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Forest Expansion 2.9.9b

Submitted by Nikkone
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Forest Expansion 2.9.9b

Aim of the game: It is a 10v1, the 10 are the expanders, who must run and hide, try to build, and fight against the forces of the Ancients. The 1 are the Ancients, who have one balanced hero and it is their job to purge the forest of the expanders, they must reach level 20 to win the game.

Description: The expanders who have came from all over the world have found a forest with rich resources of lumber and gold, and plan to dominate it, however, the defenders of this ancient forest will not sit down as they plunder away at their homeland.

The Ancient has to pick a hero, and destroy bases. The Ancient will recieve gold and experience when killing bases or armies to buy unique items to help him/her to get to level 20 or increase their power.

If you have played this map before, please take a second to vote!

Roles & Classifications

Each race has a different role they must fulfill in order to achieve victory



Carries are those who can end up winning the game on their own when they are powerful enough. Carries usually take a lot of time to get strong and can easily be shut down before they get the opportunity to shine. Some carries have advantages over others, such as being able to "carry" faster or harder. It is important that all resources are given to carries (or hunters) in order to win the game.




Basers are, of course, those who base. Bases serve a very important role in this game and each match should have at least 1-2 basers. Bases can serve as a safe zone for their team if it is needed. Bases also, when set up properly, grant the team resources per second, which when left alone, can become a huge threat to the ancient. Basers also have low health and offensive capabilities on their main unit so they must rely on their base. Since basers usually get a high surplus of all resources on their own, they rarely need to be given any money unless it is needed.




Hunters are those who can hunt down the ancient with their given kit. Most hunters rely on an army or military that must be built. Certain hunters can have a very powerful early game rush, and other hunters have stronger heroes and units that are efficient at ganking later on in the game. If hunters are pooled a lot of resources it can result in a short game if the ancient is caught off guard. It is close to impossible to win a game without at least one hunter.




Supports are those who have simple spells and abilities that can help allies, and get a surplus of resources they don't need to pool to their teammates. Supports buff & heal their allies, and can disrupt the ancient. It's important to have a lot of supports and minimal carries in a match so there is enough resources to go around. A lack of supports in a match can result in a defeat as the ancient will be far ahead while you're left with no money




Hybrids are those who can do 3-4 roles easily. Hybrids usually can play the game without the assistance of a team as they suit all their own needs. However, some hybrids might be weaker at a role than races who can only preform that one role, so it is advised that you play a hybrid to suit your team's needs.

Race Descriptions



Role: Carry
Off-Roles: Hunter, Support

Difficulty: Very Easy

Played As: Solo

Worgen is a stealthy race that can be played two ways. As a supportive and team-friendly unit, who pools plenty of resources over to the races that require it more. You also help the team by keeping the ancient busy, helping the other races by walling for them, and being a overall disruptor that the ancient needs to pay attention to. Or, you can choose to play this race as a carry. A carry requires many resources and a long time of upgrading in order to become stronger, but pays off. Worgens have many upgrades, all of which the assets of a carry.



Role: Hybrid
Off-Roles: None

Difficulty: Hard

Played As: Anything

The Razormane is a powerful race, that excels at everything. This race however, has no escaping abilities and is extremely vulnerable in the early game, thus not reccomended for newer players. However, later on, this race can choose between three things. Creating an army, creating a base, or creating a powerful solo unit - himself. Razormanes require a lot of lumber and gold pool in order to be efficient, due to their limited workers.



Role: Hunter
Off-Roles: Carry, Support

Difficulty: Medium

Played As: Solo


Nerubians rely on their Crypt Lord. The Crypt Lord can also be heavily upgraded and be able to just devastate the ancient if caught off guard. Nerubians also have a very important shop with vital items that are necessary in every game. Nerubians are important for ganking the ancient with their high amounts of snares/stuns. Nerubians also have many auras and can opt into making their main builder a support. The Nerubian's Crypt Lord is extremely strong later on in the game and can end up carrying with enough upgrades.



Role: Hybrid
Off-Roles: None

Difficulty: Hard

Played As: Anything

Much like the Razormanes, Centaurs are able to excel at everything. However, they have a sprint that allows them to escape messy situations in the early game. Though not as many supportive abilities as their fellow Razormane, the Centaur have extremely defensive and disruptive abilities that can easily get in the ancients way, if played right. This race is also able to take care of itself, with little need of resource pool.



Role: Baser
Off-Roles: None

Difficulty: Easy

Played As: Defense


Humans are one of the strongest basing races. Basing races create towers & walls to hold off the ancient and claim territory for a safe zone. It is up to basers such as the human, to allow their carries, supports, and military races to safely harvest gold and lumber, and construct their important buildings beneath the safe haven of a base. What separates the human between other basing races, is that the humans late game towers, the Flak Cannons, are one the most devastating towers in the game. Extremely high amounts of damage, but hard and expensive to create, melt the ancient. Basers such as the human require an early pool of resources in order to give back and help the other races.



Role: Hunter
Off-Roles: Support

Difficulty: Hard

Played As: Offense


Magmides are one of the only pure military races. Military races are tasked with making and upgrading a sizable army to take down the ancient. Magmides along with most other military races can be extremely tricky to play. The Magmide is not recommended for newer players, as it has no escape and can have a rough early game. Not only does the Magmide have a rough early game, but their late game can be punishing too. Flame Throwers - one of their core units are easily killed with nuking abilities, thus should not be created once the game has reached that late period. However, this race can really pay off to experienced players who know which units are a viable choice when the time calls for it, and an experienced Magmide is something the ancient should always look out for. Magmides can also support their basers by creating EXTREMELY powerful walls with return damage.

Forgotten One


Role: Carry
Off-Roles: None

Difficulty: Very Easy

Played As: Solo

Forgotten Ones can choose 3 different ways to carry the game: A bloodmage, which uses their own health as a resource to deal unbelievable damage from far. A soulreaper, which has huge melee lifesteal and burst damage, and is extremely hard to kill. Or, an executioner, who is a stealthy assassin that can preform powerful ganks on the ancient with their very high melee damage. Whatever role you may pick, the Forgotten one is extremely strong with a lot of money and can take down the ancient quickly.

