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Fix Models for Reforged

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Level 14
Jan 24, 2017
So I am about to get a map ready for reforged. My last problem is, that some of the imported models are buggy. They all have a similar problem. The sail texture seems to be endless and therefore makes weird graphics bugs. They look like this:

This only happens in reforged and I have no idea what changed about models in reforged.
Any information about this or help is very appreciated.

The models are attached.


  • frozen.mdx
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  • raft.mdx
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  • seashepherd.mdx
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  • trimaran.mdx
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Probably the reason why is this happening is because there're too much high poly models (or too much models) in your screen and your graphics card can't handle too much 3D polys, this also happens in the classic if there's so much polys in rendering in your camera view (both in game and in the editor). If it worked in the classic it should be good, it should be the reforged models that is to blame because every objects in Reforged are high poly, maybe try to backup your map, and then decrease the objects in that area, or if that didn't work you can use MDLVIS, and then remove the sails of the boats (although I'm not sure if that's going to fix it because whether you remove the sails of the boat or not the whole model is glitching in game anyway) - or alternatively you can just get a new boat/ship model for your map.
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