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Fan Fictions of Arkain

Level 24
Jul 10, 2017
The Eternal Wave.

Karn Copperheart, Lord of Ironstone from the Stonelord clan, watched from the walls as his soldiers prepared to face the impending wave. Women and children were to seek refuge in the underground stone bunkers, and any capable youth wielding a shield, an axe, or a rifle was to join the ranks, even if it meant tearing them away from their mothers' arms. No matter how many soldiers they had, they would never be enough to stop the wave, but with rock and iron, they would always stand against it no matter the cost.

"I want rifles on every wall, mortars in the center, and form ten rows of ten at each entrance!" shouted the Lord, issuing the corresponding orders to his men. This would be his third battle against the wave in his lifetime. In the first battle, he lost his father. In the second, he lost his only sister and her unborn child. In this third battle, at least he had the relief of not having anyone else to lose. However, that did not lessen his hatred for the wave, but at least he wouldn't have to drown his sorrows in ale to numb his pain.

As Karn continued giving orders, the sound of marching soldiers alerted the castle's inhabitants. An observer rushed to his Lord and said, "My Lord! It's reinforcements!" This left Karn perplexed. Who in the nine hells would come to a place that would be the target of the wave? He quickly descended the stairs and ordered the gates to be opened to let in the "guests."

Karn immediately recognized who they were. They wore strange black armors, carried long and heavy rifles, and emanated a smell of gunpowder that could be felt several meters away. Fifty-six Bloodstone soldiers appeared at the castle gates and entered without permission, taking up the same positions as the other soldiers, bolstering the ranks. The leader of the group approached Karn while the rest of the soldiers continued positioning themselves on the walls and castle ramparts. Karn looked at him and couldn't help but feel a slight discomfort at the sight of the Bloodstone's red eyes before him. His skin was dark, and tattooed runes could be seen on it... runes that shouldn't be written... he was a Warlock.

"Am I making you nervous, Lord of Ironstone?" he said with a voice that sounded as if it came from a forge. The simple act of opening his mouth heated the surroundings, and Karn felt a drop of sweat forming on his nose. "A little... What brings the soldiers of King Ragnar to Ironstone?" Karn asked, surveying his surroundings as all the dwarves in the castle looked at them with distrust and, although they would never admit it, feared what they might do. The Warlock looked around, noticing the distrust in the dwarves' eyes, and calmly replied, "High King Zarin requested reinforcements in this area, as we need the iron from this place for our future battles." Then, looking back at Karn, he added, "And we only answer to Ragnar, even if Zarin is the High King."

Karn looked at him for a few seconds and sighed. "Well... whatever the reason, we need all the help we can get. If you're going to fight by our side, you're welcome," Karn said. The Bloodstone bowed, raised his hand, and with a snap of his fingers, Karn's axe ignited in flames, burning without ever extinguishing. "For the battle," he said to Karn and headed towards his men, leaving the Lord of the castle contemplating his new flaming weapon. Karn was about to say something, but the war horn sounded, and the lookout's shout alerted everyone.

"The wave, my Lord! It's coming this way!"

Three times Karn had witnessed the wave, and on all three occasions, the only feeling he experienced was fear and nausea. The Kobolds advanced in a stampede, hundreds in the first wave and hundreds more behind them. Their screeches could be heard, the sound of their paws trampling the ground, and the damned stench of excrement, urine, and decay they emitted. All dwarves from all realms knew this. That these creatures were their worst enemies. Men, elves, orcs, undead, demons, and any other damned creature that stood in their way, dwarves knew they could defeat them because they always pursued the same things. They wanted gold, territory, resources, or slaves... but these creatures were different. They didn't desire any of that. They simply wanted to eat... and their food was them.

"To the gates! Fire the rifles and mortars! Fight without mercy! Ironstone will not fall today! FOR THE HIGH KING!"

Those were the last words heard before the terrible and deafening screech of the wave.
While Mistres Quiraness was enslaved by Mistress Pentiss with the use of Black Lotus, her previously undisclosed male child, Terrormaid, began enacting his plans for vengeance for his aggrieved mother.

By hiding all of his masculine features, Terrormaid made a name for himself, quickly becoming the right hand of Mizaeryl (hope I got her name right). With utter competence, Terrormaid was able to drive the Ironfist, Tribal Dominion and the Demons back to their lands. By conjuring shadow clones of himself, he could command entire squadrons and devastate the formations of the enemy at the same time.

Purificator? It would take too long. Feral beasts and orcs? No problem, he alone can stand, for he is HIM. Black dragons? They signed a non-aggression pact with pens after being utterly humiliated in an undisclosed battle.

Aridon gazes upon this unholy creature who had dared desecrate the balance that he had long fought to preserve. Seething with hatred at Terrormind's competence, he had ordered his worshipper, Mistress Pentiss to depose of this upstart. Needless to say, the undead ran amok afterwards.

Now, Terrormind, commanding the Dark Elven army wreaks havoc upon the world of Arkain, reclaiming it as theirs as he, no ... she, believed it to be theirs for the taking. It would not take long before even the empire of Rodan, the lands of the demons would get wiped out.

Then, on one fateful day, Terrormind is approached by a being not of this world, Nozdormu.

Mighty as she was, Terrormind could not hope to withstand the mighty armies of the fallen Druid, who had commanded with similar competence, but had far more power than she could have imagined.
Level 21
Dec 20, 2015
The Divine Destiny

I gaze upon the sunrise of another day, disappointed that I continue to rise again to a fresh new hell. Why must this persist? Living is exhaustion, but am I even alive? My death… ancient history, I am not convinced it even happened anymore. My body feels alive, so surely it is alive. I am dead inside.

There was supposed to be a link - some sort of connection - that would provide for me. I have never felt the link but I know it was meant to be there. A vacuous hole that seeps nothingness and spreads through my entire being. I am numb yet I remain acutely aware of everything I am lacking.

I like to believe I enjoyed a vibrant wealth of experiences in life, now just a husk aimlessly looking for something out there, some connection I was meant to have. I cannot live, yet I cannot choose to die. Countless times I have tried and countless times I have failed. I continue writhing my way through this world with no meaning, no purpose, simply yearning for an end.

Long ago, I journeyed to every corner of this world convening with both Living and Dead. I have had enough time with the Living as I have learned all I need from them: Nothing. To think I may have entertained them, fought for them, had love for them. Pathetic individuals with pointless hopes and goals, blind to the meaninglessness, the hollowness, of existence. A vast emptiness they distract themselves from until their blessed end when they may rest, like their fallen gods before them. I wish to fool myself again and pull the veneer over my eyes to see the beauty of Arkain as I believe I once did. To re-embrace the myopic naivety and connect to a cause, a nation, a lover, or a leader... if such things even exist anymore. A visage of gold takes form in my mind, then quickly dissipates. Perhaps a memory, as worthless as they are.

The Dead seemed to know the link and the hole it left. They described an indescribable loss, yet many found… some thing, some feeling to go on. Most importantly, they could still be put to rest. Why I did not find this must mean I am broken. Inherently. Intrinsically. The decrepit skeleton seemed to understand, yet he was able to smile somehow. A sniveling, calculating grin, but an expression of pleasure in plans unfulfilled nonetheless. If it can laugh, it cannot know of my experience - no one can. He set me on my way long ago, so I dredge on with a singular goal in mind. A goal only One can help me achieve.

And now, it has been eons since I have spoken with anyone. Or has it been that long? Are they all gone now? I muse on where the skeleton may be, or if he has been ground to dust. I hope he has been ground to dust for his own sake. I travel a bit more each day through a haze-filled world finding what were likely magnificent wonders: looming spires of ruined cities, vast infertile plains bereft of life, sweeping graveyards of dragons, snowy mountain peaks stretching the horizon. War happened here, many times. I wonder if I partook in war and if that is how I met my first demise. Unfortunate that could not have been the simple end of things. Was I a hero, or was I a coward? A visage of gold takes form in my mind, this time beginning to encompass my body, then quickly dissipates.

I stand now before a gargantuan effigy after wandering through labyrinthine caverns; any coherent idea of how I arrived here lost in a fog of innumerable days and years spent slowly shambling and searching. Slouching towards my salvation. The stone form beckons to me. Could this be the One? Countless are the number of faces entombed within statues that I have seen. Monuments of hubris from leaders long gone. And yet something emanates from it to the void within me. I am in the right place. A glimmer of possibility arises within me, foreign and uncomfortable. I do not like it. A visage of gold takes form in my mind and I hear an echo of music, which quickly dissipates.

The direction I choose to go now is largely irrelevant. There is nothing but time immemorial, trudging forward to nowhere. One passage or one hundred, I could traverse them all at no consequence. Through sheer exhaustive and rudimentary routine, I will find the One. The Watcher. The being of legend unheard of for… years? A millennia? The world around me is transient, its happenings unimportant.. For I am horrifyingly permanent. My existence a stain that cannot be scrubbed out of this world.

I will beg Aridon to end this tormented chore of a thing lingering between life and death; that desperation my only driving force. I am getting close now, or perhaps I only hope I am. I have nothing to share with my creator before the end save for this visage of gold. This source of my never ending torment, a curse I wish to impart upon Them. My final will is to bequeath a breadcrumb of it to Them.

So that They may follow the trail…
So that They may uncover its secret…
So that They may reconstruct my nightmare.
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Level 5
Aug 19, 2021
About the Queens

Gardon did not understand what was happening to him. His mighty nation - his great work - was as alive and vibrant as ever. His armies marched in perfect formation. The sight of the great dragons of Zyainor overhead was a daily reminder of the power of his empire. But his wife had gone cold. She was always a little distant. That made sense. They were a political marriage, and even though she had borne his children the whole affair had always been a little less personal than it was for those bound together by love. Yet of late their lovemaking had descended into the realm of the perfunctory. It was clear she wasn't even enjoying herself anymore. Maybe she had found out about his affair? That was certainly possible. She was smart enough to have done it. But wouldn't she have confronted him somehow if that was the case? Then again, the Elven queen herself had also gone ice cold. With no particular fanfare, she had cut him off. Their moonlit escapades had been brought to a dead stop. Perhaps she had been warned not to continue. Yes. That made sense, but it didn't quite sit right in Gardon's gut. Something was off.


Late at night, Vail darted through the streets of the city. She knew the risk. Of the two, she was the less deft by far. If anyone was spotted by the wrong person it would be her. She supposed, however, that the risk was part of the appeal. Having all the wealth and power she could wish for, what the Ca'lea of Zyainor found herself craving was the sense of adventure she had left behind. Somewhere in the haze of banquets, ceremonies, and pageants, Vail realized she had lost something. At the time, she had despised the court of Kerrel. Now, a part of her yearned for the freedom that came with being an outcast. The ability to slip away without all eyes following her out the door. And, she mused, Kerrel's court hadn't been all bad. There was one woman who'd always caught her eye, even if they hardly talked at the time. There was something mesmerizing; almost catlike about the way she moved. Vail had briefly entertained that they might have been able to bond over what shared circumstances they had, but it was not to be.