Aethyr Warp


Role: Hunter
Off-Roles: Baser

Difficulty: Very Hard

Played As: Defense or Offense


Aethyr Warp is a very intermediate race that can be extremely punishing if mistakes are made. Aethyr Warps will instantly move to your next cursor location every 30 seconds. This can be helpful, or damaging. If caught out of position, Aethyr Warps are THE MOST vulnerable race in the game, leading with 250 health, no escapes, and extremely slow movement speed. Not only is this race vulnerable without it's instant teleport, but this race will provide the ancient with much experience and gold if your workers and sustainers are not properly hidden. However, despite it's weaknesses, the Aethyr Warp has one of the most powerful militaries in the game. Vampiric Wyrms - though expensive - are absolutely devastating. The Aethyr Warp requires a lot of resource pool, for an expensive, but powerful army or base.



Role: Support
Off-Roles: Hunter, Carry

Difficulty: Hard

Played As: Solo


Furbolgs are one of the most helpful and needed supports you can have in a game. This very basic race can choose between being a warrior (A tanky and disruptive nightmare for the ancient), or a shaman (A healer and heavy nuke hitter). Furbolgs have a very high lumber gain rate, which they can easily pool to their teammates and still have plenty left over. This race also has multiple upgrades to help them destroy the ancient



Role: Hunter
Off-Roles: None

Difficulty: Hard

Played As: Offense


A lightweight version of the Magmide, Goblins have an easier time in the early game with a speed boost and heavier lumber gain. Goblins can easily pool their team lumber to get them started, and rush beta mechs to keep the ancient busy. This race also has zeppelins to help your team get across the map without the risk of being caught. Goblins require some gold pool, however, but can have a very powerful army similar to magmide's.



Role: Carry
Off-Roles: Hunter, Support

Difficulty: Medium

Played As: Solo


Kobolds have multiple upgrades that range from increasing gold income, to a deadly poisonous aura, to a global blink with a large cooldown. Kobolds are very necessary due to their high assistance for their team. They require a lot of help from basers in order to keep their expensive buildings safe, however.



Role: Hunter
Off-Roles: Baser

Difficulty: Easy

Played As: Defense or Offense


Ghouls are your basic race, able to create a strong and viable army to take the ancient in the mid game. Ghouls have plenty of upgrades to make their base & army strong. Has a very good escape, which makes these guys hard to catch. Very little pool required to be powerful, but can be shut down if hunted down by the ancient vigorously.


Role: Baser
Off-Roles: None

Difficulty: Very Easy

Played As: Defense


Krakens are an easy and simple race. Very similar to the humans, they have a strong blink and a calm early game. Can rush a base very fast to keep your allies safe. Requires a lot of gold pool to sustain later in the game.



Role: Baser
Off-Roles: Hunter

Difficulty: Very Hard

Played As: Defense or Offense

Ogres are a very rough race to play in the early game. With no escapes, but similar worker styles as other basers, the ogre can be extremely difficult early game. Ogres also require a lot of gold and lumber pool. However, this race is very powerful later on in the game with one of the strongest armies in the game, and sturdiest bases around.



Role: Support
Off-Roles: Baser

Difficulty: Medium

Played As: Defense


The Wisp is the most helpful fellow out there. Wisps are able to create bases and harvest massive amounts of lumber to pool over to their team and have a lot left over. Wisp bases are extremely sturdy and have multiple upgrades for a hero that you may get later on in the game, to assist your military races. With your upgrading centers also being aura placers, there should be a lot of room left after you have created your base, for your allies to construct important buildings in.



Role: Carry
Off-Roles: Hunter

Difficulty: Medium

Played As: Solo, Offense


Wildkins have extremely high damage later on in the game. They most likely have the most burst out of any other race with the correct items and upgrades. Since Wildkins scale with mana, the more they upgrade, the higher their damage becomes. Wildkins can also cast from a range, which makes them a safe carry. Wildkins can also choose to become a military race, building an army to hunt down the ancient on their own. With enough resources, the Wildkin becomes a very formidable race and a huge threat to the ancient.

Old Changelog

-Various hotkeys fixed
-Added another shop with a few items
-Typo fixes
-Changed the model of the Defender of Ice and Spark

-Fixed a major shop bug
-Fixed Magmide walls

-Humans now have special abilities
-Ogres now have a new building with new units and a hero
-Magmides now have a new building that has new upgrades, they now have a new version of a wall
-Whisps now have lumber upgrades
-Kobolds now have more upgrades in their Advanced Tunnel
-Centaurs now have more upgrades for their towers
-Goblins are now heavily nerfed.
-A new race introduced: The Furbolg (Support)
-Major Defender Buffs

-Fixed major Furbolg bugs
-Reduced the gold cost of Furbolg's research center from 35 to 5.

-Fixed Furbolg Warrior bugs
-All gold piles have at least 2 paths from which you can exit/enter, all cheap areas removed.
-Kobold Haste Corrected

-Ogres can now create their new building
-Increased the size of furbolg workers
-Molten walls now correctly deliver radiation
-Fixed the hotkey on water-sprite's walls
-All major bugs fixed

-Defender items slightly nerfed
-Ion Armor fixed
-Recovery from 2.2d

-Tower efficiency added
-Names now show races

-You no longer repick when you die, you may view the rest of the game
-Fixed Whisp's lumber upgrade
-All base health increased by 200 (100 for furbolg forms)

-Furbolg health is now 400
-New concept names:
The Defender is now "The Ancient".
The Expanders are still the Expanders.
The new name of the map is "Forest Expansion"

-Slight name bug fix
-Fixed Gartania's Ulti

-Fixed Centaur Sorcerer towers and Lava warrior; hotfix

-Added another ability for Furbolg Warrior
-Added another announcement every 1 and a half minutes.

