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    (Post) [highlight](-12)[/highlight] Do not provoke or insult other users. «The Hive is a friendly community: all users are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect.»
    Hey a7xpwns3, how are you doing?
    I've remembered about our old project Reborn of Eldre'thalas, and how we were a team.
    And how you got quite good.

    Its a shame that you are leaving, but its your own choise. BTW, I've started a new project called Fall of Draenor, which is much crazier.
    Also, remeber that I planned for the sequel of Reborn of Eldrethalas to make Desolace a lush, beautiful grassland? In the upcoming expansion of WoW Desolace will become a beautiful grassland, just as I planned! Weird, right?
    Anyway, if you wont answer this, then farewell my friend, we will remmeber you.
    Oh, and if anyone wants to say anything like "OMG U CAME BAXX!"

    I only am coming back for about 2 days so I can either...

    1. Destroy "OMG EPIC 12k [email protected]!`~~``1"
    2. Get banned while trying
    you're leaving me alone? :cry:
    No way!
    I r gonna stalk you!

    You've just brought doom upon the site, for I have joined xD
    so sad to hear from u. i'll miss u; although we know not much of each other. what about dentothor, have u tell him about u leaving?
    :eek: grats ^^
    By the way: I was checking chat bans and you've got 3 pages with chat-bans/kicks xD

    Ohh and here's another Lolscreeny:

    I rejected his map (I think you know that).
    Then he started flaming me constantly, so I banned him.

    He was so stupid to tell me he made another account on the hive to downrate my recourses (dang, didn't screeny that part).
    So I have banned his other account as well, with 5x the normal amount of points needed to ban someone (normally, you're banned if you get 2 points, I gave him 10 =D).
    I'm known for my past here, I don't give a living shit about reputation, its stupid. Plus I haven't been on this site as often as I used to.
    :O thats nice to! i was making some simple cals before... but know when i learned more about c++ i made one which u simply type and it calculates... faster, betere and more easy to understand... as well displays how every bricket was solved :D

    good when sometimes u need to calculate smth fast.

    anyway it might be interesting to check ur code... how much lines?
    in school i was as well learning C, using MinGW compiler... but second year we used Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and i belive that it can compile any MinGW syntax. if not ill dl that editor again. the true reason why i am using Visual C++ is coz that MinGW was bugged and its still in beta version. that might be the reason for your gravity thing crashing! still its not 100% but i wanted to check your code ;)

    Btw i just made a calc, which u might like :D u need Visual C++ 2008 to compile!

    Best Regards!
    ~Dark Dragon
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    (Post) Great! But I expect more art from you when you got your tablet! [color=222222][rainbow]I also expect it from me but...[/rainbow][/color]
    maybe u have played with me b4 but idk what ur username is, i havent played in bout a yr or 2 on battle.net. i have about 10 accts on battle.net.
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