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Follow Unit

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Level 4
Feb 27, 2008
Hello guys :) Could anyone help me with this :)?
If it is possible :p
See here i got a for exampel a chicken and a box, and i want to put the chicken inside the box, and when the chicken move , he still have the box on him, like the box is follow the chicken. Box and chicken is both unit.

I got a picture down there, there it show the chicken (red) go inside the box (black) and when the chicken (red) move the box are still on him :p (black)

Hope any understand it and hope its possible sorry for my english :(


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Level 9
Oct 7, 2007
So you want to make it when the chicken moves inside the box, the box will then move along with the chicken when the chicken moves?

You'll have to have a trigger for this or the box will never follow the chicken close enough for the desired effect. The box can't have pathing and you'll just need a repeating trigger to fire off a timer and have it move the box onto it.
Level 13
Mar 4, 2009
you could put the chicken in box maybe? (like ship transport)


<box> is ordered targeting a point/unit/no target

when it is no target
(add your condition is box has spell that is not stopping the casting unit - like wind walk)
-order chicken to stop

when target point/unit

-order chicken to right-click to targeted point of issued order/targeted unit of issued order


-every 0.10 sec of game
-(your conditions
-move <chicken> instantly to <box>
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