[Footmen Wars / Frenzy] Footmen Vs Grunts Elite

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Jul 9, 2008
Footmen Vs Grunts Elite

Footmen Vs Grunts is a old map originally created by newbie-wc3. With many different versions of it being released i decided to create my own with the intent for it to be 1 of the most balanced in the past my version was quite successful and very popular with the Footmen Vs Grunts clan i was in. its been a long time since iv been active but now iv decided to update this map

Game Play
Footmen Vs Grunts is a footmen frenzy type map where units will periodically spawn for you. The map consists of 2 teams one being human/night elf and the other being orc/undying. generally played with 5 players for each team. The idea of the game is to siege the enemys base and destroy their hart(a building in their base) by massing and microing large army and heros.


Firstly there are 24 units you can buy to periodically spawn for you for each team.


human units
Spell Breaker
Mortar Team
Gryphon Rider
Dragonhawk Rider
Flying Machine
Siege Tank
Noble Knight
Bronze Dragon

Night Elf units
Druid of the Talon
Druid of the claw
Mountain Giant
Hippogryph Rider
Glaive Thrower
Faerie Dragon
Ancient Protector
Green Dragon


Orc Units
Troll Head Hunter
Troll Witch Doctor
Wind Rider
Troll Batrider
Kobo Beast
Orgre Lord
Red Dragon

Undead Units
Crypt Fiend
Meat Wagon
Frost Wyrm
Obsidian Statue
Frost Archer
Black Dragon

some of the spell casters have extra abilitys added from what they would normally have. All units have 6 levels of defense and attack damage upgrades. The footmen and Grunts also have hit point upgrades.

some units can get a unique passive if reaserched depenting on what race they are
orcs - critical strike
human - bash
night elf - evasion
undead - cleave


Heros max level is 25 with them having the standard 3 basic spells and 1 ultimate also the attribute ability adding 3 to all stats with each level, the basic spells have 5 levels, the ultimate has 3 levels and the attribute ability has 7 levels.

There are a total of 51 heros available.
23 of them are the standard heros your familiar with with their abilitys altered slightly to suit this map.
12 of them are heros every 1 that plays Footmen Vs Grunts are familiar with.


and the other 16 heros are unique heros created by myself

Hero Selection
There are 2 different modes to hero selection 1 being all random and the other being all pick. these modes are selected by the players by vote at the beginning of the game

Hero Kill Bounty
Hero kills are highly rewarded with decent gold bounty. The bounty of a heros death is determined by its level and the players current hero kill streak. the formula is 160 + (level of hero x15) + (kill streak x 60.
Also Every 10 hero kills by the Team combined they are rewarded 500 gold

Hero revival
heros will be revived on death with a timer the time to be revived is determined by their level.
heros are revived in 8 +(level of hero x 4) seconds

There are alot of different items to buy most of them being items every 1 is familiar with. although i have added more and also item recipes meaning certain items combine into 1.

Bladebane Armour
the Bladebane Armour are legendary items in all footmen vs Grunt maps witch can be hard to obtain. to get it you must kill the golem that drops it on death.
The Bladebane armour provides your hero with 25+ attack 10+ armour and +50 in the Atribute of your choice (toggle between them by using the item)

unit control
there are 2 mass sending commands you can use by using the ability on your chaos tower
Mass attack - using this ability will force your units to attack/move to the location u cast it
retreat - orders your units to retreat back to your upgrade center

there is also a Auto send toggle witch turns auto sending to attack on and off


The multiboard displays your teams:
-your hero kills/deaths
-unit kills


well the map is complete im just looking at updating it will alot of new features and adding of heros/items
maybe a change of terrain tile set

im also after some 1 that could possible help me with a new loading screen?
Loading screen (simple)
the request has been complete by Maks4225 Thank you

Alright so what im working on at the moment on this map is:

I need to fix mass unit control commands (when there are to manny units its very buggy units dont move and just stand around. mass retreat has a delay before they actually start moving back). im not sure how to fix this

Q-W-E-R hot keys and more descriptive spell info

ill be adding Q-W-E-R hot keys for the hero spells and also adding more info to the spells descriptions telling you if the spell is a target/passive/summon/ect. also AoE it has if its a AoE spell and cast range/mana costs/cool downs of the spells.

