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Fiend Pillar v0.764

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is a continoued work from The Frozen Can.
I remain the sole author of the map.
It's optimized using "Vexorian's Map Optimizer": http://www.3ice.hu/blog/protect-warcraft-maps/

It's still a melee-ish map where one may also choose to fight as a lone hero (with various bonuses and added mechanics).

I added a Fiend Pillar to the north which has to be destroyed to achieve victory, I fixed a few bugs, added new units, mechanics, researches (Living Magic), etc.

I'm losing interest/time to work on the map so if anyone wants some things changed (like back to The Frozen Can terrain, or no Fiend Pillar, menu changes, want to continue my work, etc.) one should express that explicitly.

I nonetheless hope the map brings fun.

altered melee, The Frozen Can, hero vs. army, custom heroes, custom race, custom abilities

Fiend Pillar v0.764 (Map)

18:21, 7th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Rejected See post Private message me once you've done the things mentioned
Level 17
Nov 11, 2010
You should use BB Codes to give more life to your details and get it more attention.
Not to mention I haven't played the map yet it looks.. bad.

Add screenshots, features, and whatnot please.
Level 16
Apr 18, 2011
kobas said:
Requirements level 1:
- a description clearly telling what this map is about.
- a name not being "just another x map".
- the author field should match the submitters name, (but don't be nazi about it).
- the name and picture should look unique.
- the map should not violate any other site rules.
- the map should be properly categorized.
- the minimap should not reveal a hideous terrain that clearly reveals poor quality.

Level 2 (possibly requires opening):
- the map is new or a heavily modified version of another map (in which case credit should be given if possible).
- the map does not crash (on launch and during playing).
- the map has no obvious dead icons.
- the map is not bad. (the map should be alright. Not necessarily a director's cut at all, but useful in some way. Perhaps a good storyline or good terrain/graphics or entertaining.)ining.)

Fix the marked. Map reported