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Flaming Arrow

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
The sounds are from the game itself, but they go unused.
The reason they go unused is because there is no sound data for these files to attach to models, and this model uses Searing Arrows sounds, instead.

They belong to this model:

and are located in the same folder:


When looking for files in the War 3 Beta, I thought I found unused and unknown sounds, but shortly discovered they also exist in the actual game, which I legitimately had no idea about.

I am only uploading these to make people aware of their existance. If this resource breaks the rules for being actual game files, although unable to be used normally, I will remove it.

FlamingArrow1 (Sound)

FlamingArrow2 (Sound)

FlamingArrow3 (Sound)

Unfortunately, that's not how the sounds work in the game. In addition to the fixed model, it would also require a custom .slk file, which sounds like an easy requirement, but is really bothersome to achieve.
I thought it was like death sounds, where you have a node that references the sound, but not by using the path. Or are these sound paths just not mapped?
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