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Fear of Mountains

Submitted by MURDER KING
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Fear of Mountains User who uploaded map Presents MURDER KING

Fear of Mountains
Created by MURDER KING

Map Info:

Fear of Mountains is a map created for best skills and abilities usable.
I realy liked to create this map so when the first time i thought to make this map was to bee without river but realized was too empty and i started to introduce a river and the others(doodads,units,etc).
The winter human Aviary,undead graveyard and sacrificial pit are not modified.


All player bear names:Icewinder,Snowytracker,Arghatan,Wintergate.
The player structured are changed.I thought to change the old structures to something new so i used winter models for :Humans,Orcs and Undead.
If you play with the Human you will see the til is changed,well i changed that too.
Custom units for creeps are created and modified in game and poweful item can found on them you should try to take from from them.
The weather conditions and the terrain is my favourite work.
Also the map contains:
  • -8 goldmines
  • -2 tavern,-2 fountain of health
  • -2 mercenary camp,- goblin merchant.

Some else stuff about map:

3 Frost Dragon in the middle of the map

Terrain Screenshots

The Entire map:


Gameplay Screenshots

The new human design(specific Northrend):

The undead structures(looks like ice meteor falling down from the sky.):

In game:The siege of the Humans:

Change Log:
Change Log

  • custom creeps
  • custom models
  • human tile changed.


Special Thanks:
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • The Hive Workshop

Also thanks to:

  • Ujimasa Hojo

  • Sin'dorei300

  • Ujimasa Hojo

  • Windrunner29 for suggestions
  • and to me(MURDER KING)

Author's notes:

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Map size Description:Large
Map Size : 160x192
Playable map size: 148x153
Suggested players:2v2 or 1v1 or FFA.

Fear of Mountains (Map)

19:43, 28th Jul 2015 Shadow Fury: Sorry, but this is unacceptable. You did not do anything other than improving the aesthetics of all units and adding a few custom creeps. This is not enough since all units of all races are totally untouched,...
  1. 19:43, 28th Jul 2015
    Shadow Fury: Sorry, but this is unacceptable. You did not do anything other than improving the aesthetics of all units and adding a few custom creeps. This is not enough since all units of all races are totally untouched, offering nothing original or enjoyable.

    I'd also like to draw your attention to the custom icons turning green; you must have noticed that! This is because you did not import the DISBTN of all icons (it's always included). You must import them and replace war3mapImported\ with ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\. Green icons are against the Map Submission Rules so it is obligatory to fix them.

    The final issue is the terrain. You lack tile variation in many places. There are areas done with snow only and that's not good. Some variation is always great in your terrain. In addition there are some parts that have peculiar raisings that seem pointed (ex. center of the map). Have you used the notorious noise tool for doing them? The results with such a tool are generally hated by the majority. Use the smooth tool to give them a more natural aspect.

    Basically, fix the green icons, improve the terrain and customize the whole races. Don't just import custom resources, modify models/icons of default stuff, add a few custom creeps and call the result a map. The races must present something new, exciting and innovative otherwise rejection is the only fate of the map.