How strange it was, then, that it was now, when they were both queens, that they had finally been drawn together. Their barbed duels at the court had slowly turned to flirting. Two women who once looked at each other with the disdain of those who knew they were at odds over a man began to show more than a hint of lust. One day, an otherwise dull dance ended with them kissing in a hidden room. By then, it all made sense.

Vail slipped into a wholly unremarkable house. Many nobles met in places like this, but no pair so important. It was unglamorous. That was part of the appeal. Glancing around, she saw no one present. She must have beaten Larine here. She removed her cloak and sat down on the side of the bed. Then in an instant she was bowled over onto it.

"You're late," Larine whispered.

"Sneaky bitch-" Vail hissed back. The woman really was capable of stunning feats of stealth. Now, Vail was pinned to the bed by her soft yet firm form.

"Come on. You know you like this."

"You're right."

Larine feigned a kiss, but before the human could meet it she swept around and bit her neck. Vail exhaled sharply in surprise. Quickly regaining her poise, she kissed the other woman's ear. It was the beginning of what promised to be a long night.
Level 24
Jul 10, 2017
About the Queens

Gardon did not understand what was happening to him. His mighty nation - his great work - was as alive and vibrant as ever. His armies marched in perfect formation. The sight of the great dragons of Zyainor overhead was a daily reminder of the power of his empire. But his wife had gone cold. She was always a little distant. That made sense. They were a political marriage, and even though she had borne his children the whole affair had always been a little less personal than it was for those bound together by love. Yet of late their lovemaking had descended into the realm of the perfunctory. It was clear she wasn't even enjoying herself anymore. Maybe she had found out about his affair? That was certainly possible. She was smart enough to have done it. But wouldn't she have confronted him somehow if that was the case? Then again, the Elven queen herself had also gone ice cold. With no particular fanfare, she had cut him off. Their moonlit escapades had been brought to a dead stop. Perhaps she had been warned not to continue. Yes. That made sense, but it didn't quite sit right in Gardon's gut. Something was off.


Late at night, Vail darted through the streets of the city. She knew the risk. Of the two, she was the less deft by far. If anyone was spotted by the wrong person it would be her. She supposed, however, that the risk was part of the appeal. Having all the wealth and power she could wish for, what the Ca'lea of Zyainor found herself craving was the sense of adventure she had left behind. Somewhere in the haze of banquets, ceremonies, and pageants, Vail realized she had lost something. At the time, she had despised the court of Kerrel. Now, a part of her yearned for the freedom that came with being an outcast. The ability to slip away without all eyes following her out the door. And, she mused, Kerrel's court hadn't been all bad. There was one woman who'd always caught her eye, even if they hardly talked at the time. There was something mesmerizing; almost catlike about the way she moved. Vail had briefly entertained that they might have been able to bond over what shared circumstances they had, but it was not to be.

How strange it was, then, that it was now, when they were both queens, that they had finally been drawn together. Their barbed duels at the court had slowly turned to flirting. Two women who once looked at each other with the disdain of those who knew they were at odds over a man began to show more than a hint of lust. One day, an otherwise dull dance ended with them kissing in a hidden room. By then, it all made sense.

Vail slipped into a wholly unremarkable house. Many nobles met in places like this, but no pair so important. It was unglamorous. That was part of the appeal. Glancing around, she saw no one present. She must have beaten Larine here. She removed her cloak and sat down on the side of the bed. Then in an instant she was bowled over onto it.

"You're late," Larine whispered.

"Sneaky bitch-" Vail hissed back. The woman really was capable of stunning feats of stealth. Now, Vail was pinned to the bed by her soft yet firm form.

"Come on. You know you like this."

"You're right."

Larine feigned a kiss, but before the human could meet it she swept around and bit her neck. Vail exhaled sharply in surprise. Quickly regaining her poise, she kissed the other woman's ear. It was the beginning of what promised to be a long night.

"I've been really tryyyyyyin baby...."
Level 24
Jul 10, 2017
Conversation Between Beasts

"Would you like to share the fire and tell stories of our people?" said Borean, chief of the Koydos tribe, to the creature, half man, half horse, who had approached the fire that the bear man had lit. "Doesn't it bother you to talk to me, bear chief?" replied Flammedus, flamecaller of the centaurs, walking towards the enormous bear. "I am too old to listen to my prejudices. We are allies in these dark times. I prefer to treat you as a friend rather than a stranger," replied Borean, taking an apple from a basket on his legs and then tossing the fruit to the centaur, who despite his absolute lack of sight, caught it effortlessly. "Wise words, bear chief. I appreciate it."

The two tribal leaders sat near the fire and began to talk. "Do you eat everything, or is there something you cannot eat?" asked the bear as he ate another apple. "We inherited the love for green things from our ancestors. But meat is part of our meals, occasionally. How about your kind?" replied the horse-man. "More meat if possible. These apples are good, but I would need a whole tree of them just to sustain myself until sunset," Flammedus nodded and continued eating the fruit his ally had shared with him.

They continued chatting about their cultures for a while. Their clothes, their weapons, their food, and everything that shaped the identity of their species. But they reached a point where this new thing called "Dominion" entered their lives and the lives of their people.

"What is your opinion, Chief Borean? Are you content with this amalgamation of races?" The bear chief remained silent for a while before responding to such a delicate question. "I am not content. To be content would mean that what happened to my tribe was something good. I cannot conceive that so much death was something good for my people," Borean sighed after these words and continued, "I am very grateful that we are allowed to be part of this mix of races. But I would be lying if I deny that the clash of cultures complicates my days from time to time. The mere fact of being constantly on the move harms my people." Flammedus's eyebrows moved in a sign of not understanding the bear's words. "Many of our females were pregnant before marching to Salria. Their pregnancies stopped, and I do not know when they will be able to give birth peacefully," the centaur heard this and was shocked to hear the situation. "Did your mothers finish their births?" The bear looked at him seriously at the insinuation. "I said stopped. Our females can halt their births to do it at a more opportune time." The centaur, surprised and embarrassed, apologized, "It was not my intention to offend, Chief Borean. That ability you mentioned, our people do not have it. Our mothers can fight while pregnant. My mother, may her pastures always be green, gave birth to me after killing a scorpion-lion. A terrible creature that moves the earth beneath our hooves before stabbing its stingers into its victims." Borean listened attentively as the leader of the horse-men explained his mother's feats and birth. Surprise, astonishment, and laughter could be heard from afar, catching the attention of other members of their tribes, who began to approach, mingle, and surround their respective leaders. The flames of the bonfire flickered, the music started playing, and the food began to be passed around and shared.

Two races that at first glance had nothing in common were sharing as if they were of the same species. The sight of the great bear dancing, as only he knew how, elicited laughter and applause from all those present. Even Flammedus, despite his lack of sight, could not help but laugh and applaud simply because his people were doing it... But Borean, after finishing his dance, as he sat down in silence, drew the attention of all those present. The great bear did not notice that tears had welled up in his eyes, still clinging to his fur. His people, upon noticing this, also began to mourn the pain that his tribe had suffered in this era. The dance of their leader is a manifestation of the happiness of the Koydos and the other tribes. But the experience of being brought almost to the brink of extinction is a wound that is still open.

The centaurs noticed this and simply kept silent, respecting the pain of their new friends. "Forgive us, Flammedus," said Borean, trying to continue his explanation, but the horse chief raised his hand in a gesture of calm. "I am no stranger to the pain that comes after a long drought of happiness, Chief Borean," Flammedus moved his hand and, using the flames of the bonfire, shaped the flames to show the deaths and massacres that his people had been experiencing at the hands of the humans from Salria. "Even though my eyes do not know what light is, I can see the flames clearly... and my heart breaks for the situation we are in. Since my people tried for peace and it was denied to us." Both tribes remained silent until a little centaur approached Borean, leaning against his side and falling asleep.

Borean looked at the infant and placed his enormous claw on the small one, smiling. "This is why I follow the Orcs and Amari," Flammedus looked at him confused. "They have the extraordinary ability to say no to destiny. Doing the impossible is not rare for them. Creating a pack of many races. Getting them to coexist. Fighting together. Not betraying each other... this." He pointed to the foal in his lap. "This was supposed to be impossible... but here it is." Borean wiped the tears from his face and then said with a smile, "What a wonderful time to be alive, isn't it?" All those present nodded, and with a smile, the music started playing again.
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Level 7
Nov 17, 2020
A/N: First time I’m doing a fanfiction for the Arkain series.

Salvation of Arkain

Volume I: Birth of a God

Chapter I: Answer to Desperation

The world of Arkain, a world created by gods who subsequently fell prey to disease and internal strike, gods who killed each other in a mad struggle for power and desperation fueled by hopelessness and despair, a world upon whom its races fought a continuous struggle for power and dominance.

Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs and all others who call the continent of Arkain home rule their respective Kingdoms. All fought each other and vied for supremacy for countless centuries before the Demons came: Creatures who came from beyond the Gates of Hell, creatures who long desired to place all the world under their cruel and tyrannical dominion - the hated enemy of all.

When the Kingdoms of Arkain waged what came to be known as the First Void War, they were losing badly against the powerful demons who waged dark, powerful and terrible magics. Eventually they sent a plea to the distant Empire of Rodan for help, and the Imperial Legions turned back the tide but at great cost with the Grand Marshal Genethas hailed as a war hero.

Yet dark sinister things brew beneath the shadows, and while the Demons were held back they are by no means defeated. Everyone knew this, and now they count down the days the next Void War comes on their shores.

Twenty years have passed since the First Void War, and much had changed since then; the Kingdom of Isalmur was lost to the Demons, and the Kingdom of Lor on the brink of dissolution. The Kingdoms of Arkain, once amenable to Imperial presence, have now grown leery of their allies, believing them conquerors in disguise.

Many veteran generals and renowned regiments have come to Arkain to fight the Demons on orders of the Emperor, but enemies both without and within threaten to sabotage their efforts.

Amidst all this chaos and uncertainty, one being was soon to be born.


He could hear it. He heard the cries in the infinite cosmos.

“Please help us, save us! Help us, help us!!!”

Even before his mind gained consciousness, he felt the anxiety, the fear and desperation of those pleas for help.

“Oh Gods, please save us from the coming darkness. Your power is mighty, your will absolute, your compassion all-encompassing…”

But the Gods who made this world died a long time ago - a part of you told you this. And yet these impassioned pleas were made to Gods who no longer existed, who could no longer intervene, if they ever wanted to intervene.

