - Kitabatake

Repair Key - HammerFist132

S&S Chandelier - Talavaj

Scarecrow - Shadow_killer

Scourge Ward 2 - Grey Knight

SelectionCircle.blp - SA Dashie

Simple Cape - imforfun

SlaughteredVillager - Chen

SmallOrgan(HT) - HappyTauren

Some Custom Items Pack - KAIL333XZ

Soulfire Missile - Boogles

Soviet car - Ket

StreamSmoke - Ergius

Table - Hellish Hybrid

Table and Chair - Grey Knight

TableNChair - Hellish Hybrid

The Golden Lock - icewolf055

Tomb With Corpse - bisnar13

TortureTable - Hellish Hybrid

Tree - Grey Knight

Tree(NewVariation) - eubz

Utility belt - Kitabatake

Vines - Grey Knight

Witch Hunter's Hat - Dionesiist

Wolf Spirit Headpiece by Sunchips - Sunchips

Wolf Spirit Vestment no Head by Sunchips - Sunchips


Freddy Krueger Escape 2.9 (Map)

This seems like a really fun map to play in multiplayer. It's an improved version of the genre. A gripe is that enemies become more and stronger than the remaining victims so it gets really tricky in mid-late game if the Freddy player is good. Approved.
Level 8
Jun 26, 2014
I test this Map around 5-10 Matches with 8-11 Players and it's very entertainment. A little-hard to learn if it's your first match bc you didn't know where you need to go or do to win this game. Fortunately, the map exploration rewarded me with Rare Items dropped in the map and discovered secret places to take Legendary items.

TBH, my favorite Role is playing as Victim bc is a cooperative way to play this Map, to group up with your allies and try to take the Rare and Legendary items to survive against FK, and OFC: Troll him with Kazotsky Kick. 🤪

Greetings :peasant-cheers:
Last edited:
Map is edited with 1.27b so it's compatible since that version to the latest reforged one.

I'm not sure what do you mean by not fiding the map, I just hosted and played it to test and had no problems.

Let me know if the problem persists.
That's weird. My 1.27 wc3 can't enter the game with the map shown as "just another wc3 map".
But I find version 2.2 of the map on epicwar and it can be played.