-Added a brand new race: The Nerubian (Support / Military)
-A text now appears when you select your race

-Fixed Crypt Lord's Grasp
-Fixed the selecting message
-Added another ability to the Crypt Lord
-Slight upgrade buffs to the Nerubian & Crypt Lord

-Crypt Lord is no longer summoned, it is now trained at his Cove for 25g / 750w (This was to fix a problem with him being unrevivable once ugpraded)
-A new vital item was added to the Nerubian shop

-Slight terrain changes
-Buffed the health of the ancients
-Added the rest of the people into the credits :)

-Goblin costs have been reduced
-Introducing a new race: The Kraken (Defensive)
-Water Sprite has been REMOVED.
-Major terrain changed
-Mini map fixed
-One of the gold areas moved
-You can no longer select once the ancient has spawned
-Added a warning message

-Finally fixed the gold glitch which allows you to gain gold faster by clicking stop.
-Forestus's name is now tinted green
-Fixed some tool-tips to fit the description
-Fixed the name of the mascotts flying around the map. :]

-Added a random button

-Random button now gives a name after it
-Added Ancient of Lightning
-Added a hero for Kraken
-We are now using the old golding system once more

-Ancient of Lightning's Lightning Strike now has an infinite range
-Centaur health upgrades research much faster
-The map has been protected

-Goblin Ultima can now harvest gold (Bug Fix)
-Goblin Basic Army damage and health buffed
-Goblin Basic Army give less gold bounty

-Introducing a brand new race: The Worgen (Support)
-Possible bug fixes
-A triggered AI has been added, you can now play against the ancient in singleplayer or on battlenet against a computer ancient.

-Orb of god bug fixed
-Gold cost of Expanders reduced to 1. (To prevent giving other players 1000 gold.)
-Expanders can no longer purchase items in the middle of the map.
-Terrain changes, more space in bases.
-Possibly other minor fixes/changes.

-Introducing a completely new race: The Aethyr Warp.
-A random button has been created for the Ancient.
-More Ancient items.
-Slight Typo/bug fixes.

-Fixed a bug where there is a shared cooldown with allies on Void Rip for Aethyr Warp.
-Fixed the bug where Warplings give 20 gold.
-Vampiric Wyrms now have a new ability: Hunger
Hunger allows you to regenerate 100% of your damage on attack.
-Vampiric Wyrm health reduced from 5000 to 4000.
-Vampiric Wyrm armor increased from 2 to 10, and is now fortified.
-Avenger damage increased from 20 to 30.
-Chaos Bringer damage reduced from 21 to 10.
-Very Slight changes in tree placements.

-Aethyr Warp Void Rip fixed
-Heavily nerfed Lumber/Second on Warpling
-Added a new ability for worgen
-Fixed Track for worgen
-Slight damage decrease to worgen
-Kobold upgrades buffed heavily
-Added a legendary recipe to the ancient shops.
-Galiant Armor now costs 25 gold.

-A new race has been added: Razormane (Hybrid).
-An income has been added, expanders will gain one gold every 60 seconds when standing next to a gold vein.
-Terrain changes. (Top water fixed, extra trees, hiding spot in middle right size increased.)
-Goblin Mech Ultimas can no longer be team killed.
-Goblin walls correctly give experience and gold now.
-Centaur walls correctly regenerate health now.
-New ancient item recipes have been added. (Worgen, Ghouls, and Whisps now have an item to beware of, a monocle of truth will allow the ancient to see you.)
-Aethyr Warp tower damage has been heavily reduced.
-Gold glitch fixed.
-Worgen models updated.
-Galiant Armor now costs 35 gold, up from 25.
-Horn of Speed now costs 30 gold, up from 25.
-Galiant Armor now increases health by 350, down from 500.
-You can now trade gold in intervals of 5. You can resume to trade lumber by holding ctrl, to send in intervals of 100.

-Worgen Dark Armor gold cost increased from 1/2/3... to 5/10/15...
-Worgen Dark Armor lumber cost increased from 10/20/30... to 150/300/450...
-Worgen Thick hide gold cost increased from 10/11/12... to 10/20/30...
-Worgen Sharpened claws gold cost increased from 0/1/2... to 0/10/20...
-Worgen attack speed has been increased from 1.5 to 2
-Worgen base armor decreased from 20 to 10
-Worgen movement speed reduced from 400 to 350
-New Worgen ability added: Dash of Death
-Bleed research cost increased from 25 to 50
-Slash research cost increased from 25 to 45
-The Ancient now has vision on the entire map, always
-Orb of God has been removed
-Magical orb of sight has been changed to: Orb of revealing, which is for stealth removal purposes only
-Orb of revealing now costs 5 gold, down from 30
-Ancient description clean up
-Ancient of Dragons' movement speed increased from 400 to 450
-Arcanum of hatred recipe description fixed
-Ancient of Shadows' Shadow sight has been changed to Haunt
-Ancient of Ice's Frozen siege has been changed to Unending Frost
-Heated Armor gold cost increased by 10
-Crypt lord Attack speed reduced from 1.5 to 0.25
-Top left Gold Vein has been relocated
-Davy Jones' Locker damage increased from 60 to 129
-Ancient of Protection health increased from 750 to 3000

-Trees in areas reworked
-Whisp Seedlings now harvest 60 lumber / 10 seconds
-Whisp Seedling lumber upgrade now increases lumber by 5, down from 10.
-Whisp Seedling food cost increased from 10 to 25
-Whisp Seedling health increased from 50 to 150
-Ogre Workers now harvest 5 lumber per hit and carry 20
-Ogre Worker food cost increased from 5 to 20
-Ogre Worker movement speed increased from 190 to 270
-Ogre Worker cost reduced from 10 to 0
-Ogre War towers now deal 400 damage, up from 200
-Ghoul's have a new basic ability: Underground Travel
-Ghoul Workers now harvest 5 lumber per hit and carry 20
-Ghoul Worker food cost increased from 5 to 20
-Ghoul Worker movement speed increased from 190 to 270
-Ghoul Worker lumber cost decreased from 25 to 0
-Ghoul Exoskeleton walls now have 550 health, up from 350
-Human Worker lumber cost decreased from 5 to 0
-Human Worker movement speed increased from 190 to 350
-Human Workers now harvest 10 lumber and carry 30
-Human Worker food cost increased from 5 to 25
-Human camps now provide 50 food, up from 20
-Kraken Squids now harvest 10 lumber per second and carry 50
-Kraken Squid food cost increased from 10 to 25
-Kraken Seaweed plants now provide 75 food, up from 20
-Centaur burrows now provide 50 food, up from 30
-Fixed a bug where it would not remove Kobold's and Razormane's units upon death
-Fixed a bug with the trees that were destructible
-Fixed a bug where gold trading would give a lower amount