The tyrants who invaded from beyond the void were cold, calculating and merciless, their numbers legion and their spellcasters capable of subverting even the most stouthearted of minds. Yet they could not compare to the manipulative, subversive influence from within the lands of the Human Kingdoms themselves. You could sense it; this mind was paranoid, willing to do anything it takes to achieve its own goals.

“Please, help us, save us… please!”

A convoy of refugees flees the battlefield, troops desperately trying to buy time for their escape. Countless fall before the onslaught, and only half the convoy makes it to safety.

“My family, my home, everything is gone… everything I love is gone…”

A lone veteran brokenly walks over the carnage of a recent battle, tripping over corpses yet unwilling to get up and clean himself of the grime and blood, his mind numb with shock and denial and his eyes vacant and devoid of light.

“...el …em. Help them…”

A voice sounded from his lips, a voice that grew with emotion and desire.

“Let me help them…”

His voice became certain, filled with purpose. His heart tempered with iron will and burning desire.

“Let me help them!”

And from the darkness of the void, there was light.

And in the distance, a certain lich and dreadlord felt a burning pain in their minds as they felt overwhelmed by the burst of power anathemic to their very nature.

A certain being of the shadows felt this, and yet despite his nature, felt no pain or discomfort from the burst of power that poured forth from the heavens themselves. It was a feeling long forgotten, a sensation he never thought he would ever feel again.

“This cannot be…”
Level 7
Nov 17, 2020
Salvation of Arkain

Chapter II: Chance Meeting

A lone Elf stirred awake in the deep reaches of an alcove, his head giddy and his body laden with weight as if something were pressing down on him. Stirring awake, he got up with a grunt, groggy like a drunkard as he struggled to make sense of his surroundings.

“W-Where am I…?”

The first thing that registered in his mind was the stench of blood, and he instinctively winced and pinched his nose, his eyes watering at the horrid smells assailing him. His teary eyes took in the scene of carnage; corpses and mounts mangled in a macabre festive dance of blood, guts and bone. He could also see that they were in a half-cleared forest, a canopy of green and brown haphazardly poked with holes where trees were felled, leaving burnt and ruined stumps where they once stood tall and proud.


The Elf struggled to hold in his vomit, desperately moving away from the carnage as fast as possible. He did not care where his was going, just sprinting as fast as his feet could carry him, squinting hard through his teary eyes.

Because he could not see in front of him however, he ended up colliding into a hard surface and falling backwards with a gasp, feeling a sharp pain on his forehead where he collided with something solid.

“Oi, look at this: An Elf in the middle of nowhere?”

Wiping his eyes, the Elf took in the sight of an army of black-clad beings who aimed their weapons menacingly at him. Black as midnight and trimmed with gold, their forms stood imposing above lesser beings lacking their majesty and discipline, and their eyes reflected confidence and courage. At him, they reflected suspicion and caution, and the Elf raised his hands up in surrender, unsure on how to respond to these men.

“And exactly what is going on here?”

The voice was gruff, arrogant and predatory, and the Elf looked at the man who came to inspect the commotion.

Tall and powerfully built, he was a giant of a man easily standing tall above mortal Humans. His armour was more ornate than the rest of the troops yet no less functional, his arm resting naturally on the pommel of his sword, his black hair and beard trimmed neatly. From the outside, he looked like an ordinary, albeit large Human being, and one the other men deferred to as their superior - their captain.

Yet what struck the Elf was his eyes; a deep, golden amber pulsing with energy, vigour and calculating intellect, as if sizing up whether he was a predator or prey, and his pupils were elongated slits where normally Humans had round pupils. Most would feel small under such unbearable pressure, yet there was only curiosity in the Elf’s eyes.

“You there, what’s your name, boy?” The captain asked.

“My name…?” The Elf hesitantly said.

“Yes, your name. Surely you have one as every living being in this world does?” Questioned the captain, his tone severe, his voice a gruff rumbling mountain, “Or rather, why are you out here with nothing on your person, not even your clothes? Surely you were not robbed by bandits or performing some sort of perverted play?”

The Elf looked down at his body, and surely enough, he was buck naked.

“I did not know,” The Elf answered, “I only just awoke here.”

“You awoke here?” The captain questioned, his tone increasingly harsh, “Frankly, I cannot fathom why a random Elf like you would simply appear out of nowhere, in the middle of an isolated forest and a battlefield, buck naked and with no protection, and the best answer you can give me is: You awoke here?”

Helplessly, the Elf answered, “I really don’t know how I ended up here, or my name for that matter.”

The captain groaned under his breath and scratched his head in exasperation, before throwing up his hands in the air with a huff.

“Alright then, boy. You will follow us for the time being,” The captain declared, “However, keep in mind we’re not running a charity; if you want to survive, you join the army and fight. You cower and run, you die. You betray us, you die. You run towards your death, you die. Simple as that. You understand me?”

Swallowing nervously, the Elf quickly nodded in affirmation.

“Good,” The captain said, tossing a spare cloak towards the Elf, “Cover yourself with this; once we reach camp, we’ll give you some clothes to wear. And you say you don’t remember your own name, boy?”

“No, I don’t,” The Elf shook his head.

“What do you remember, then?” The captain pressed further, his eyes reflecting curiosity.

“I… I… Who am I?”

The captain and all his men did not expect such a reply from this stranger Elf before them. Those more cynical and paranoid among their number would suspect him of being a demon in disguise, sent to lure in his prey before leaping in for the kill. Yet his eyes reflected only genuine confusion and bewilderment, and though they could not explain it, there was an instinct within their hearts that blossomed like a flower.

The instinct that this man before them was no enemy.

“So, you truly remember nothing about yourself, boy?” Asked the captain.

“No, I don’t,” The Elf replied before hastily adding, “Sir.”

“Sir?” The captain said, smirking toothily at the Elf’s deferential behaviour, “At least you’re polite. Anyway, follow us back to camp for now, boy. By the way, I am Thanok, Drill Instructor for the Ironfist in service to General Gardon Bloodclaw of the Empire of Rodan.”

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir,” The Elf bowed slightly, tightly clutching his cloak.

“Good boy,” Thanok nodded, “Since you don’t have a name, I’ll give you one, but don’t expect it to be to your liking. How about… Torwaith?”

“Torwaith… Torwaith… it’s a good name, Sir,” The Elf smiled.

“Good,” Thanok nodded sternly, “Now then, let us be off to camp.”
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Jul 10, 2017
The Red Journal

I don't know how many of these green skins I've killed since I began this crusade. My soldiers claim that in a single battle, I killed more than 50 of them with my sword and shield, and another 100 with my own hands... I don't know. Maybe it's true, but I can't even pretend to care. Every time one of our battles starts, I only think about finishing it and moving on to the next.

Killing one of the green skins is like killing a rat for me. Kill one, a hundred, a thousand, or a million... The answer is always the same for me. The world is safer, cleaner, and healthier without them roaming in it. None of them are worth it; none evoke tenderness, pity, or any feeling of compassion from me. Their war chiefs and warriors did an extraordinary job of expunging any weak feelings from my being…

The other day, they brought in one of them as a prisoner. Young and inexperienced. One of my lieutenants said to me, 'General, we caught this orc lurking around the perimeter. His wolf put up a fight, but nothing a stab in the ear won't fix.'

I looked at the young orc, and I could see the terror in his eyes. This isn't a warrior, not even a spy. Probably just a young idiot trying to prove himself by approaching the camp. However, the moment he opened his mouth to speak, I saw his teeth... his fangs, his hair, his eyes... his DAMN SKIN. In a split of a second, my memories crashed over me like an avalanche.

My house in flames, my Stephanie's charred body... MY DAUGHTER!

It's because of these damn green simians that I can't sleep anymore!
It's because of these nature's mistakes that I can't enjoy anything!
It's because of these parasites that there's nothing good left in me!
It's because of them that I can't love my daughters anymore!
It's because of them that I can't stop!

My soldiers watched as I unsheath my sword and with a single motion, I pierced the orc's head, with my sword entering through his mouth, and my breath heavy with memories. I took the corpse and dragged it out of my tent. In the eyes of all my soldiers who saw me hoist the corpse onto one of the nearby tables, I began to skin the young orc's body. My years of hunting in my youth gave me the skill to remove the entire skin of this thing in a couple of minutes.
By the time I finished, a green rag that used to cover the body of a beast hung from my red right fist. While on the table, the skinned body of a sad attempt of a creature lay still with open eyes. Everyone looked at me with a strange mix of admiration and repulsion. What I did was monstrous, but because I did it to an orc, they don't know how to react.

I looked at one of my soldiers and said, 'Take this and hang it where they found him. They will look for him, and I want them to find him and spread the word.' The soldier took the skin from my hand, and I walked away. But before returning to my tent, he asked me, 'G-general? What do we do with the body?' I looked back at the table and said, 'Tell Gregor to cut it and feed it to the dogs. They'll attack more ferociously if they think it's food.' They didn't say anything. Just nodded and left me alone again.

After that, I returned to my tent... only to plan our next battles.

The color green is to me what red is to a bull... not even the trees give me a moment of peace anymore.
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Nov 17, 2020
A/N: Been a while I know, my focus is on other works on other sites like Spacebattles and FF.net. Anyway, I hope you like this chapter.

P.S. Author has come down with covid. And I have to spend my holidays as a sick man. Ugh, my damn luck.

Salvation of Arkain

Chapter III: Introductions

Torwaith stayed close to Thanok the rest of the way, huddling within his cloak as they walked back towards the Ironfist camp just a few minutes’ walk away. His eyes took in the surrounding scenery, the canopies of green trees, the distant towering mountains of grey and brown, the puffy white clouds and blue sky overhead, the shining sun, and the ranks of black and gold who marched in eerie synchrony.

“So… Sir Thanok,” Torwaith asked, “Can I ask a little more about the Ironfist?”

“I suppose,” Thanok shrugged, “What do you want to know? The obvious?”

“Yes, and what are your current plans?”

“Well, the Ironfist was first formed by our general some years after the end of the First Voidwar - a great and terrible war waged between Humankind and Demonkind,” Thanok began, “Our general, after distinguishing himself in several wars and skirmishes in both his homeland of Rodan and the Kingdoms of Arkain on this continent, formed the Ironfist in response to the Demonic threat. We are a smaller army - mid-tier in comparison to other armies - but an elite force comprised of the very best warriors Humanity has to offer.”

“If this general had to form such an army, that means there are still invasions by this… Demonkind?” Questioned Torwaith, sounding increasingly pensive.

