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Discussion in 'Project Development & Idea Factory' started by Shartuku, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Shartuku


    Jul 17, 2011
    Race & Gender
    I think there should be the choice to be a male or a femalle in the future version also it would be cool if their would be some other race ( Exp: Dwarf-Elf).

    Loading Screen
    If you got enough mates animating the loading screen would really add a unique and awesome touch to the map.

    Items: equipment system
    It would be awesome that when you select a new equipment in your inventory it shows next to his stats the stats of the weapon you currently wear.

    Items: models
    The item that drops are little big, you should scale them a little smaller (still easy for people to pick it up, but smaller so it look more realistic).

    Sounds: Night-Day
    It would really be special and unique if you would find a way to change the wolf cry and chicken yelling to something new when day and night change, it fuck a little bit the sound feeling of the game. (That might not be the opinion of everyone although)

    You should make the merchant open their store page when you interact with them.

    Big Idea! :p
    Okay that might sound crazy and impossible and I got no idea in coding skills so yeah don't get angry xD! I think you should add some interacting skills for the gaming rpg go deep. Like you can really choose what you want say to someone ( like in skyrim ).