-Zalxon's Lightning Strike cooldown has been increased from 11/11/11/11/12/12/12 to a flat 80 second cooldown
-Gartania's Haunt ability duration has been reduced from 7 seconds to 3 seconds
-Gartania's Haunt ability range has been reduced from 1500 to 750
-Aethyr Warp health regeneration increased from 4 per second to 10 per second
-More tree placement reworking
-Gilneas wall health increased from 250 to 300
-Gilneas wall armor increased from 3 to 10
-Upgraded Gilneas wall health increased from 500 to 600

-Lightning Strike cooldown fixed
-Ogre lumber harvesting rate fixed
-Seed of Nature for Forestus correctly does AoE damage and shows the correct animation
-All ancient strength per level reduced from 10 to 8.
-All ancient agility per level reduced from 10 to 7.
-Top left base underneath the top left gold vein reworked
-All stat and experience tomes for the ancient have been removed
-The starting buildings where you pick races have been reworked
-A new ancient item recipe added: Bleeding Scythe
-Changed the map preview to a smaller file size

-Wand of Escape Goldcost lowered from 50 to 45
-Monocle of Truth Goldcost increased from 75 to 80
-Orb of Sight cooldown reduced from 45 to 20, AoE increased by 500
-Ancient map wide vision has been removed
-Gartania has been renamed to Paranoia
-Gartania has recieved a new model
-Gartania spells have been changed
-Gorog has been renamed to Tremor
-Bleeding Scythe fixed/changed
-Arcanum of Hatred gold cost increased from 20 to 60.
-Gem of Life health increased from 300 to 600
-Deadly Axe damage increased from 50 to 100
-Lion Shield armor increased from 5 to 35
-Amulet of Dominance gold cost reduced from 45 to 15
-Furbolg Shaman's Lightning Strike cooldown reduced from 30 to 12
-Crypt Lord's Puncture chance increased from 10% to 50%, damage multiplier reduced from 2x to 1.5x.
-Furbolg Shaman's Frost Blast cooldown has been reduced from 50 to 15
-Track cooldown reduced from 60 to 45.
-Shackling touch no longer reduces attack speed, movement speed reduction reduced from 50% to 40%
-All expander military units can now fit through 2 x 2 spaces.
-Spirit Tree: Speed gold bounty fixed
-Root gold bounty awarded reduced from 3 to 2.
-Aethyr Warp has been given an ultimate tower
-Goblin Mech Beta damage increased from 75 to 100
-Gold Pile has been added to the center east side of the map
-Created a new item recipe for the ancient (Amulet of the Gods)
-Goblin Worker Mech gold bounty reduced from 16 to 3.

-Cleaned up name changes when selecting a race
-Fixed a bug where certain buildings would not decay
-Haste gem has been removed
-Lion shield armor reduced from 35 to 12
-Lion shield cost reduced from 30 to 20
-Far East base terrain cleaned up
-A new race has been added: The Forgotten One
-Color changes to Kraken & Wisp
-Abilty Books for all expanders now have a hotkey of 'E'
-Center East gold pile terrain changes
-You can only pick one Worgen
-Ogre Boulder Tower damage increased from 70 to 80
-Mortar Team damage increased from 25 to 75
-Steam Wagon's Load has been removed
-Steam Wagon's damage increased by 40
-Volcano cosmetic size reduced
-Magmide Workers no longer cost any resources
-Magmide Flame Throwers are now spell immune
-Magmide Flame Throwers health have been increased by 100
-Magmide icon fixed
-Lava Warrior summon radius halved; damage increased from 80 to 200
-Fixed a bug where Worgen would die twice
-Worgen can no longer repair
-Crypt Lord Grasp duration reduced from 5 to 2.5
-Nerubian lumber harvesting increased from 25 to 35
-Crypt Lord lumber harvesting decreased from 30 to 15
-Nerubian now has an escape ability (Similar to Ghoul's)
Aethyr Warp:
-Imrpoved lumber harvesting bonus reduced from 10 to 2
-Avengers damage increased from 30 to 45
-Chaos Bringer damage increased from 10 to 30
-Aethyr warp can no longer enter the spawn zone at the top right
-Nether Tower damage reduced from 20 to 10
-Etheral Tower damage reduced from 30 to 15
-Solar Tower damage reduced from 35 to 25
-Centaur Champion damage increased from to 40 to 120
-Centaur Champion attack speed increased to 1 second
-Centaur Protector damage increased from 30 to 80
-Reduced Wisp and seedling lumber harvesting from 60 to 40
-Totem of Destruction damage increased to 150 from 70
-Furbolg Worker lumber per second reduced to 15, down from 20
-Health/Damage upgrades moved to tier 2 buildings
-Zeppelin health increased from 275 to 800
-Zeppelin food cost reduced to 0
-Frigate Zeppelin health increased from 600 to 1000
-Frigate Zeppelin damage increased from 75 to 200
-Frigate Zeppelin attack speed increased from 2 seconds to 1 second
-Goblin Worker gains 40 lumber per second, down from 50
-Alpha/Beta mechs and Ogre Rider/Engineer cost reduced to 5 gold and 500 lumber down from 25/2000
-Ogre Rider and Engineer now have health regeneration
-Teleporter, Factory, & Merchant size reduced from 6x6 to 4x4
-Merchant gold cost reduced from 45 to 20

-Amulet of the Gods removed
-Ancient may now purchase level ups for 100 gold
-Protector Seed gold cost reduced to 15, down from 25
-A new item has been introduced: Orb of Mana
-A new item recipe has been introduced: Staff of Insight
-Overgrow can now be learned at level 13
-Balance changes & quality of life changes:
>A new ability has been added to the Stalker
>Paranoia's March of the Dead now comes at rank 2 of Deathly Necromancers, up from rank 1; Hand of Death comes at rank 1, down from rank 2; Well of pain comes at rank 3; up from rank 2
>Stalker model size increased to better reflect pathing size
>Dark towers now have no collision
>Dark Tower sight range has been reduced to 300 at all ranks
-His ultimate can now be learned at level 14
-Neutralize now deals 75/125/175/225/275 damage/healing per second, up from 50/60/70/80/90
-Zalxon lightning strike cooldown reduced to 25 seconds at all ranks from 80 seconds
-Thundering Boom cooldown reduced to 10 seconds
-Thundering Boom can now be learned at level 12
-His ultimate can now be learned at level 11
Gorog (Tremor):
-Now fully reworked:
>He is keeping his heal and his rage.
>Quake has been changed to Boulderfist
>He has recieved a new model
>He has been given a new special ability: Clay Shield, and a new Ultimate: Fissure
>Fissure can be learned at level 12