“Sadly, yes,” Thanok nodded stoically, “The First Voidwar never truly ended due to a sudden and unexpected tragedy, and over the years Demons have invaded time and again and continue to bleed the Kingdoms dry of men and resources. I say tragedy, but let’s just say some of us feel… differently. And thanks to these Demons, the Kingdom of Isalmur was lost and has not been recolonised since.”

Torwaith nodded pensively at this.

“Right now, we’re here recuperating and resupplying while training a new batch of recruits, and we just finished a hunt for the bandits whose corpses happened to be where you were found,” Thanok continued, “In a few months’ time, we will be marching to handle yet another Demon incursion.”

“Those corpses were bandits?” Asked Torwaith.

“Aye, and not a single survivor among them,” Thanok shrugged, “Not that anyone would miss such scum.”

Torwaith simply nodded and said nothing.

They soon reached the Ironfist main base: A large castle with dedicated training facilities from an obstacle course to a stables, an armoury, a granary and living quarters, enclosed by a large wall with towers manned by patrolling archers and siege artillery.

“Welcome back, Sir!” A sentry called out with a crisp salute.

Thanok simply nodded wordlessly, giving the sentry little more than a knowing glance.

As they passed through the gates, many of the patrolling Ironfist soldiers stopped in their tracks to glance at the Elf walking alongside the Drill Instructor Thanok. Many were puzzled by the Elf’s presence, much less the lack of his state of dress, and they continued staring at him even as Thanok’s battalion passed them by, which left the Elf terribly confused and shy.

Thanok remained stoic, paying Torwaith’s reactions little attention save for a raised eyebrow.

Once they reached the parade square, Thanok turned to address the battalion.

“That concludes this patrol. All of you are hereby dismissed,” He said, “Torwaith, you follow me to get you some clothes.”

“Yes, Sir,” Torwaith quickly nodded.

“Then afterwards, we will go to the general’s office,” Thanok continued, “I’m certain the general will want to know just what an Elf was doing in the middle of nowhere, in the epicentre of a massive explosion of magic.”

Torwaith had nothing to say to that.


“So, your name is Torwaith, and you are an Elf who has absolutely no recollection of anything whatsoever? No past, no religion, no purpose, nothing at all?”

Fully clothed in a simple white tunic, brown breeches and leather boots, Torwaith stood rigidly in the face of Gardon Bloodclaw, General of the Ironfist and the Empire of Rodan. At first glance he was intimidating, fierce-eyed and tall and scarred from years of fighting. His black hair was neatly trimmed and groomed, his blue eyes shining with grim determination and resolve, jaded by paranoia.

In the face of this worldly, godly man, Torwaith felt slightly out-of-place, and he could not help but flinch under his piercing eyes.

“That is correct, Sir,” Torwaith smoothly answered, knees straight and hands behind his back, his eyes fixed on Gardon’s.

“Sounds very suspicious, you know?” Gardon pointed out, his voice low and even, “For all I know, it could be a very elaborate lie you spun to get me to lower my guard, to deceive me and even kill me. Perhaps wipe out the very heart of Ironfist power. So do tell me, Torwaith, why should I trust you? Or rather, why should I not kill you on such grounds?”

Torwaith was scared of Gardon, unconsciously swallowing and breaking out into a cold sweat under his overbearing gaze. And yet, he did not back down, did not break eye contact and did not move towards the door. He kept himself firmly in place, and answered without pause.

“In all honesty Sir, there is nothing preventing you from suspecting and killing me,” Torwaith said, “I admit, my story sounds very unbelievable and has nothing supporting it, and whatever you believe is entirely up to you. For what it’s worth, Sir, I truly know nothing and no one around here.”

“You have no place to go back to? No home or family to return to, no secret hideout?” Gardon pressed further.

“Where is home? Rather, what is a home? What is family?” Torwaith replied back.

Gardon scrutinised Torwaith for any signs of lying, trying hard to find flaws in Torwaith’s veracity of his story.

And yet, he saw nothing but both genuine confusion and truthfulness in Torwaith’s eyes, no signs of deception he could see. And like Thanok he felt his heart telling him that he was a man to be trusted.

Gardon broke out into a slow, bombastic laugh, slapping his thigh, before he composed himself and said, “Either you are a very good liar, I have lost my touch, or you are telling the truth. I am confused about which to pick.”

Torwaith said nothing, staring at Gardon who stood up and went to face him squarely.

“Since you have nowhere to go and no one to rely on, I’d say your only option is to join my army,” Gardon stated, “Of course, I’m running no charity here; I’m not that kind, and to join an army is to accept the harsh military training that comes with the job, and Thanok is a draconian instructor with exacting standards; screw up even a little, and you can be certain he will tear your confidence and self-esteem to pieces.”

Torwaith nodded in understanding at Gardon’s words.

“And one more thing: I don’t tolerate treachery or disobedience. You do that, I’ll kill you myself. Am I clear?” Gardon put forth.

“Crystal clear, Sir,” Torwaith answered.

“Good,” Gardon nodded approvingly, “See Thanok; he will assign you your bunk along with the other new recruits. Now off you go.”

“Yes, Sir,” Torwaith nodded, leaving the office.

Staring at Torwaith’s back, Gardon could not suppress the feeling of confusion he felt regarding this mysterious Elf. Who was he, truly? Why was he at the epicentre of the explosion site? Even more confusing was the air of alien magic he felt coming from the boy. It was so alien, so unfamiliar, yet so comforting, healing and soothing, lightening his heart.

I’d best monitor him closely for the time being, He thought to himself.


Torwaith and the rest of his assigned platoon were assigned their bunk beds and wardrobes, then ordered by their Sergeant Tolron to wear their training outfits and report to the drilling square as soon as possible.

Sergeant Tolron, as Torwaith learned quickly, was a no-nonsense man of few words and much action; a few recruits joked about acing the training and earning great glories in battle, only to face a withering glare from the man which quickly turned them into whimpering sobs, much to the quiet amusement of their fellow recruits. Missing his right eye with a menacing scar across his lips, he went by the nickname of ‘Big Smile’ Tolron.

And just like in the rest of the fortress, every single man in the platoon stared at Torwaith - the only Elf in the entire Ironfist so far.

“Hello, are you the Elf we’ve heard about?”

Torwaith turned to face the young man who spoke to him as he was changing, and found a fairly green and bookish-looking boy who knew only a life under shelter. His blonde hair was smooth, his hands were very smooth, and his blue eyes were full of wonderment and curiosity.

“Yes, I am,” Torwaith nodded, “And you are…?”

“I’m Dorran, nice to meet you,” The young man said, shaking his hand.

“Torwaith,” Dorran replied back, “Where are you from?”

“The city of Pyrru,” Dorran answered, “Was a bookkeeper much of my life, sold books, read books, wrote documents, not much to say about my boring life.”

“At least you have a boring life to talk about,” Torwaith shrugged, “I don’t have one to talk about.”

“Oh yeah, I heard you had some sorta strange amnesia or somethin’, eh?” Another man said while walking towards them, “Like ya couldn’t remember any shit about your life or anythin’? Name’s Altan, by the way, from the Kingdom of Toran.”

Altan was a more roguish, gruff-looking man who looked as if he had been in one fight too many; his face had several small scars, his chestnut hair was unkempt, his yellow eyes glinting with devilish mischief.

Torwaith shook his hand and asked, “So what are your reasons for joining the Ironfist? Dorran?”

“...Just wanted to make a difference,” Dorran answered, “I hear of the war, of how the Demons are coming closer to our home, and I just don’t feel all that useful sitting behind the desk handling books all day. At least in the battlefield, I can do something.”

“That’s very noble of you,” Torwaith said with a slight smile.

Dorran smiled wryly, “Yeah, tell that to my parents; they were against me signing up, so I had to run.”

Torwaith’s smile faded at that, then he turned to ask Altan that same question.

“Well, if y’ask me, it’s cause I ended up in trouble with the law,” Altan scoffed, “Some fucked up noble tried gettin’ his hands on a girl, I intervened and punched him, even killed him, and then I got held down as his men went to kill me. I was surrounded then, didn’t stand a chance.”

“You certainly look the rebellious type,” Dorran pointed out.

“Heh, that I am,” Altan said proudly, offering a toothy smile.

“So how are you here now?” Asked Torwaith.

“Thanok, Drill Instructor of the Ironfist,” Altan said, “I know it sounds like garbage, but as luck had it, he was visitin’ my hometown for some potential recruits. He sees what’s goin’ down, asks the men, then when they hear the brat’s name, he and his men go killin’ them! Hah, I loved seein’ their dumbstruck faces that day. So I asked him if I could sign up, and I never looked back.”

“Should I say you are lucky, or blessed?” Asked Torwaith.

“Eh, lucky, blessed, take yer pick,” Altan shrugged nonchalantly, “But I prefer lucky.”

“Alright recruits, listen up!”

Sergeant Tolron’s voice broke the banter in the dorm room as the recruits quickly stood up, their voices dying down.

“You’re reporting to the drill square now, so get moving and line up outside! Anyone who hasn’t changed yet, take your bloody sweet time; we’ve got the whole day to wait for you!” Tolron barked out.

Altan shrugged at this and said to the others, “Catch ya later?”

“Sure,” Dorran nodded.

Torwaith simply followed, curious about the first day of their military training.
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Feb 1, 2023
My new fanfic. Don't be too harsh. It is my version of Demon book. The first book happen before the first Voidwar.

Chapter 1: A new life

Once upon a time, in the Demon lands, there lived a dreadlord named Vondix. He led a peaceful life far from his peers. But today was a day that turned his life upside down.

-This is the worst, cried Vondix. Why am I in this mess?!

-It could be worse, creator, said a little magical golem levitating around the demon.

-Let us consider ourselves lucky that we are still alive, added a magnificent succubus.

The succubus was named Felicis and was Vondix's childhood friend. As for the golem, its name was Primo, a creation of Vondix. Both had lived with the latter for years

-Perhaps remembering recent events will allow you to put your thoughts back in place, Primo suggested. It all started with the arrival of three minor legions at our doorstep. Their leaders wanted you to work for them. You politely refused but it seems that politeness is an unknown concept to them. Or maybe they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Seeing that the dialogue would lead to nothing, you killed the first leader. The second tried to react but you shot him down with a spell of your creation. As for the last one, you neutralized him with magic before testing your spells on him. I memorized the whole scene.

-Thank you, Primo. This will help me with my observations.

-You forget the lieutenants who wanted to avenge their leaders, Felicis reminded.

-I was going to come there. You came to the aid of Master Vondix and killed all the enemies. Only three lieutenants survived because they did not take part in the combat. Against all odds, they offered to make Vondix their new leader and pledged allegiance to him.

Which led to the current situation. Faced with this unexpected situation, Vondix had asked for time to think. Which was just an excuse to shout his anger and look for a way out of this problem.

