Fields of Conquest [Altered Melee]

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Fields of Conquest [vA.01]
Altered Melee
- Added Fields of Conquest data to Twisted Meadows to allow 4 players to play at once
- Fixed Tooltip problems


- Changed all building's armour from 7 to 6
- Imrroved Hunter's attack to 21 - 24
- Changed Gnoll Crossbowman's name to Stinger


- Changed Sky Terror's defence from 5 to 4
- Reduced Monsterbeasts' attack to 18 - 21


- Can no longer train normal Juggernauts after researching Nether Cannons
- Changed Jailer's food cost from 2 to 4
- Changed Jailer's level from 2 to 3
- Reduced Spawn's defence from 3 to 2
- Added another attack to Hollows in order that shows their attack while using the "Hollow ability"


- Changed Marksman's food cost from 2 to 4
- Changed Marksman's damage to 22 - 28
In the land of Apollisia, four factions war over power and control.

The Noxmix
The Noxmix and their daemonic masters continue an evil crusade against all life, and seem to be near unstoppable.

The Ieeriph
Nearing its hundredth year since its founding, the Ieeriph empire continues expanding, and their wizards are coming closer to creating the imperial's dream: to turn all its citizens into immortal and powerful Draconian hybrids.

The Draenen
Hailing from the mountains and treacherous valleys, the Draenen are beginning to forsake the art of war in favour of advancing their agriculture and architecture, but still possess hearts of barbarians and occasionally spill south to occupy more fertile land and hunting grounds.
The Kedrah
Plaguing both Dranen and Ieeriph is the cult of Kedrah, which grows in followers - and strength - each passing day.

Take control of one of these four factions and master its play style and units. Once you build a mighty army and raise impressive cities, none will be able to stop you from achieving conquest over your foes!

(Beastmen & Barbarians)
Unlock Code: wildmen
During the reign of the Synthille Dominion the native tribes of Apollisia were the first to be attacked. Divided into several clans that warred among each other, the Synthillian threat quickly subjugated them one by one and turned them into slaves. Several decades of torture and deprivation soon tore away at the division between the clans, eventually leading them to unite as one and rebel and escape from their captors.

Fleeing to the one place in Apollisia that they would not be hunted, the northern mountains, they become the Draenen to themselves although the rest of the world still called them barbarians. Forced to live in near uninhabitable conditions, the Draenen quickly built squat stone buildings to withstand the weather and learned to hunt Owlbears and Drakes for food. However, the source of food was scarce and the Draenen weren't the only hunters. Local Beastmen tribes turned hostile at the human intruders and began a war with them.

To their surprise, however, the war was brief. The Draenen king staged a swift campaign across the Beastmen lands, swiftly eliminating each Tribemaster and earning the respect and fear of the tribes. Eventually, he earned the surrender of his enemies and noticing the usefulness they could have to the Draenen, a truce was brought forth and a new Alliance was created.
Versatile and very strong, the Draenen are quite possibly the strongest of all the factions. Their 'Beast' units are able to gain immense health regeneration with a T2 upgrade, leading them to be able to recover from a battle much faster and keep an opponent on his feet and cost a lousy opponent the game. Their basic troop choice, the Levy, is trained at the Draenen's Town Hall and also gains a T2 upgrade which provides evasion and critical strike as well as a damage bonus.

Their 'Beast' units are more effecient at hit-and-run tactics, while the human units are the strong arm of the faction.

The Draenen are also intended to have very small cities, and as such they take longer to build structures and cost more to make but have extra defence.

Unlock Code: infested
To the fanatics of the cult of pestilence, nothing is more holy than a body immune to all sorts of poisons and disease, and halt its aging. In a desperate search to create such perfection, the Kedrah intentionally conjure their own parasites and viruses to bring onto themselves in order to vaccinate their bodies from every form of plague imaginable.