-Fixed a bug where Forgotten One and Kobold could not be randomed
-Fixed a bug where randoming would mess up your name + race in chat
-Fixed a bug where the AI would not learn spells if it picked Paranoia or Tremor
Forgotten One:
-Fixed a bug where Forgotten One wasn't removing resources, units, and other things correctly
-Fixed a bug where Forgotten One's workers did not have detonate
-Forgotten One workers no longer have collission
-The lumber cost of all tech buildings for the Forgotten One have been reduced by approx. 1000
-Added a shop for the Forgotten One with unique items.
-Added a new ability for Furbolg Shaman

-Fixed a bug where the Recipe Shop was dropping items in an unreachable spot
-Fixed the bottom part of the map being blacked out
Forgotten One:
-Forgotten Bloodmage's Psychic Slam health cost reduced to 300
-Forgotten Bloodmage's Cobalt Blood health cost reduced to 200
-Forgotten Bloodmage's Soul Rend health cost reduced to 350
-Forgotten Soulreaper's Soul Strike damage increased to 300, lifesteal increased to 200
-Fixed a glitch where the Ancient of Time was selling tomes of power
Aethyr Warp:
-Base health increased by 50

General (Balance Updates, Bug Fixes, Content Release, & Cosmetic Changes):
-Added a hard mode for the ancient AI, simply type -hm at the start of a game when against a computer ancient
-Terrain changes to the top left, mid-bottom right, and bottom left of the map
-Expanders can no longer heal at the ancient's base
-Ancient of Protection colission removed
-Ancient of Protection health reduced to 2500
-Ancient of Protection gold cost increased to 20
-Fixed most of the buildings that were not giving gold/experience
-Furbolg has been moved to intermediate races, Worgen & Nerubian moved to beginner

Ghoul (Content Release):
-Abomination has been given a new ability: Hookstrike

Kraken (Content Release):
-The Flying Dutchman has been given a new ability: Cannon Barrage

**We will be seeing more abilities like this on expander heroes in later updates**

Nerubian (Balance Update):
-Added an Orb of Sight to Nerubian's Shop

Forgotten One (Balance Update & Content Release):
-Added a new structure, the Fountain of Corruption
-Added a new item for the Forgotten Vault: Dark Conversion
-Forgotten Executioner's Shadowborn Fortitude now gives 200 health per level, up from 100
-Forgotten Executioner's Shadowborn Fortitude lumber cost reduced by 100
-Forgotten Executioner's Slaughter From the Shadows max rank increased to 20, lumber cost reduced by 500 (increment per level reduced by 100)
-Deadened Nerves cost reduced to 3 gold / 400 lumber (3 gold / 70 lumber increments).
-Essence Theft is now 30% baseline lifesteal / 70% during Avatar.
-Shadow Blood reworked:
--Now lasts 8 seconds and removes unit collision but does not grant immunity to magic.
-Dark Blood reworked:
--Now has a 40 second cooldown, Shadowlings now expire after 20 seconds.
--Shadowlings now have 420 day/night vision, a basic attack that deals negligible damage, increased health, and increased movement speed.
--Cosmetic changes / corrections to Shadowlings
-Psychic Drain reworked:
--Now levels based on rank of Necrotic Blood
--Each rank of Necrotic Blood reduces duration of drain but increases drain speed and overall drain power.
--Drain is no longer fully channeled: 50% is channeled, and 50% will occur regardless of other actions as long as tether range is maintained.
-Cobalt Blood reworked:
--Now burns 500 mana & does damage rather than silencing for 6 seconds.
-Psychic Slam now scales from 400 to 800 based on level of Necrotic Blood
-Glowing Blood now has a 15 second cooldown.

Aethyr Warp (Balance Update):
-Aethyr Warp now has a passive ability that reduces magic damage taken by 65%

Magmide (Balance update & Cosmetic change):
-Flame Throwers' Magic Immunity changed to a passive 65% magic damage reduction
-Flame Throwers' model and other cosmetics have been changed
-Flaming Wall build time reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds

Furbolg (Balance Update):
-Furbolg base health increased to 600, shaman increased to 650, warrior increased to 900
-Warrior Encampment hotkey fixed

Kobold (Bug Fix):
-Fixed a bug where Kobold could not tech Kobold Speed

Ancients (Balance Update):
Increased mana and health regeneration for ancient when in base

Divinity (New Ancient):
-A brand new ancient has been introduced

Zalxon (Cosmetic Change):
-Artwork for Zalxon has been changed
-Added a timer on the top right that shows the cooldown on Zalxon's Lightning Strike
-Neutralize now drains smoother

Eternity (Reworked):
-Artwork for Eternity has been changed
-Seed of Nature has been removed
-A new ability for him has been introduced: Photosynthesis
-A new ability for him has been introduced: Raging Ward
-Cleaned up description for abilities

Paranoia (Balance update):
-Dark Tower range reduced from 750 to 425
-Essence Aura base IAS reduced from 75% to 40%
-Deathly Necromancer health increaseed from 335 to 500

Dragos (Semi-reworked, brought up to date):
-Dragon's Rage crit per level, and chance to crit per level increased
-Dragon's Rage has recieved a new icon and cleaner description
-Dragonic Regeneration mana cost lowered to 150 at all ranks
-Dragon Burst cooldown reduced to 6 at all ranks, mana cost reduced to 75 at all ranks
-Dragos has recieved a new special ability

Avalanche (Reworked):
-The majority of Avalanche's abilities have been changed:
--Chill now scales with maximum mana to heal you
--Freezing Breath has remained intact - description cleaned up
--Frozen Senses Removed
--New ability introduced: Freeze Zone
--New ability introduced: Absolute Zero
--Unending Frost Removed
--New ability introduced: Sadism

Tremor (Bug Fix):
-Clay shield mana consumption corrected

2.9.4 (Hotfix Update):
-Fixed a major glitch where the ancient was achieving victory before level 20
-Fixed a glitch where achieving victory as the ancient would replay music and text
-Avalanche's Freeze Zone baseline damage reduced from 100 to 40
-Divinity's Resolve baseline heal increased from 100 to 250


-Red may now ban expanders at the start of the game
-You now only have 40 seconds to select your race
-A new tip now displays randomly


-Skeletal Archer attack speed slowed from 1 to 1.5

-Flame Thrower health reduced from 350 to 150

Forgotten One:
-Executioner Focused Anger now stacks twice as fast.
-Executioner Arcane Implosion has had its mana burn and cooldown increased.
-Executioner Crimson Blood damage per second increased to 125.
-Executioner Crippling Toxin slow increased to 60%, duration decreased to 1.5 seconds.
-Executioner Lunatic Gaze removed.
-New Executioner Ability: Coup de grĂ¢ce, an attack that deals damage based on the target's missing health.
-Soulreaper Avatar now auto self-casts.


