[Picture] Oh hello freddy

Level 6
Jul 3, 2014
Oh hello freddy


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Level 9
Nov 27, 2014
FNAF 3!!!!

Dark Devin: Shine Torchlight
Dark Directive: Shine Torchlight
Mind Controlled Freddy: Throw Cupcake
Mind Controlled Foxy: Throw Cupcake
Nightmare Fang: Shine Flashlight and wear mask
Nightmare Devin: Wear Mask
ArchEdge: Shut down door(left or right)
The Leo MKII: Shut Door and shine light at the other
Evil Doge: Throw Cake
Peninsula Edge: Shut both doors and wear mask!!

Dark Devin and Dark Directive will have red glows when approaching from the darkness of the doors

Mind Controlled Freddy and Mind Controlled Foxy will emit a moaning sound and a yellow eye in the dark

Nightmares will first come with high screeching voices before a red glowing eye apoears at the doorway

ArchEdge will be known when he is coming by a red hand stretching from the darkness towards u

The Leo MKII can be detected when the lightsvstarted flickering!! Close both doors!!

Evil Doge can be heard with sounds like "Much Blood" or "Very Death" and a sinster pair of eyes will be staring at u

Peninsula Edge's arrival will have red flames flickering in the darkness, get ready!!