-That's rather a good thing, Primo commented. I always knew you had the strength to lead a legion.

-A good thing, Vondix said angrily. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me! The reason we live apart from our race is to avoid getting involved in these shitty politics! And I don't need to explain why.

-Because our creator the demon god is dead and our race has lost its guidance, recited Felicis. To survive, our fellow humans tear each other apart in wars and political plots.

-Survive ? Good joke! They just want power. If they sincerely wanted to act for the common good, they should put their differences aside and work together. To join a legion is to sign your death warrant, Vondix finished. No matter what you do, you will always be in the crosshairs of someone who sees you as a threat. Any means is good to make someone fall from grace. And you know what I'm talking about.

Felicis and Primo knew all too well the reason for Vondix's hatred of politicians. Becoming a legion leader was the worst position for Vondix to have because he had to be constantly on guard. Some demons would not hesitate to become caliph in place of the caliph if the opportunity presented itself.

-We must flee, said Vondix. Disappear to the other end of the demonic lands. Or flee to the continent of Arkain.

-I'm not sure that's a good idea, retorted the succubus. Other legions will come knocking at our door if we flee to another lair. And who knows if these demons won't come after us. Going to the continent of Arkain is no better. Orcs pillage human villages, humans wage political wars and hate our races. Not forgetting the undead.

-So what should I do? Vondix capitulated. I still can't accept becoming a legion leader.



In the living room, three demons were waiting for Vondix to return. There was Magnar, the Pit Lord, Dizzilon the Dreadlord, and Braggin the eradar warlock. However, they had been waiting for several minutes and this wait was starting to annoy them.

“He takes too long to think,” Braggin said impatiently.

-Patience, replied Dizzilon. No demon can resist the call of power.

-Are you sure, asked Magnar. If so, he would have accepted the job on the spot. If this guy hasn't done it, he doesn't want power. In case some have forgotten, this demon lives in an isolated house and is not part of any legion. Someone as strong as him should be known to all legions. Which is not the case.

"For a Pit Lord, you're pretty quick-witted," Braggin observed.

-that’s what having a head is for. I wouldn't be surprised if he's already fled. That would annoy two demons who were hoping to take advantage of this Vondix.

Dizzilon and Braggin remained silent. Magnar had seen them through. At the same time, Vondix arrived with Felicis and Primo, much to the relief of the three demons.

-I'll be straight with you, said Vondix. I hate you. I led a quiet life, far from futile politics and you ruined everything by making me the leader of this new legion. If it were up to me, I would have killed you all.

-You crushed our leaders and our colleagues, Dizzilon defended himself. You have proven your strength to us. It is normal for you to take responsibility.

-They had opened hostilities first. It's their fault they died. Finally, I guess it is impossible for me to escape this shitty destiny. If you are as loyal as you say you are, then I will tolerate no deviation.

-Of course, my lord, said Braggin. What are your orders?

-The news of what happened will spread very quickly, explained Vondix. We must leave this place as quickly as possible and hide. Fortunately, I know the ideal place but the journey will be long. So, let's not waste any more time. Rally all the troops and give me a few hands to empty my house. Felicis, you're leading the move.

-Understood, agreed the succubus. And you ?

-I will erase all traces. Primo, with me!

The magical golem followed its master into the basement of the house. When they moved here, Vondix had prepared a magic bomb and hid it underneath his house. So the time had come to use it.

-Farewell, sweet home, cried Vondix.

-We will have had a good time, approved Primo.

-Unfortunately, whatever we do, we cannot escape the politicians.

Vondix started the ignition. In several hours, the entire area would be razed. Leaving the house, he found his entire legion waiting for him. They were perfectly lined up, ready to follow orders.

-Soldiers, today you lost your leaders through their own fault. Because I am the one who killed them, I must take responsibility. I expect unfailing loyalty from you! Anyone who disobeys will pay with their life. To begin, we will walk to our new destination. Anyone who leaves the ranks will be seen as a traitor and executed. Ahead !

The huge army set out and followed Vondix north. No one knew where they were going but they would discover just how amazing their new leader was.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 2: Forgotten Fortress​

-To think we would walk a very long distance, Dizzilon panted.

-And that we would go to the northern mountains, added Braggin. And all that for what?

-A fortress, replied Magnar.

-Eh ?

-I see a fortress on this mountain, explained the Pit Lord. I guess that's our destination.

-You have the eye, congratulated Felicis. This fort is a long forgotten fortress.

-Forgotten, asked Braggin. But why ?

-No one knows why it was built here. Likewise for the reasons for its abandonment. I guess it's because of the plots between demons. Whatever it is, this fortress will be our new home.

-If it is abandoned, it will need to be renovated, Dizzilon pointed out.

-Indeed, Primo confirmed. But first, we need to deal with the Legionless living there.

The Legionless were demons who did not belong to any legion. The reasons were diverse. Desertion, exile, destruction of legion, etc... To survive, they had to either hide or join a new legion but they were despised and hazed by the other demons. Losing your legion therefore had serious consequences.

Arriving at the entrance to the fortress, Vondix's legion advanced cautiously. The place was conducive to ambushes and Legionless could hide on the ramparts or behind a corner of a wall. Against all odds, a group of Sans-legions came to meet them. They kept their distance to know the intentions of the new arrivals.

-Captain Romel, leader of the survivors of a destroyed legion, introduced himself to an Eredar warrior. What are you doing in these remote lands?

-I am Vondix, the leader of this newly created legion, replied the demon. I have come to take over this fortress. You have the choice. Serve me or die.

-Lord Vondix, replied Romel. It would be an honor to serve you, but the demons who live in the high court will not share my opinion. They are under the orders of Viscount Holdir, a demon who had to exile himself from his legion because of his conspiracies. In order to enslave the other residents of this fortress, he captured several demons to make them hostages.

Vondix remained wary of such a story. Lying was common in order to better deceive one's adversaries. However, Primo didn't react. Which meant that this Romel was telling the truth. He had to be watched like the others. Regarding this viscount, he had to be eliminated.

-Everyone, he said. Lead the assault against the enemy. Release the prisoners if the opportunity arises. I'm leaving with Primo.

-Understood, said Felicis. Everyone, with me!

The army set out and headed towards the high court. On their way, they killed all of the viscount's subordinates and freed the prisoners who were happy to join them.

At the ramparts of the high court, the viscount arrived to observe the army knocking at his doors. By the hostility they exuded, their intention was clear. There would be no negotiations. It would be a battle to the death.

-Prepare for battle, he ordered. We will fight these invaders.

-But my lord, there are too many.

-And we have the advantage of defense!

The subordinate was worried. Because the castle was in ruins, the magical defenses were disabled. They could not rely on their walls and the barricades at the entrance. Downstairs, we were preparing for the attack. Felicis excited the troops who were growing impatient.

“These barricades are pathetic,” Magnar observed. I could break them with one attack.

-But they will bombard you with spells, replied Braggin. No matter how resistant you are, you will perish under a rain of spells.

-Lady Felicis, what are we doing? asked Dizzilon. The soldiers are dying to fight.

-Wait a little longer, said the succubus. Vondix is not here yet.

Suddenly, an explosion occurred at a remote corner of the ramparts. Vondix finally appeared on the walls and eliminated the demons that stood in his way one by one. How had he gotten here? Had he used a secret passage? With Primo, it was possible to locate a hidden path and then take it. Thanks to this, they were able to enter without being detected and launch their surprise attack.

With all eyes on Vondix decimating his enemies, Magnar charged at the barricades which were shattered. Felicis gave the signal and the soldiers entered the upper courtyard. The fighting broke out but was quickly concluded due to the numerical advantage of the Vondix legion.

Meanwhile, Vondix faced Holdir who unleashed his demonic magic on him. As powerful as his spells were, they failed to break the Dreadlord's magical shield.

-Remove this shield and come and confront me, coward, challenged the viscount.

-Your army is being annihilated. You should surrender, Vondix said calmly. If you do, you will live longer than others.

-And experience a fate worse than death? Never !

-You asked for it.

Vondix dispelled his shield and began to prepare his spell. What he was going to use was a spell of his own creation but he had never had the opportunity to test it in actual combat. This viscount was going to be his guinea pig. Primo intervened to speed up the preparations for the spell, which was quite complex.

-Die, said Vondix.

The effect was immediate. The spell struck Holdir who exploded on impact. In this state, it was impossible to examine the corpse to discover its effects.

-A little too powerful, commented Vondix. Or maybe this viscount was too weak. I should have tried this spell on one of the three legion leaders.

-You should try on Aridon, suggested the magic golem. Or one of his lieutenants. I am sure they will resist your fate better.

“It’s not worth it,” replied his master. We wouldn't be able to cast it against mages more experienced than me. Let's go see the others. They must have finished cleaning.

Indeed, the legion had eliminated all the enemies. Now they were already beginning to take possession of the fortress. No enemy was allowed to leave this place alive. Otherwise, Vondix's exploits would be known to many legions who would come to eliminate the threat he might pose. Vondix joined his lieutenants to decide what to do next.

-My lord, what you did was quite daring, said Dizzilon.

-It was necessary to take the high court with the minimum of losses, explained Vondix. Now the fortress is ours. Search the fortress and kill vermin if you come across any. First, deploy your clones to examine the fortress.

-Understood, master. I will examine every corner. No secret will escape me.

-My lord, said a demon who arrived. We found this prisoner. He has

-Introduce him to me.

A dreadlord arrived in front of Vondix, flanked by two doomguards. Judging by his blindfolds, he was unable to see.

-You are surprised, my lord. Indeed, I am blind. And this has been since I was born.

-Who are you? asked Vondix. Why were you imprisoned?

-My name is Melchom. I served a legion as an assassin before it was destroyed by the Mindslayer legion. I stumbled upon this fortress and lived in peace with the other demons. But that was before Viscount Holdir and his minions arrived. Fearing for his life because of my assassin skills, he captured me in my sleep and locked me in the dungeon.

-I see, said Vondix. In this case, you will work for me. But if you try to betray me, you will pay with your life. Get to work, everyone! We have a fortress to renovate!
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Chapter 3: Birth of a new legion.​

-Is it here, asked a succubus with long black hair.

-Yes, ma'am, confirmed Gurraganosh his second. The emanations of magic are powerful here.

The succubus was named Ebira. She was the right-hand woman of the leader of the Souleater Legion. She was here because of rumors about a Dreadlord who killed three legion leaders single-handedly. Such a story seemed crazy but worth checking out. Luckily, his superior, Kersidar, didn't mind. Which suited his affairs well. At least he wouldn't interfere with her plans, which she wanted to keep secret.

The scene seemed simple to understand. An explosion had leveled the area within a radius of one kilometer. However, Ebira was not fooled. She suspected that the explosion was used to erase the traces. By searching a little under the ground, they found around ten bodies.