-Fountain regeneration now ticks every four seconds of game time, and if you are attacked by anything your next tick of regeneration will fizzle. Regeneration per tick is now based on current health/mana, at 25% of your current life/mana. This means if you go out and get smashed hard you'll have to wait longer to be topped off, but if you don't get hurt too bad you'll regenerate quickly.
-Divinity EXP/second reduced from 2 baseline to 1 baseline.


-Fixed a glitch where you could random in the first 20 seconds
-Fixed a glitch where ancient could sometimes attack over walls in various areas
-Fixed a glitch where Forgotten Executioner could use coup de grace without upgrading it


-Fixed bleeding scythe description
-Fixed various buildings that were not giving experience/gold
-If you do not select your race within 60 seconds, your camera will now unlock to allow you to spectate the game

-Fire Pits now give 100 food, up from 50
-War base lumber/gold cost reduced to 500/5, down from 1500/30

-Razorvines are now buildings and are no longer subjected to spells
-Slightly reduced the amount of experience Razorvines give

Forgotten One:
-Forgotten Soulreaper base armor reduced from 10 to 5
-Forgotten Soulreaper's Saronite Flesh now increases armor by 2, down from 4

-Fixed a glitch where kobold level 1 walls were giving way more experience than they should

-Extreme Speed has been moved to level 3

-Added a level 3 ability: Electrical Surge

-Added a level 3 ability: Burnstrike

-Sadism cooldown increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes
-Freeze Zone can now be learned at level 2/4/6... up from 1/3/5...
-Freeze Zone cooldown increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes

-Various terrain changes
-Fixed a glitch where ancients could not attack harvesting seedlings/warplings
-A brand new race has been added: Wildkin

-Skeletal Archer's supply cost has been increased from 5 to 10

-Furbolg worker health reduced from 400 to 200

-Fixed a bug where their walls were not working properly

-Fixed an issue where you could run behind the ancient's recipe shop

-Fixed a glitch where Totems were not giving gold/experience to the ancient upon death
-Fixed a glitch where Wildkin's Hive could not be shared with allies
-Lunar Crystal gold cost increased to 40
-Lunar crystal mana provided reduced to 300
-Lunar Assault has been reworked: now deals damage initially, duration and damage reduced
-Moonstrike mana-to-damage ratio reduced by 10%
-Solar Blast cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 2 minutes

-Flame Thrower damage reduced from 125 to 90
-Increase Heat training damage bonus reduced from 20 to 15

-All ancient base health increased by 800
-Ancient descriptions cleaned up


-Fixed a glitch where you could attack ancient shops
-Kobold model size slightly increased
-Added an ability for Ancients of Protection to have vision of enclosed areas
-Ancient of Protection damage increased from 50 to 100
-Trees in the top right reworked to have only two exits

-Updated Worgen's model
-Added a new ability: Focused Strike
-Slash now scales with Sharpened Claws
-Bleed now scales with Sharpened Claws
-Fixed a description glitch for Dark Armor
-Fixed a glitch where Sharpened Claws was not giving the correct amount of damage
-Fixed a glitch where the passive for Worgen was not showing

-Moonstrike damage-to-mana ratio lowered by 10%
-Fixed a glitch where Wildkin Walls were not decaying properly

Forgotten One:
-Fixed a glitch where you could Soul Rend allies

-Increased the supply provided by Centaur Burrows by 50

-General UI changes
-Disabled Ancient random (It was causing a glitch for the ancient)

-Added a revive team spell for Wisp: Seed of Rebirth
-Fixed various wisp UI and hotkeys

Aethyr Warp:
-Aethyr Warp has recieved a new icon

-Fixed a glitch where his Freeze Zone cooldown was shorter than intended

A new ancient has been introduced:
Pharoah, Ancient of Sand:
A very hard ancient who is strong against solos & militaries, but weak against basers

A new ancient item has been added:
Ledger of Clarity:
An item that grants 2 EXP per second, can only be purchased once

Balance Changes:
Dark Tower range increased from 425 to 520 at all levels
Added a new upgrade for certain races:
Worker Endurance - Increases the hit points of workers by 50.
::This upgrade has been applied to: Razormane, Ogre, Human, Aethyr Warp, Kraken, Wildkin, Ghoul, and Centaur::

Bug hotfixes:
-Fixed a glitch where the Ancient of Sand's death would not end the game
-Fixed a glitch where Sandstorm & Ancient Grasp would heal you to full health