Still young compared to the other religions, the Kedrah send their missionaries, Plague Priests, over to new villages across Apollisia be it to the Draenen, the Ieeriph or other. Once the Plague Priest has converted enough villagers to the cult, they begin to create large and marvellous towers and laboratories to further their study and affirm their influence. At first they will appear benevolent to avoid turning others away and in some cases have even advertised themselves as a sex cult in order to garner attention, but their true intentions are revealed once they grow large enough.

Soon the experiments that were conducted in private laboratories for Aspiring Kedrah only are now performed in public, even to the uninitiated. In time the facade eventually crumbles and the evil abominations and diseases the Plague Priests create are let loose upon the non-believers. Forcing the remaining villagers to either convert or have their corpses become a part of a Flesh Golem, the Kedrah take over the town by force. Then the Plague Priests scatter to other villages and the cycle repeats.
As intended, the Kedrah have weak units and buildings as they focus more on their creations and sorcery to kill their enemies. One thing that sets the Kedrah apart from the other factions is that virtually all their units must be unlocked by an upgrade. This, and their building techtree, can make this faction difficult to get used to and perfect. However, an experienced Kedrah player can use Mess' to heal their units on the field and take full advantage of the Plague Priest's spells to take control of any battle. Their siege units, the Flesh Golem and Sky Terror are among the best in the game and can devastate enemy buildings with ease.

Unlock Code: tyranny
The Synthille Dominion, also called the Eternal Empire, is ingrained heavily into the history of Apollisia. Having mysteriously discovered magick overnight, a group of villagers in the city of Synthille quickly rose to power in the surrounding area, eventually conquering entire lands within days. Dubbing their powers as 'Soul Magick' they destroyed all opposition to their Dominion and took their enemies as slaves for their ever growing and invincible land. The founders of the Dominion were practically immortal, and watched their rule last unthreatened for thousands of years until suddenly they disappeared from the world.

Their abscence caused anarchy to flourish in the Synthillian lands abd without the secrets of Soul Magick, the imperial army could not control its citizens. After the collapse of the empire, many tried to learn magick, but amost all failed. However, an ancient man named Nox learned the secrets of sorcery. Not exactly Soul Magick, he did become efficient at manipulating the elements and began to teach others this power. Gifted with a terrific personality and wisdom, Nox quickly grew in fame and along with his followers formed the Noxmix: a cabal of wizards that were to further the study of magick. All was well, and Nox became a trusted and beloved friend of all the kings of the land as well as firmly establishing himself in legend.

A decade after the founding of the Noxmix, though, something wrong happened. Nox took with him his eldest apprentices and formed a new group called the Weavers, and declared the Noxmix to be the successors to the Eternal Empire. Declaring war against the rest of the world, a campaign of conquest ensued, to which the nearby kings rallied against their once-friend to protect their countries. War turned to slaughter when Nox and his Weavers revealed that they have unlocked the power of Soul Magick, using their ability to decimate entire civilizations. After establishing a new Empire, Nox turned into a tyrant and opnely tortured and abused his citizens, becoming one of the most hated men in history.

Years later, Nox, much like the Synthillians, vanished. The Weavers quickly named themselves the new Emperors and began to summon portals across the world. From these portals vile daemons spilled forth and began to drain mana from the Noxmix. The situation spiralled out of control and the Weavers quickly realised their mistake in summoning the daemons, but were powerless to reverse it. Now forced into service of even crueler masters than they were the Noxmix curse their fate and cling to the hope that Nox will return to save them.

The Noxmix are meant to have incredibly weak human units, as they are slaves who have been brutally beaten. As the factions progresses in tiers though, they gain access to more Daemon units which are severely powerful and can even sacrifice the humans to increase their own strength. The Noxmix's prime structure if the Statue of Power, which gives bonuses to a specific unit at the cost of mana. The catch is, it can only gain mana by killing friendly units, preferably human units.

