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Footmen VS Grunts S3

Level 8
Oct 20, 2004
Footmen VS Grunts S3 v0.99f
Download: http://hiveworkshop.com/resources_new/maps/4003/

About The Map
This is a modified version of Footmen VS Grunts by newbie-w3. You have two teams: Footmen side consisting of Human and Night Elf units and heroes, and Grunts side consisting of Orc and Undead units and heroes. This game is all about battles with massive amount of units. However, simply massing units is not enough. It also involves a lot of micro; a lot of unit and hero control is essential in order to inflict the max amount of damage while taking a minimal amount of damage yourself.

Not your map? Why edit it?
There are a lot of maps out there that have a lot potential in terms of gameplay and fun. The problem is that most of that potential is lost or unseen due to lack of proper balancing and presentation of ideas. I personally like playing this map because of the micro involved that almost every player neglects to take advantage of. Add in some imbalanced custom heroes, a lack-luster selection of items, incorrect tooltips, and leaking triggers and you got a potentially good game bogged down with crap. That's where I come in...

  • Plenty of opportunities to fight ranging from hero harasses to large-scale battles.
  • Switch between spawning units, or boosting your income.
  • 8 Custom heroes with JASS-enhanced abilities.
  • A balanced selection of items, with some unique to each team, and some JASS-enhanced items.
  • All regular heroes in the game as well, allowing new players to dive right in.
  • 7 upgradable towers, each with their own unique ability.

As far as I know, all bugs have been fixed. I'm looking at balancing the game right now, but please report any problems if you find any.

Current Issues
As I play it on Battle.net, some people mistake this for an older version. Also, I've gotten some negative feedback (READ: FLAMED) from certain people, yet they don't tell me why they feel this way or why they don't like it. I'd prefer not to assume, *COUGH*no rigged heroes, no cheats, micro is required*COUGH* so it would help a lot if feedback that is given also states why you like it, or don't like it.

Miscellaneous Information
If anyone can tell me how to contact newbie-w3, that would be greatly appreciated. Probably give him/her the link to this thread as well.