-I imagine these are our dead legion leaders and their lieutenants, Ebira supposed.

-It seems, Gurraganosh confirmed. But where are the legions that accompanied them? No legion leader would wander through these lands without a suitable escort.

-I don't think the soldiers were killed, the succubus speculated. Otherwise we would have found more bodies. No, it is simpler to guess that this demon killed the leaders of legions and took all their armies under his command.

-So where are they?

-I don't know, but a demon who has accomplished such a feat will inevitably be talked about. We just have to be patient. And when that happens, I will approach this demon and convince him to serve me.


Several days had passed since the capture of the fortress. The demons were finishing restoring the fortress. The magical defenses were operational and ready to destroy any enemy. Vondix gathered his lieutenants to decide his next plans. The meeting took place in the throne room. Vondix sat on his throne watching each of them with a wary eye.

-Let's start the meeting, he announced. What can we say about the fortress?

-We have just finished renovating the fortress, Dizzilon informed. The drones entrusted to us by your creation Primo were of great help to us. They allowed us to examine this place in every nook and cranny. We have found accommodations that can house double our current forces, a forge and mines. The deposits are still rich and the warehouses are full of raw materials in fairly good condition.

-Surprising that someone abandoned this fortress, commented Braggin.

-The few documents I found seem to indicate that there were falsified reports. Officially, the mines were almost exhausted and this castle was deemed useless. I imagine that the authors of these reports intended to make everyone leave and return to collect their loot. Unfortunately, that day never came.

-Even then, conspiracies were present, sighed Vondix. Magnar, how are the troops behaving?

-Morale is high. They're eagerly awaiting your next big move. That said, they will need to distract and keep them busy. Otherwise there will be problems.

-That's what I feared. Which allows me to transition into the rules we need to put in place for this legion to thrive. And to begin with, politics, conspiracies and the like have no place here.

Several demons grimaced. For them, it was commonplace but for Vondix, it was a way to destruction.

-Policies should serve the general interest, says Vondix. But on these lands, they only serve selfish individuals who are interested in trivialities.

-It’s a bit rough, said Romel.

-In that case, what have the demons accomplished to solve the problems of our race over the last few millennia? No answer ? So, I'll give it to you. Nothing. All they did was tear each other apart in conspiracies to overthrow their rivals and increase their status. Dare to tell me that this way of doing things will save our race from extinction.

-Calm down, Vondix, Felicis intervened. You are absolutely right about the absurdity of politics but getting angry is no use. You will alienate your subordinates.

-Sorry, Felicis. What we need to understand is that these policies will lead to nothing. This legion will self-destruct if we allow political conspiracies and intrigues to interfere in our lives. This is why I must prohibit these practices.

-Some people won't like it, said Dizzilon.

-In that case, let them come! They will see my way of thinking.

-They will especially die, Primo pointed out. Or serve as guinea pigs for your spells.

-Speaking of spells, said Braggin, I am very interested in this spell that you used against this viscount. I wish I could examine its design. With my expertise, I could improve it and make its execution faster.

Everyone was suspicious of this request. If this warlock learned this spell, he would be able to eliminate his political opponents. There is no question of letting him get hold of this knowledge.

-I don't fully trust you, Vondix replied. However, since you are so enthusiastic about studying magic, I have a job for you. I will entrust you with my various study projects. Primo will provide you with all my observations. In particular, the Greenness project.

-What is it about ?

-A project stemming from one of my crazy ideas: restoring the demonic lands. Although I had some promising results, I stopped because I got bored of it.

Vondix's lieutenants were shocked that their leader had achieved "promising results" in a project that many would have liked to succeed. Indeed, whoever found a way to restore the demonic lands would leave an indelible mark in the history of demons. Suffice to say that Braggin intended to take part in this project.

-You can count on me, my lord. I will advance your research and if possible, complete your big project.

-I look forward to your success, replied Vondix. While you're here, I'll give you this.

The "This" were magical golems similar to Primo who each went to a lieutenant.

-These magical golems are a gift from me, said Vondix. They have many functions. They can store information in their memories, exchange information, communicate with each other and serve as military advisors.

-Their intelligence is slightly lower than mine, added Primo. Which is normal since I am the original.

-Such intelligence, Dizzilon was surprised. Isn't this Arkainian technology?

-Possible, replied Vondix. Even my father who found his heart does not know its true nature. Next I have lesser magic golem models. Magnar, Dizzilon, give them to the non-commissioned officers of the legion.

-Understood, replied the two demons.

-To return to my research, Vondix continued. I'm going to lead an expedition north. Felicis will manage the fortress in my absence. I will choose those who will accompany me. So get ready.

-That promises, said Romel. But forgive my question but what is the name of our legion?

-We thought about it and we found it, replied Primo. This will be the Magicseeker Legion.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 4: Meeting with blue dragons.​

In the snow-capped mountains of Glacius, Vondix and his group were making progress. Melchom, Dizzilon and Romel participated in the expedition. They wondered what they were doing in these icy lands. Demons had attempted to conquer them in the past but this was quickly abandoned due to the climate, terrain and fauna.

-My lord, asked Dizzilon, forgive my curiosity but what are we looking for in these lands?

-It’s very simple, replied Vondix. We are going to meet the blue dragons.

-The blue dragons, Melchom was surprised. Are they as strong as the black dragons of Zyainor?

-I think so. Long ago demons sought to recruit them to use them in their quest for power. Unfortunately, it was a dismal failure. These proud creatures are only interested in one thing, magic.

-I feel like you got along with them, Romel guessed.

Indeed, Vondix was someone who was passionate about magic in all its forms. This created a common point between the two parties who could find common ground. Theoretically.

The crossing was long and perilous. Danger came from everywhere. The cold that would freeze your bones, the snow that hid the start of avalanches and others, the beasts that inhabited these mountains. The most dangerous were the Draconids, wingless centaur dragons that were aggressive towards anyone entering their territory. After several days of walking, their efforts were rewarded.

-Look, pointed a demon towards the sky.

A majestic blue-scaled dragon flew above their heads. Suddenly he turned around and approached the demons. The latter stood ready to fight if things went wrong.

-Greetings, said the blue dragon. It is rare for your kind to go this far into these lands. What brings you here?

-We have come to make an alliance with the blue dragons, explained Vondix. Can you guide us to your leaders?

-I see but I must warn you that it is the queen who will decide whether or not to accept this proposal. As well as your survival.

This warning tinged with a threat terrified several demons. Although powerful, they feared dragons who were serious adversaries. The blue dragon led the group to a cave in a mountain. The interior turned out to be huge. Big enough to fit several dragons at once and it was only one room. Who knew where the different corridors we could see led. Said room was a magnificent ice cathedral with its stalactites glowing white. In the center of the room, a slim blue dragon lay. His appearance made him look majestic and beautiful.

-What do we have here, said the dragoness. Demons. The last time your species came, it was to involve us in their fratricidal fights

-Rest assured that we did not come with such intentions in mind, assured Vondix. I am Vondix, leader of the Magicseeker Legion. Queen ?

-Queen mother Blizzas, replied the queen of the blue dragons. At least you are more polite than your predecessors. Entertain me, tell us what you expect from this alliance.

-Thanks. I'm working on the most insane magic project I could imagine. In order to make you understand the scope of the project, I must talk about our history. Long ago, our lands were verdant and our race was united under the rule of our creator the demon god. But one day, he was stabbed as a traitor by someone he considered his brother. This attack caused his body to explode, destroying the demonic lands with this same explosion. Since then, demons have been tearing each other apart to “survive”.

-It’s a very tragic story, Blizzas sympathizes. I imagine that you are trying to restore your lands and that our knowledge of magic could help in this project.

-That’s right, Vondix confirmed. This is why I have come to ask for your help. In order to save my people who have sunk into absurd conflicts.

-It’s a noble cause but what do we have to gain? What do you have to offer us that we can give up our peace and get involved in the affairs of another race?

-It is true that your people live in sweet peace, but the world is not limited to these snow-capped mountains and our lands. There are continents where other civilizations live that have studied magic. The closest is the continent of Arkain which has a long history. In its chapters, we could talk about the Great Magnus Arcanum who was said to be capable of mastering all types of magic. Or, elemental orders where a type of elemental magic is taught in each institution. And last but not least, the kingdom of Zyainor which was known to expand almost the entire continent and worship black dragons.

A young dragon suddenly approached Vondix to ask him for details. Obviously, these stories interested him the most. However, the queen of dragons intervened to dampen the enthusiasm of this young dragon.

-Forgive my son Dragos, said Blizzas. He inherited my passion for magic but not my patience. Sir Vondix, I have no doubt that these stories are true and I would love to hear them, but you will need more than just sweet tales to convince us.

-I understand your point of view but I know that you have reached the pinnacle of your magic. At least, by your standards. What I offer is a challenge to your mastery of magic and to experience magic from the perspective of other races. Who knows if these new horizons will not open previously unknown doors for you.

Blizzas took some time to think and asked to deliberate with his fellow men. She went to a nearby room to decide. The demons had to wait under the cautious gaze of the dragons who remained behind.

-Lord Vondix, congratulated Dizzilon. Your rhetoric was excellent. With that, the blue dragons will agree to help us.

-Stop this flattery, interrupted Vondix. We haven’t succeeded yet. I placed a big bet to tip the scales in my favor.

-Which one, asked Romel.

-Knowing that the blue dragons never left Glacius, they must have had a burning desire to want to explore the world. So I wanted to exploit this feeling to win the negotiations. Now all that remains is to wait.

Eventually, the blue dragons returned. Queen Blizzas placed herself in the center of the room and gave her answer.

-Lord Vondix, after deliberation, we have decided to accept your alliance. However, we have one condition.

-What is it about ?

-Help us solve our problem with a dragonid tribe.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 5: Killing draconides​

Vondix was mixed with the results. He was happy that the blue dragons had accepted his alliance but had asked for additional consideration. It seemed like a chore but he had to do it to gain their trust. Currently, he was in front of a cave at the foot of a mountain. Dragos, the queen's son, had guided the group to the entrance to the lair of the Draconid tribe who was causing them harm.

-I have a bad feeling, said Dizzilon. Why are these Draconics attacking you?

-I don't know, Dragos admitted. Usually, the Draconids try to avoid confronting us, but this tribe is very hostile to us. In addition, it is the largest in the region.

-Which means that we will have to face an army larger than our group, said Romel. Thirty demons is a formidable force, but I don't believe in our chances of success against an entire tribe.

“That’s only if we confront the whole tribe head-on,” Vondix nuanced. A tribe this large obviously needs a lot of space to live. Which means that the tribe is scattered throughout this network of galleries.

