Flashbang Ability

Can someone help me make a "throw a flashbang" ability for my character using this http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/flashbang-250123/ model. Flashbang's area of effect must be 600 AoE and the units who are inside the circle[AoE] will be stunned. Note that it must be triggers/GuI , i dont have enough knowledge in vJass. :)

Thanks for the person who will help. :)
Level 7
Feb 3, 2013
edit: i think i'm gonna have to redo the whole thing, systems on hive are not working with my trigs -_-

this will take me quite a bit, please relax for a while

edit 2: it is done :)

here you go, all how to's and notes are inside the map

OT: i hatee guiiiiii


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