-Fixed a glitch where Nerubians could not revive their crypt lord
-Gold pile at the top right and top left adjusted
-Overhaul of the map's bottom left terrain: New base added, old base removed, gold pile shifted to new area
-Seeding spot on the northwest of the map removed
-Fixed a glitch where the game would sometimes not end in the ancient's favor
-Fixed a glitch where you could not upgrade Worker Endurance more than once
-Pharoah's Sandstorm damage has been reduced from 20 (+10 per level) per second to 5 (+3 per level) per second
-Pharoah Quicksand Trap stun duration reduced to 1/2/3 down from 3/4/5
-Tier 1 melee unit damage increased from 10 to 50 and health increased from 400 to 800
-Tier 1 ranged unit damage increased from 20 to 90 and health increased from 250 to 350
-Tier 2 melee unit damage increased from 30 to 75 and health increased from 750 to 1000
-Tier 2 ranged unit damage increased from 35 to 130 and health increased from 400 to 500
-Tier 3 melee unit damage increased from 90 to 150 and health increased from 900 to 1250
-Tier 3 ranged unit damage increased from 120 to 175 and health increased from 500 to 600
-Centaur Warcaller damage increased by 40 and health increased by 300
-A new ability has been added to the Centaur Warcaller
-Centaur Ultimate Tower damage type changed from piercing to chaos
-Centaur Ultimate Tower damage increased from 150 to 300
-Centaur Watch tower damage increased from 15 to 30
-Centaur Guard tower damage increased from 20 to 50
-Centaur War tower damage increased from 105 to 125
-Centaur Destruction Tower damage increased from 125 to 150
-Centaur Speed tower damage increased from 40 to 55
-Centaur Haste Tower damage increased from 45 to 70
-Tidal Tower damage increased from 25 to 40
-Enhanced Tidal Tower damage increased from 45 to 70
-Guarded Tidal Tower damage increased from 60 to 90
-Guarded Tidal Tower attack speed reduced from 1.3 to 1
-Guarded Tidal Tower of destruction damage increased from 90 to 125
-Guarded Tidal Tower of destruction damage type changed from piercing to chaos

-Base Flags have been added (Check map information at the top left for further explanation)
-Tome of Power now has a 2 minute cooldown
-Added new sounds for death/spawning
-Wisp's Seed of Rebirth has been removed due to the glitches it causes (We may see it return at a later time)

-Young Razorvines experience gain halved
-Young Razorvines gold bounty removed
-Thriving Razorvine experience gain halved

Aethyr Warp:
-Aethyr Warp's Avengers damage increased by 5.
-Added a new model to Aethyr Warp's Gamma Ray

-Fixed a glitch where you could not use Centaur Warcaller's Net Trap

-Fixed a glitch where if a player would leave with a base flag, it would still give their team income
-Fixed a glitch where if a player would die with a base flag, it would still give their team income
-You are now restricted to one hero per race
-Added a new passive ability for the Ogre Overlord
-Ogre Overlord hit points increased by 450
-Ogre Mace Upgrade now increases the damage of the Overlord and Head Smashers by 40, up from 5
-Ogre's Caster Training now increases the damage of Shamans & Witch Doctors by 30, up from 10.
-Increased the amount of times you can train Ogre's Caster Training from 3 to 5
-Increased the amount of times you can upgrade Ogre's Flaming Boulders from 1 to 10.
-Human's Heated Gun Powder now increases the attack speed of Mortar teams by 10%, up from 2%.
-Kobold Haste now increases the Kobold's attack speed by 20%, up from 5%
-Kobold Regeneration now increases the Kobold's Hit Point regeneration by 50%, up from a flat 1.
-Added a new ability for the kobold: Shovel Strike
-Increased the amount of times you can upgrade Ghoul's Tower Damage upgrade from 3 to 1
-Added a new mechanic: Expander heroes are now granted 50 EXP upon attacking the ancient

Forgotten One:
-Forgotten Bloodmage's Psychic Drain damage reduced from 230 at level 1 (+230 per level) to 200 at level 1 (+50 per level)
-Forgotten Bloodmage's Auto Attack range reduced from 550 to 325
-Forgotten Bloodmage's Auto Attack base damage reduced from 175 to 100

-Wildkin's Moonblast cooldown increased from 12 to 24
-Fixed a glitch where Wildkin's Natural Vigil was regenerating more mana than it should
-Lunar Power now increases the damage of Moonblast by 100, up from 50
-Reduced the mana to damage ratio of Moonstrike from 30% to 15%
-Reduced the cooldown of Moonstrike from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
-Lunar Crystals now give 200 mana, down from 300
-Gold/Lumber cost of Lunar Crystals reduced to 30/1250, down from 40/1750
-Added a new ability for the Wildkin: Sun's Fury

-Reduced the cooldown of Ignite's Volcanic eruption from 12 to 10
-Increased the number of targets hit by Ignite's Volcanic eruption from 4 to 10
-Pharoah's Desert's Veil now heals him for 30% of his health

-Fixed a glitch where building a second flag as Ghoul or Razormane would glitch your main worker

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a glitch where Razormane's Spiked Back was giving him armor without the research
-Fixed a glitch where canceling your Flag would cause problems
-Fixed a glitch where Ogres could build multiple flags
-Fixed a glitch where Razormane couldn't finish building their Razorvines
-Fixed a glitch where Ghouls couldn't finish building their Skeletal Warriors/Archers

-Reduced the attack range of Furbolg Shaman from 500 to 340

-Increased the cooldown of Desert's Veil by 20 seconds

-Added a new item to the worgen shop

Aethyr Warp:
-Changed Aethyr Warp's Passive to an Active effect

-Health increased from 500 to 600
-Fixed a glitch where Ogres could not revive their hero
-Ogre Overlord attack speed reduced from 2 to 2.25
-Added a new ability: Frenzy
-Flame Thrower has been renamed to Flame Elemental and it's model has been changed
-Flame Elemental health increased from 150 to 225
-Magmides no longer have to build a Shed to create units
-Volcanoes now require a shed to be constructed
-Fixed a glitch where Healing Heat could not heal yourself
-Flame Elementals now have a crit chance
-Flame Elemental build time increased to 10, Fire Sprite build time increased to 8
-Added Magmide Blood to the Lava Shop
-Heated Armor now increases your armor by 5, down from 10.
-Magma Lord base stats reduced from 50 to 30.
-Magma Lord attack speed reduced from 2 to 2.5
-Added Sprint to the Razormane to compensate for the removal of orc style building
-Worgens no longer have any unit collission
-The Flying Dutchman's attack speed reduced from 2 to 2.5 and armor reduced from 5 to 0
-Steam Wagon armor type changed from Hero to Medium, base armor reduced from 2 to 0
-Steam Wagon attack speed reduced from 1.5 to 2.75
-Added a new ability to Steam Wagon: Explosive Shot
-Abomination attack speed reduced from 1.2 to 2
-Lion Shield armor reduced from 12 to 7
-Ancients now have true sight in their base
-Added a new item recipe: Cosmic Orb
-Tremor's Rage has been changed to Resillience
-Fixed Boulderfist's Hotkey and animation