Vondix's subordinates began to understand. Rather than facing an army, they were going to attack smaller groups to gradually weaken the Draconids. Dragos wanted to see the demons in action but because of his size he couldn't go inside. This was the reason why the conflict had been bogged down for a long time.

-I have the solution, said the young dragon. Transformation!

In a flash of light, a demon appeared, smaller than the others. Its appearance was similar to that of the Dreadlords but a careful observer would see slight dragon features. Vondix did not hide his surprise. He knew that blue dragons were masters of magic but this change in shape was a real surprise.

-Surprised, said Dragos. It's a spell my mother taught me. The problem is that I couldn't find a model to copy. As you were there, I took the liberty of using you as a model. I'm glad it worked.

-You and your peers would have copied the appearance of the Draconids, Primo pointed out.

-The spell is not easy to master and no one likes Draconids. Sorry for this misplaced pride. Besides, this thing spoke?!

-The “thing” is a magical golem, Vondix explained. And if you want to observe it, you will have to wait until the agreements are signed. Ahead, we have a tribe to exterminate!

The group split into three teams. Each was led by Vondix and Dragos, Dizzilon and Romel, and Melchom. Everyone went in and started exploring. Any Draconid they encountered was killed before they could raise the alarm. At times, they arrived in rooms full of enemies. In this kind of situation, it was necessary to trick, distract and approach the Draconids to kill them silently.

In a corridor, Melchom spotted a small group of enemies. With a gesture, he stopped his soldiers to develop his plan of action.

-Scouter, are there other enemies within a wider radius.

-Negative, sir, replied the magic golem.

The blind demon was reassured. His magical perception was more effective and accurate over short distances. With Scouter his new magical golem, he compensated for his main weakness. A demon cast a spell to distract the Draconids who looked towards the origin of the noise. Melchom pounces on the furthest enemy to kill him. Without wasting a moment, he slit the throats of two more enemies with his sharp claws. His subordinates came to finish the job, finishing off those who had survived.

Several hours have passed since the start of the operation. The Draconids only discovered the massacre of their people late, but they were already dead. In front of the last room, all the demons were gathered. Vondix observed the state of his troops. They were exhausted but none of them were dead.

-This mission was easier than expected, Romel commented. Surprise attacks are really effective against an army that doesn't expect us to come.

-But things would have been different without this strategy, Melchom reminded. If the Draconids had discovered our presence, we would have been no match for an army.

-Indeed, agreed Dizzilon. The winners are the last ones standing after a battle. The end justifies the means.

-Lord Vondix, whispered Dragos, your subordinates are... frightening.

-This is the result of a life in these shitty policies.

If there was one topic Vondix didn't bring up, it was the treatment of the children and females of the Draconid tribe. Fearing possible reprisals if they survived the carnage, the demons killed them. Vondix hoped the blue dragons wouldn't judge him too harshly for this choice. For now, they had to finish the work in this last room. Upon entering, they discovered a Draconid larger than the others. His presence was imposing and worthy of a tribal leader. At his side, around twenty well-armed warriors who seemed to constitute his close guard.

-What do we have here, said the giant beast. Demons. Are you the reason these caves have become silent?

-Affirmative, Primo confirmed. We cleaned up the vermin that inhabited this place. My sensors indicate we've killed everyone. You are the last.

-You bastards, cried the leader of the Draconids. You will pay for this massacre!

“You would have been better off leaving the blue dragons alone,” Vondix replied. Your aggression and arrogance will have been your downfall.

-Oh no ! Not until I unify all the tribes and create my kingdom. And these blue dragons, a necessary sacrifice! Guards, kill them!

Vondix guessed his opponent's plan. He wanted to use the blue dragons as a common enemy for his race to rally them under his banner. His victory would have legitimized his status as absolute leader. Obviously, such an ambitious individual would not have stopped there. He probably would have invaded the demon lands. Unfortunately, all that no longer mattered since he was going to die here.

A magical duel began between Vondix and the Draconid leader. The two chained spells together to try to defeat the other. Dragos, who was watching the fight, was fascinated. He who was curious to see demonic magic in action, he was not disappointed. If at the start, the two opponents were equal, Vondix slowly took the advantage.

-What does it mean !? I am the most powerful mage of the Draconids! This is why I am their leader!

-The most powerful Draconid mage does not mean that the most powerful in the world, nuanced the leader of the Magicseeker legion. Your mastery of magic does not match mine, which I have cultivated for decades. I created and experimented with spells while you probably contented yourself with the knowledge of your people without trying to develop it. That's the difference between us!

A final spell killed the Draconid leader in the stomach. He did not have time to defend himself and collapsed. The demons had won. Queen Blizzas quickly learned of this victory and kept her promise to Vondix. He had a demonic door installed in order to teleport the group and their new allies. They were going to discover a world they never thought they would see.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 6: Exploration of an ancient ruin.​

Magnar was bored. By his position, he was responsible for the defense and surveillance of the fortress with Romel. Because it was repetitive and uneventful, this work was boring. The blue dragons that Vondix had brought back from his expedition to the frozen north were friendly, but they were fully involved in Vondix's research. Just like his superior, they were eager to deepen their knowledge of magic.

-Lord Magnar, warned Romel, we have a visitor approaching.

Indeed, a demon was advancing towards the fortress. He was alone and without an escort. Magnar went to the gates of the fortress to welcome this intruder who would finally serve to break his routine.

-Halt, cried the Pitlord. What are you doing in this fortress?

-I'm coming to visit Vondix, replied the Dreadlord who was quite impressive. Is he here?

-Lord Vondix is busy. He will not accept a visit from a stranger.

-I see. In that case, I'll fix it. Ghost, contact Primo.

-Understood, master, replied the magical golem who accompanied the unknown demon.

A few minutes passed and Slasher the magical golem from Magnar came to inform his owner to let this demon in and bring him to Vondix. Order of Primo. Magnar had to obey and wondered how this demon had obtained a magical golem. Regardless, the Pitlord led the guest to the laboratory in the dungeon where Vondix was working on his experiments with Braggins and Dragos.

-My lord, said Magnar. You have a guest.

-I thought I said not to bother me when… Ah! If it’s him, that changes everything!

-It's been a while, Vondix, said the stranger. You could have told me what happened to you.

-And risk revealing my position? That's the last thing I want. And then, I had a legion to manage.

-Coming from you, that's surprising, Ghost commented. You who hate politicians, here you are at the head of a legion.

-Life sometimes takes unexpected turns, replied Primo. It wasn't easy to accept it but Master Vondix did well.

-Forgive me for interfering in this conversation, said Dragos. But who are you ?

-It's true ! Where are my manners?! I introduce myself Geryon, leader of the Nightprowler Legion, Master of Secrets and father of this rascal who serves as leader of your legion.

Braggin was shocked. Through this revelation, he began to understand the demon that his leader was. It all came from his father. If he was also known, it was for the many secrets he held. Where he got his knowledge from, no one knew. Some speculated that he traveled the world. Others said he had an extensive intelligence network. Whatever the truth, Geryon was an adversary not to be underestimated. This led to the next question, what was the reason for his visit? The response did not take long.

-Ruins, asked Vondix.

-Ruins, replied Geryon.

To be clearer, Geryon was there to invite his son to explore ancient ruins in the Demon Lands. Due to their conflicts, the demons were not interested in the history of their race except for the death of the demon god. Which meant the ruins were abandoned and full of treasures waiting to be discovered. If the demons knew what they might find, they would deploy their armies to turn over these ruins and unravel its secrets.

The next day, Vondix arrived at the ruins with his group. There was Felicis, Dragos, Braggins and Magnar. The reason for such a size was to be more discreet. Geryon was waiting for them not far from the entrance. After which, the exploration began.

The ruins were teeming with mutated creatures that had colonized the place for centuries. The few treasures they found were in a very sad state due to the ravages of time. Few objects were still in good condition. Taking advantage of the fact that Vondix and Felicis had moved away, Dragos asked Geryon a question.

-Lord Geryon, I would like to know. What happened to Lord Vondix that made him leave you? From what I've seen, you seem to have a good relationship with your son?

-The blue dragon asks an interesting question, said Geryon. It doesn't surprise me that Vondix doesn't talk about his past.

-How did you guess my true nature? cried Dragos in surprise.

-I taught everything at Vondix. Forgotten fortresses, blue dragons and much more. For his spells and projects, he did it alone. To answer your first question, Vondix left my legion so as not to be a burden to me.

“A burden,” said Braggin, who was listening. Given his skills, I doubt it.

-I'm talking more about policies. As you already know, Vondix hates politicians. The reason is simple. They made him suffer. Due to my position as legion leader, I was targeted but my enemies targeted Vondix to reach me. At least twice a week.

-You protected him for years, Magnar shouted in admiration. It's impressive !

-Thank you, but these painful experiences led him to trust very few demons. Even Felicis took a while to gain his trust.

-He really had a difficult life, Dragos sympathized.

-All this happened because the demon god died, Geryon explained. The demons have descended into chaos and have done everything to survive, but it is the thirst for power that takes precedence in their hearts. Vondix wanted to escape this abject world but in the end, circumstances forced him to return. Whatever we do, we cannot escape politicians.

Unfortunately, that was the sad truth among demons. If someone proved too competent, we would seek to eliminate them. Those who stood at the top were in danger of falling through assassination or conspiracy. All means were good to oust potential rivals.

Exploration resumed and the group discovered old relics. Geryon seemed to have made an incredible discovery but he did not reveal its nature in any way. By his own admission, he did not have a clear understanding of what he had found. A study was needed to clarify the mystery. Vondix would have volunteered but he respected the wishes of his father who insisted on keeping the secret.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 7: Travelling on Arkain continent (Part 1)​

Several years passed at the Magicseeker Legion fortress. After the situation was stabilized within his legion, Vondix moved on to a plan he was so keen to achieve but that was not the only reason. His father had sent him plans and a list of materials to obtain to create a strange machine. For this journey, he left with Felicis and Dragos for the human kingdoms of Arkain. (Primo and the other magic golems were present but they didn't count)

-It's great, exclaimed Dragos who had now taken human form. We will be able to visit Zyainor!

-I don't think anyone told him, Primo pointed out.

-Indeed, confirmed Vondix. Dragos, Zyainor was destroyed long ago.

-How is it possible ? Such a great nation could not have disappeared overnight!

-A civil war broke out and Zyainor was shattered, explained the succubus. Which gave rise to the kingdoms we know today.

-And the black dragons, they survived, right?

-I think so, Primo agreed, but they hide in plain sight for fear of being hunted. If we're lucky, we might come across them.

-I hope we see them, sighed Dragos. By the way, is it safe to walk in plain sight? Humans hate humans and they would kill you on sight, right?

