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Fire Temple

Fire Temple

In these tranquil forest many dangers lies ahead. Seek the Temple of fire for an easy expansion but also keep an eye on the highground in the edges.

Fire Temple is a map layout inspired in a previous map made by me Northwestern river.

Neutral buildings:
- 1 Tavern.
- 2 Goblin Merchants.
- 2 lordaeron summer Mercenary camps.
- 1 Goblin lab.
- 4 expanding mines.

- 7 Green creeps.
- 11 Orange creeps.
- 1 Red creep.


-Many edits considering judges opinions.
-shops level 14, mines level 15 acording to one judge,
-tested the natural expo with 1 archmage L2, elemental summon, 5 militia and 4 footies, clean with no casualties.
- Fire Temple uploaded as a better version of Northwestern River.

Northwestern river was a map entry for 2021 Hive-cup.

thanks a lot to mafe, knetch, Insekt and Mereel for their feedback.

Fire Temple (Map)

Northwestern River (Map)

Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/hive-cup-2021-melee-mapping-contest-8-first-phase-results.336983/...


Map Reviewer
Level 24
Nov 2, 2013
Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest:

The map has been reviewed by several pro players and mapmakers (including myself, see first-phase-result-thread), and was generally favorably received.