Various armor and health reductions to certain higher tier walls
Fixed a couple of buildings that weren't correctly giving EXP
Various terrain changes on the map to make it a cleaner experience for both sides
Model of Enhanced Tidal Tower changed as the old one was causing errors
Protector Seed gold cost reduced from 20 to 15
Protector Seed health increased from 2500 to 3000
Hammer of Might:
Brand new item for ancients!
Brand new ancient! Especially strong against farming basers and certain resource based hunters
Draconic Regeneration heal increased from 300(+150) to 500(+250)
Changed Clay Shield to only have one level
Empower now also restores 25% mana, heal increased from 300(+150) to 500(+200), mana cost reduced to 0
Energize heal increased from 300(+150) to 500(+250)

-Fixed a bug where Nebula was not ending the game upon death
-Reduced XP/attack on expander heroes from 50 to 25
-Magma Lord base stats reduced from 30 to 15
-Centaur tier 3 units damage and attack speed reduced
-Base Flags now give resources every 6 seconds, up from 3
-Mystic Lava Rock has been removed
-Heated Armor now gives 3 armor, down from 5
-Lion Shield now gives 5 armor, down from 7
-Worgens can now detonate their Gilnean House
-Frigate Zeppelin damage reduced by 70
-Vampiric Wyrm damage reduced by 100

Current Changelog


-Nebula's Black Holes now deal 20 damage per second, down from 75, movement speed reduced to 130, health reduced to 100, cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 60.
-Slight terrain changes around the map to contain balance.
-Added another elite unit to Nerubian, renamed Crypt Lord, Crypt Lord's Altar, and Crypt Lord's cove.
-Nerubian shop removed, items moved to new building along with Crypt Lord's cove.
-Nerubian Alchemy gem now also increases armor by 7.

(Sorry for the late update, I know Nebula was broken beyond belief...)

Created by Nikkone (Me)
Editted by: Moosetackler, Druides, and Nikkone

Expect to come:
-More Content
-Minor bug fixes

You can join the discussion about balance changes & other topics about this map at:

Please read:

This map is having trouble on single player. Using cheats on it in single player may result in a crash.

If I have used your work (Models, Icons, etc) and your name is not on the credits, please contact me ASAP and I will have it put on there.


Forest Expansion, Forest, Expansion, Gold, Forest, Trees, Water, Grass, Races, Kobold, Human, Magmide, Goblin, Ogre, Defender, Ghoul, Centaur, Forest

Forest Expansion 2.9.9b (Map)

23:46, 7th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. 23:46, 7th Aug 2010
    ap0calypse: Approved
  2. Aesthetics


    May 30, 2009
    Might wanna fix the description...

    Because "killing green" isn't really exciting, if you know what I mean.
  3. Lag_Reviews


    Dec 28, 2009
    To Map Creator - I see you are willing to become a famous map maker and are trying to do things right.

    So here are a few tips and tricks on how to do things (includes description tips):
    First 1: Always be nice to people, even if there not nice to you.

    Second: Always have a good preview map cover

    Thirdly: Always have a valid description, if you need description help go here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/posts/1117301/

    Fourthly: Constantly update it and making it better is good, but if you are going to update the map, make sure the update is huge before doing soo. Minor unnecessary changes can annoy people.

    Also you should probably get a custom preview image and add it, because showing the mini-map picture makes your map look not as godo as it would if you had a custom preview image. Just an idea.

    Hope I helped and can't wait to see this map scale to even bigger heights,

    PS: Good luck with the map atm it is awesome to play just not much to look at by the description.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2010
  4. CyberDuelX16


    May 23, 2008
    The Magma Unit "Spark" has a spirit wolf icon and model...why?
    Also, The Magma Shed Looks Like a passive ability, change it or add a border.
  5. Newominus


    Jan 7, 2010
    Defender of darkness 1st ability is called "Dark Furry" is that good?
  6. Frostowlf 345

    Frostowlf 345

    Feb 23, 2010
    NIce map you guys might wanna try island v.2.0 my map
  7. kronos21


    Jun 1, 2009
    Dude wtf i should be credited i tested
  8. Tau Empire

    Tau Empire

    May 11, 2008
    Now now calm down, it's not like big video game companies credit there beta testers themselves, there are some that do but most don't. So why should it be different? If he wants to add you for only beta testing that's his choice not a "IT HAS TO BE DONE" thing.
  9. Nydiazath


    Mar 6, 2010
    Furbolg Warrior's ground slam cost 250 mana, but he don't even have mana.
    Cobold's attack speed upgrade is bugged, it's wrote it's only 2% per each level, but first upgrade give huge as. Defender is dying 4-6 mins after start.
    My friend was playing furbolg and rolled into shaman. After dead he choose furbolg again, but when he was rolling into shaman he's dying and it wrote that he has die from " ".

    Sry for my english.
  10. Shimitar


    Dec 21, 2009
    Tested it, it seems a little one-sided at the begining.
  11. Nikkone


    Jul 11, 2008
    Towards who? I buffed defender an update or two ago, and he's quite fine at the beginning now; at least to survive.
  12. Shimitar


    Dec 21, 2009
    Point taken, good job with the race variaty.
  13. Ultimate_MapCreator


    Jul 9, 2006
    Me wants screenshots ;)

    Oh, and the defender got 48 armor sometime at lvl 6... Which is imba. Make it impossible to get that much armor >_>
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2010
  14. Ultimate_MapCreator


    Jul 9, 2006
    Fix minimap.
    Just make it so there is actually blacked out stuff in the game and you can move towards the race-choosing area... Just make it 99999999 gold or sth... Minimap just fails right now :p
  15. light bolt30

    light bolt30

    Jan 31, 2009
    Please use hidden tags to hide your changelogs. Some screenshots will be nice.
  16. Nydiazath


    Mar 6, 2010
    Grasp don't give any abillities to crypt lord, i can't see anywhere engineer aura upgrade.
    You could make random respawn after expanders death because ancient isn't strong enough.
  17. Nikkone


    Jul 11, 2008
    Fixed everything above. Respawns are not coming back, though.
  18. fancy


    Jul 25, 2009
    I'm gonna give it a try!
  19. Spank_my_kodo


    Dec 7, 2009
    Hmm, the map seems interesting, going to try it now. :grin: