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Fire Elemental / Fel Fire Elemental

The Fire Rises!

Classical WoW-style Fire Elemental model and his Fel-corrupted brother.
Base model is a Voidwalker with a lot of Emissive, PKB and Fresnel effects.
Portrait is integrated in the model as well.

This model will appear in the CSW campaign as one of many Zuluhed's spells.

Fel Fire Elemental (Model)

Fel Fire Elemental (Icon) (Icon)

Fire Elemental (Model)

Fire Elemental (Icon) (Icon)

Mr Ogre man
Hopefully we'll get extra variations soon Approved
Looks neat. Too bad they made the Voidwalker (or at least the texture) a solid (creature).
Wonder if you could animate the body texture to make it look like moving fire.
Eh, I like the normals too much, plus making a shell for a model that didn't have it before is too painful for me (sure you can scale a model, but a shell is not exactly just a scale up, it goes proportionally in every direction FROM the model, not just x-times bigger).
But ingame those pulsating glow effects on some terrain look fiery enough I hope.