Food Limit For 1 Player?

Level 2
May 3, 2019
I've been trying to make maps where it's supposed to be some sort of 3v1, 2v1, 4v1, etc. and one player has a massive advantage to how many units they can field. To achieve this, I tried setting the food limit for one player amongst all others to 300, rather than the usual 100.
My first attempt went as follows : Setting a trigger on the map initialization event and setting [Player1]'s food cap property to 300. Then attempted to boot up map; my food still capped out at 100.
I try it again using the add property, food cap, adding 200. Food still capped at 100.
I try yet again, setting the property food max this time, to 300. I knew this wouldn't work as I figured food max was just the amount of food available to be used, and therefore I test map and start the game with 100 food, despite having set the property to 300.
Try yet again, mostly out of desperation, to add property, food max, 200. I start the game with, you probably guessed it, 100 food.

So my question is : Since none of that worked, how in the ninety-nine-and-a-half blustering, icy hells do I set a food cap for one player, without using the map constant (since that changes it for -all- players, and obviously a 3v1 isn't fair if all players can field 300 supply. I want the lone player to be able to field 300 supply and the three others to cap out at 100 (the lone player will also get a few extra toys, but that much is besides the current driven point).
Anyone got a hint?
Level 12
Mar 24, 2013
I believe you'll need to set the gameplay constant to 300 or whatever the supply for the highest player needs to be. At this point you'll need to set the food cap/max (don't recall the difference in these) to 100 for the other players.