75% done all the standard heros are finished

5 new heros
there are 5 new heros im working on (will add more info later)

(about 30% though this most the heros have 2-3 spells)

hero revial by timer
heros will be revived by a timer and no longer have to be revived by the alter

100% this has been done heros will revive in 8 + (level of hero x 4) seconds

will be addding more item recipies mainly and will also be cleaning up the item shops

85% all Shops have been cleaned up exept for the Recipie shops

AoE spells nerf
alot of the AoE spells are well over powerd and these will be reduced

(75% I believe most of the big nerfs that were required has been done)

other maybes/idea's:
feedback on these would be nice
-possible unit changes
-Im also thinking of adding lumber gathering to the map but i havent got any plans for its use or how to gain it
-unit hire building
-increasing gold income to a team when a team player leaves

im open for any suggestions you have

Change log
although there was alot of changes when the map was being played with in the clan i cant remember them. so there is no info on the versions previous 1.00 aka the beta stages

First Release

-added attack to scout towers and lowed their defense
-increased collision size on rifle men and archers

-fixxed a bug causing tinker and alchemist to become un reviveable
-changed smoke bomb abilitty on the ninja hero(now a burst that adds miss chance buff to those initially hit
-forgoten 1 ulti no long kills him when the spell is finished

-fixxed a issue causing the wolf and Demon hunter unable to be revived if they die when morphed

looking for any kind of feedback/suggestions on this map


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Level 15
Jul 9, 2008

iv decided to add Shared bounty for tower kills

Tower bounty
when a player kills a tower they will receive the gold for the killing blow and a additional 120 for each player on thier team

iv also started work on the hero revial system
hero revival time will be based at 12 seconds and each level will add 4 seconds

Leaving players
leaving players gold properly spread to allies. leaving players will cause the remaining players gold income to increase(amount not determined yet) to condensate the loss of a player

-alters removed
-hero taverns added with the heros that were in the alters
-few more hero spell descriptions updated
Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
Thanks comments like that keep me motivated


-i have implemented the hero revival system heros will revive 8 + (level of hero x 4) seconds
-edited the leaving players code to give all their allies the gold they have split between them and increase thier gold income when a player leaves
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Level 15
Jul 9, 2008

currently working on these heros open to spell ideas

also a few regular heros have the spells enhanced would like to do more enhancing of the regular heros spells e.g dark rangers charm ability has been changed with a agility boost ability
and alchamist chemical rage has been buffed and swapped to be his ultimate

gul'dan - int (gul'dan model)

great army manipulative spells

Soul Leach - gul'dan drains hp from nearby units of the target dealing damage or healing the unit = to the hp that is drained

fel fire bursts - bursts random areas around gul'dan with fel fire periodicly. the fel fire will focus nearby units so units on their own will take high damage

spell 3 - xxx

ultimate - xx

Void walker - Agi (faceless one model)
agile hero killer

void leap - intantly jumps to the target stunning it for 2 seconds dealing damage

spell 2 - xxxx

spell 3 - xxxx

corrupt form(morphs to unbroken model aka pink version of faceless one) (ULT) - causes attacks to drain mana (feedback ) and causes attacks against him to be reduced by x%

Warden - Agi (warden model)
short ranged (250) hero killer

(unamed) daggers - activate to silence and deal bonus damage on attacks for 10 seconds

Striking Rush - rushes towards the target point attacking all the units she passes (effects of unamed daggers apply to units if activated )

spell 3 -xxx

ULT -xxx

Myrmidon - Str (naga myrmidon model)
Great at taking down large number of units

Tsunami - pushes a wave of water at a location units hit will take damage and given a water buff that slows movement speed

torrent burst - blasts a location with water causing units hit to have x buff witch reduces units attack damage

spell 3 - xxx

Royal scales(pasive) - causes myrmidon to deal bonus damage to units with the either buff from the first 2 spells. if a unit is hit by both of the first 2 spells then they will be entangled

Natures guardian - int (furion with out stag model)
Great at supporting heros in fights

Natures Guard - heals a allied unit over 5 seconds and removes negative buffs

wisps - summons 5 wisps that fly around the natures guardian attaking any nearby units (locast)

spell 3 - xx

ULT - xx

Level 15
Jul 9, 2008

iv decided to make to map larger
old map size
playable: 122x57 full size: 128x64

terrain old.png

new map size playable 138x84 full size: 160x96

new terrain.png

terrain info.png

im thinking of removing the shops and adding in 1 shop for each player that will have all the items using a system. as i dont like where they are or where to put them i need them to be easily accessible and also not in the way of the fights that will be happening

im not quite sure what i want to do with these spaces to wither just have them as pree much wasted space with doodads blocking them or add alliance/horde buildings that actually do something but that something is ??... i could use this for my shops location although im not 100% sure

new camps that replace the sea hunters im not sure if i want them all to be the same or not or the rewards for killing the units at these camps
Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
thanks man

-alterd the multiboard code to only display stats of the playing players also cleaned up the kill/death tally triggers
-side creeps drop a tome of +15 attribute bonus
-added ICE UI by CRAZYRUSSIAN (finally get to use this(Ice ui) awesome UI that he made for me a long time ago. i never got to use it cause it had issues and the file size was a bit much for the map back then)
-bribes damage detection engine updated and added his knock back system for future use (only 1 spell uses it atm)
-more ability tooltips updated with extra detail and QWER hot keys
-test mode added (gives 10k gold if single player and allows wtf mode to be active witch sets spells mana cost and cooldown to 0)

also here is the latest map


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Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
alright so i admit i havent been working on the map but im now back and working on it again

i have finished the Gul'dan Hero

Soul Leach - gul'dan drains hp from nearby units of the target dealing damage or healing the unit = to the hp that is drained

fel fire bursts - bursts random areas around gul'dan with fel fire periodicly. the fel fire will focus nearby units so units on their own will take high damage

Fel essence(autocast) - Adds Fel essence to attack witch deal pure damage depending on the heros intelligence.if attacking a hero it will also drain each of their attributes and convert them to bonus intelligence.

Eye of Sagaris - summons the Eye of Sagaris to attack nearby units (a powerfull wards with a bouncing attack)

altered a few existing heros abilitys

Added Pushback to the Bladebane Golems slam ability

decided to have 2 different set of creeps for the side creeps (the red box on my previous post). Killing these creeps will give the players great bounty rewards and drop a tome of knowledge giving +15 to all attributes

done a heap more ability tool tips (this is the real killer of my time and motivation on the map sadly )
Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
UPDATE:alright so addmitedly i havent been working on the map much but latley i have added a few more things to the map. so yes the map is still progressing but very slow :/
heres a few things iv added since the last update.

HERO KILL BOUNTY REWORK - originally the bounty for hero kills were set to the heros in the object editor and very basic. the bounty of hero kills now depends on the level of the dying hero and the kill streak the hero is currently on.
the formula is 160 + (kill streak x 60) + (hero level x 15)
meaning if you kill a level 6 hero that has a kill streak of 2 for example the bounty will be 160+ (2x60) + (6x15) = 370

hero QWER hotkeys and tool tips - i have gone ahead and done more tooltips and hot keys for the hero spells im about 80% though them now

Hero Nerfs - i have begun nerfing a few hero abilitys that i believe to be over powered
just to name a few
curse master - no longer has silance the it has been replace with banish and also no longer has finger of death and this has been replaced with rain of chaos (power full rain of fire ability)
Frozen witch - Greatly reduced the damage of frost nova and decreased the freezing time and damage of freezing death
AoE and damage of all star fall type abilitys has been decreased - (starfall/ suffering) also Rage of god has been removed from the holly knight and been replaced with Holly Blessing a spell witch heals nearby units and grants armour to them for a period of time.
Sniper - reduced the chance to crit to 10%. reduced The armour reduction on Target sat.
Marine - FireBat morph no longer perm and attack range is reduced. marines crit is replaced with head shot witch is a 35% chance to mini bash (0.2 seconds)

BLADE BANE ITEM - the bonus of the Bladebane armour has been increased and given a ability to change bonus attribute stats. originally the bladebane armour would give the hero +20 damage +10 armour + 20 Strength
it now gives the hero +25 damage +10 armour + 50 to the atribute of your choice by switching between them with the active ability

shops - i have started to deal with the items within the shops moving them into better organisation
Level 15
Jul 9, 2008

Attack and Defense upgrades change
-units attack upgrades have gone from 6 levels to 15 and units defense levels have gone from 6 to 5.

few unit changes
-Batriders have been replaced with spirit walkers.
-grunts and footmens hp has been increased to 600
-Price of dragons increased from 6500 to 7500

hero tavern change
changed hero taverns to make it a bit more cleaner
there is now the standard altar with the 8 heros of each race (the 4 human and 4 NE for footmen and the 4 orc and 4 undead for the grunts)
the neutral tavern with the starndard neutral heros
then for the custom heros the taverns are broken up in attributes so there is agility, intelligence, strength taverns.

with the hero tavern change there was only a few spots missing to fill them so iv decided to fill them.

with that some of the heros are not finished heres the heros im currently working on and the spells they currently have im open to any suggestions you guys have.

most of the heros are only missing 1 spell

Void walker (faceless one model)

Main attribute is agility
agile hero killer.

has 3/4 spells

Rift Strike - Jumps through a Rift to get to the target unit instantly the void walker is given a 100% attack speed bonus after going though the rift for 2 seconds

Feedback - standard feedback ability Drains x mana on hits deals damage = the mana drained
spell 3 - ...

(ULT) Unknown form - morphs into the unknown form of him self causing his Attack damage to go out of proportion (adding 20 Sides per dice) also changing the attack type to chaos. reduces all incoming damage by 70%. (im kind of unsure how to scale this ability for its levels )
Warden - (warden model)

Main attribute is agility
short ranged (250) Swift damage dealer

Piercing Daggers - low damage low cool down shockwave ability
Bouncing Glaves - typical bouncing glaves
spell 3 - ....
Warden Assault - causes the warden to go invisible and while invisable spawn shadows of her self will spawn and attack random units nearby. the shadows cant be controlled and have a poison attack that slows.
Natures guardian - (furion with out stag model)

Main attribute is Intelligence
Healer / crowd control. support

Greater Rejuvenation - heals great amount of hp and small amount of mana to friendly unit
Wisp Defenders - spawns a bunch of wisps that float around attacking nearby enermys. (locast)
Disarm - Blasts a area causing units hit unable to attack for a period of time.
Ult - ...
Myrmidon - (naga myrmidon model)

Main attribute - Strength
Unit controller/nuker

Water burst - after a 2 second delay Bursts the area with water dealing damage and slowing the units hit
spell 2 -
spell 3 -
(ULT) Summon Sea Elemental - the sea elemental reduces armour of the units it attacks and when it dies 4 smaller versions of it spawn.
Demon Guardian - (Doom guard model)

main attribute - Strength
Hero killer

Rain of Fire - standard rain of fire damaging units is a AoE
Burning Strike - Charges sword with Fire Causing the next unit attacked to ignite in flames causing it to take great damage over time. also when the sword is charged gives 20% bonus move speed.
spell 3 -
(ult) -
Overlord - (overlord model)

Main attribute - Strength
Unit Sieger

spell 1 - .....
Warstomp - Standard warstomp AoE Stun
Cleaving attack - Standard Cleaving attack
Fel Rage - Mophs into the fel guard with bonus Hp regen and Perm immolation
Jaina - (Jaina model)

Main attribute - intelligence
hero Nuker

Fire Bolt - Fire bolt with out the stun and low cool down
spell 2 - ..
spel 3 -...
Arcane Field - Causes extra effects to her abilitys cast in the field ( causes fire bolt to bounce a number of times depending on level)