(Dragon Cult)
Unlock Code: imperial
Following the collapse of the Synthillian Dominion, new religions and civilizations were created. One such example is the Ieeriph, a religion devoted to the worship of Dragons. With the aim of infusing themselves with Draconian blood to gain strength as well as long life, the Ieeriph sought to become super humans on par with the ancient beasts.

Once the Noxmix took control of and enslaved most of Apollisia, the Ieeriph's progress was halted. Not possessing nearly as much strength or lifespan they sought, the little Dragon blood they did have helped them greatly during the years of oppression from the Noxmix. Once the Noxmix became servants themselves, the Ieeriph managed to take advantage of the situation and carve the beginnings of an empire for themselves.

In awe of the health the Ieeriph have and desperate to share some themselves, the other slaves of the Noxmix quickly fled to join the newly formed empire. Practicing the elemental magick of Fire, and furthering their progress into half-dragons, the Ieeriph have managed to gain more land from the Daemons and surrounding kingdoms, and have made themselves one of the greatest threats in Apollisia. Soon, the Ieeriph Empire might even fulfill what the Synthillians could not: world domination.

The Ieeriph units cost more food than the other factions, but they also have a more limited selection of troop choices. This is countered by the upgrades available in T2 and in T3 which add damage and health to most of their units respectively.

Unique to the Ieeriph faction is the 'Tax House' building. This building is an upgrade for the Residence building and has an ability that can be used every minute to collect gold instantly. The amount gained is relative to the Tax rate when the spell is used. This can be used as an infinite gold source for the Ieeriph, making expansion almost unnecessary. It also serves as an excellent replacement for a Gold Mine as the T3 building 'Lair' must be built on a Gold Mine.

Please keep in mind this map is largely unfinished and is still in need of balancing and tweaking. There may be some tooltip problems, and feel free to bring any issues you find to the comment section. The map is Terenas Stand from Blizzard Entertainment and is being used as a placeholder for now.

Fields of Conquest [Terenas Stand] (Map)

Twisted Meadows (Map)

Approved with score of 4/5. Reasons too why in a small resumed post in the same map.
Level 18
Jan 22, 2011
First off, as you should well know, you must add screenshots to your map descriptions. Aside from that, the description is quite complete, though I would suggest to play around with colors, bold and italic text to make it more appealing.
Second, how unfinished is your map? if it's too much, I am afraid you can't post it here, instead go here Map Development
Anyway, I will check how much update is needed, meanwhile I will put this map in awaiting update (following your own words that this map needs update)
Level 14
Jul 3, 2015
I've added the screenshots, thank you for the reminder.
To answer your second question the map is playable and the faction units, heroes, and buildings are done as well as their techtrees. The only problems with actually playing as a faction should only regard tooltip problems and/or typos and should have little bugs and non-functional abilities.

The unfinished part is that I still need to find and correct said typos if they exist, as well as making each faction balanced to make multiplayer more enjoyable. Another feature that I would like to see added in the future is a working A.I. for each faction, but that may take a while.

In other words, the map is in working condition, and should be complete enough to post here but more work and additions are on their way to flesh out the map.

Any insight or concern you may find while play-testing this map regarding how any of the factions work or play will be a great help for the future when I need to buff or nerf a unit or two to make the game more fair.
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Level 18
Jan 22, 2011
I see, certainly, it is a big improvement what you have done with the description :)
Yes, according to what you say the map has well over enough credit to be in this section.
Of course I will check anything and tell you my opinion about it, that's after all my job :D
Anyway, the tests may take a while.
Level 18
Jan 22, 2011
So after a long time testing I found that most of the problems come from balancing, which is quite painful to fix to say the least. I didn't had any spell error, which is nice actually. None the less, giving rates
the map earns itself a 4/5 quite easily, here go the reasons:
Very fun and dynamic races. It took me some time to get used to the changes, but they are quite good
Interesting heroes make for interesting map
The only downfall is terrain which is just melee, but I guess that's how alternated melee work.
Over all, I think that if you tweak those tool tips even more and fix the balance, this map could would have enough to earn 5/5 :)