It was true. Humans were known for their xenophobia and despised demons. The numerous clashes between the two races did not help the situation. The only ones who interacted with demons were their slaves who were seen as traitors in the eyes of their peers. Regarding Vondix and Felicis, they were using a magic item created by the leader of the Magicseeker Legion. Thanks to this perception scrambler, no human would identify them as demons. Instead, they imagined interacting with slightly larger humans.

The result was immediate, no human in the villages and towns the group passed through reacted to their true nature. However, the jammer had to be recharged with magic. During their journey, Vondix, Felicis and Dragos visited the human cities which were full of wonders for the blue dragon. They passed before the order of lightning to discover its secrets but only initiates were allowed to enter and know its spells. Vondix and Dragos vowed to seize the magic of lightning to study it.

They met with many merchants to ask if they could provide them with what they needed. However, the merchants could not fulfill these requests. Because they didn't have the connections to obtain certain materials, or the prices were too high, or it wasn't their responsibility. Disappointed at this failure, they consoled themselves by going to see the merchants of other nations.

On their way to Lor, the three crossed the sea to reach a huge archipelago. Against all expectations, the islands were not inhabited by humans but by orcs. These green-skinned, boar-toothed brutes were gathered into clans.

-These orcs are clearly different from humans, commented Dragos. They live in wooden huts while humans live in much better built houses. Their social structure is simpler but... In fact, there are too many differences to count!

-Indeed, Felicis confirmed. Orcs are a strange but fascinating race. What you don't know is that humans were once like orcs. Over time, they developed technologies that made their lives better.

-We could call them barbarians for their archaic customs and their plundering of humans, added Vondix, but that would be hypocritical of us. What shapes individuals, peoples and races is the environment. We don't know the history of the orcs but we know that they came from the sea and took over these islands which belonged to the pirates. Unfortunately, these islands are small and offer little room for agriculture and livestock raising. I guess that's why they're looting. However, I do not understand the point of massacring populations. Killing soldiers who get in their way is one thing, but civilians are going too far.

Dragos felt that he had a lot to gain from this world which was beyond him. So many peoples and races with their own history and culture. Additionally, their magic was different from that of humans. Which justified the interest he might have in orcs. Suddenly, a spell fell on them but Vondix reacted in time to protect his companions. The attacker, an old orc in robes. He was probably a very powerful wizard.

-Very impressive, said the old orc. It's rare for a demon to be so reactive. They are always the arrogant type and easily fall for it.

-Vondix, he unmasked you, Dragos panicked.

-It's no surprise, said Vondix. Orcs are immune to mental manipulation. Our perception jammer has no effect on them.

-More and more interesting, commented the orc. I imagine that such a magical object can infiltrate humans. It is convenient. No need for a grotesque disguise to hide his true nature. Unfortunately, I will have to kill you. Who knows if you are not a threat to us.

“Try your luck, old fool,” Vondix replied.

A magical duel then began. The two sent spells at each other without being able to gain the upper hand over the other. After several minutes, the old orc stopped the fight. If it became a battle of attrition, he would lose.

-You are very strong, said the sorcerer. However, I have a feeling that you could have defeated me with more powerful spells.

-And alert an orc clan nearby, replied Vondix. No thanks.

-Have you ever been told that you were strange for a demon?

-More than one time !

-Ha! Ha! Ha! Certainly, this day will not have been uninteresting. What is your name, demon?

-Vondix, leader of the Magicseeker Legion.

-Felicis, vice-leader of the Magicseeker Legion, introduced the succubus.

-And me, Dragos, an officer of the Magicseeker Legion.

-Zairmak, a simple hermit.

With these words, Zairmak used a spell to teleport away from the demons. Thus, it was impossible to pursue him. This mattered little to the group who resumed their journey towards the kingdoms to the west.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 8: Travelling on Arkain continent (Part 2)​

-I didn't think we would discover so many in this kingdom, said Dragos.

-You said it, Felicis agreed. The Order of Cold wanted to recruit you when they saw your incredible mastery of this element. But you refused. There is also this nobleman who asked for our help with his health problem.

-It is regrettable that despite all our knowledge, we are unable to save him, said Vondix. That said, it can be useful.

-In what way, asked Dragos.

-It's a secret.

After the orc islands, the group had crossed the kingdom of Toran. It was in this kingdom that Zyainor was born, but all traces of this period had been erased. They were now in Pyrru's kingdom. As they continued to approach the merchants, they encountered an individual who came towards them.

-Greetings, Sir Vondix and Lady Felicis, said the stranger. I heard that you

-You know us, Vondix was surprised.

-Don't underestimate the merchants' information network, the man replied. You are widely talked about among people in my profession. My boss would like to meet you. He says he can help you.

-Really, cried Dragos. It's awesome !

-It seems too good to be true, Vondix wary. Who is this boss? He must be very influential to provide me with all the materials I need.

-You can say that he is the leader of one of the largest merchant guilds on the continent. You won't find better than him.

Vondix would have politely refused but he doubted he could find another merchant. What worried him most would be the price to pay. The materials required were difficult to obtain and what was rare was expensive. The loot collected by killing bandits on their way would not be enough. We would have to find something else.

The man led the group to a large and luxurious mansion in the city. The interior was elegantly decorated and featured various artworks from all the kingdoms. An expert eye would see that each of these items was worth a fortune. Collectors would fight to buy one of these treasures.

-This way, invited a butler towards a room.

The three entered to discover that the furniture was gilded and that was not the only thing. Obviously, the owner of the house had a very pronounced taste for gold. Speaking of the master of the house... the surprise was total for Vondix, Felicis and Dragos. The last person they could expect was a dreadlord with a top hat and a monocle.

-Surprised, said their host. The feeling is shared. I would never know that demons would come here. Tell me, by what miracle were you able to walk around in plain sight without them reacting to your presence?

-A simple magical jammer of my creation, Vondix replied. This prevents humans from identifying the wearer as a demon. However, it is ineffective on orcs.

-Fascinating. No need for disguises with this jammer. I could use it or better yet market it. Oops ! Forgive me for this discrepancy but such an invention can bring a lot of profit. I lack manners. Let me introduce myself, Maronogin.

-Like Maronogin, the former leader of the Souleater Legion who disappeared without a trace, Felicis understood.

-It is so important, asked Dragos who guessed that it was a well-known demon.

-He is one of the oldest demons. He may have known the demon god! More importantly, why did you abandon your position and why are you here?

-Let's say that leading a legion brings nothing, explained Maronogin. I have achieved much more in the last few centuries than in the millennia of dealing with the young demons who seek to take my place.

-A lot of gold, said Vondix. This allowed you to expand across the continent.

-Exactly, but let’s talk a little business. Time is money.

Primo gave Maronogin the list of materials. The verdict was final, a huge sum of money that would be enough for a nobleman to live on for the rest of his life. The negotiation promised to be difficult.

-We could ask little by little, Primo suggested. As long as Mr. Maronogin gets his money, it won't be a problem.

-But that doesn't change the money problem, sighed Vondix. Other than bandits, I don't see any other way to make money to pay.

-There are other solutions, said the businessman demon. By offering something of value. Nature doesn't matter. For example, I want to have a magical golem. This little thing could help me in my business and if possible I could market it.

Vondix was beginning to grasp Maronogin's personality. Money was his main interest. As long as there was an opportunity to get rich, he would take it without hesitation. If the former leader of the Souleater Legion was interested in his inventions, then...

-I may regret this decision but... I feel like I have no choice.

-What is it about, asked Maronogin intrigued.

-From my research in magic. Politicians are abject shit that only brings problems. So, I am interested in studying magic and its mysteries. Over several centuries, I have made discoveries but many have remained unfinished due to lack of means, motivation and time. Humans will probably be interested and want to complete them.

-Interesting, replied the rich dreadlord. Can I see a sample?

Vondix used a magic circle of his creation. As long as it wasn't alive and huge, it could teleport them long distances. Consulting a batch of papers, Maronogin began to read them. His extensive experience in magic allowed him to see the potential of this research.

-My dear Vondix, I think we have found common ground. Give me your research and I'll make sure all the mages in Arkain buy it. As proof of my generosity, you will receive a share of the profits which will be deposited into an account in your account.

-If I can add one condition, said Vondix. I would like to get the results if possible. So, I could carry out my own research based on these results.

-And this research

-If I may, Felicis intervened, I think it is better to use a false name. If humans found out it was the work of a demon, they would burn the books, regardless of its contents.

-Indeed, it would be very problematic, admitted Maronogin who was keen not to waste. In this case, we have an agreement. I will prepare the contract. I have a few bottles of this delicious wine specially saved for occasions like this. Let’s celebrate the start of a new partnership!
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Aug 19, 2021
Zoia's Pets


"I'm still surprised she agreed to this," Aedale said, turning over toward her sister's bed.

"I mean, it makes sense," Vanessa replied, "your girl came recommended by me, Grella, even Okri. And gods know she of all people needs a chance to unwind a bit."

"This whole...thing has gone so much further than I ever thought it would. That we'd get a few people around Zyainor made sense. The Dominion was a surprise." Aedale rolled over the other way. Looking into the mirror, she could still see the bite marks on her own skin; the purple blotches reminding her of exactly who she belonged to.

"Well, Inara is the equal of any Goldaxe when it comes to sales. Not that any of us realized it back during the war." Vanessa idly shifted a few Dominion coins in her hand, organizing and reorganizing them.

A distinctive knock was heard on the door. As if summoned by her own name, Inara had arrived. The sisters ushered her in.

"My lady has requested your presence."

"Which lady? And wait, aren't they both busy?" Vanessa asked.

"Both ladies, and they asked for both of you."


Aedale and her sister quickly walked through the opulent halls beneath the mansion. To see... she guessed the Shadessia was also her sister? Aedale still wasn't quite used to the idea that there were suddenly orcs in her family. Or that her lost sister had turned up at all, really. But here, she supposed, she might actually outrank the leader of the Dominion. Her teleportation abilities were what made all of this possible.

They opened the door - a black wooden one with golden engravings and clear evidence of soundproofing. And the sight before them was as surprising as it was expected. The supreme leader and Shadessia of one of the most powerful nations on the continent, on her knees. Garbed only in her underclothes and a black leather collar. With a leash.

Zoia Blackwolf really was the best at what she did.

"Stand up and greet our guests," Zoia commanded, tugging on Amari's leash.

The leader of one of the continent's most powerful nations scrambled awkwardly to her feet. "Y...yes."

"Good girl~"

"I take it you're having fun?" Vanessa said.

"This is nice." Amari's breaths were a little haggard, doubtlessly the result of whatever had been happening before her sisters came into the room. "I hardly ever get to stop being the leader, these days. I can finally let go..."

Zoia squeezed the orc's shoulder.

"And she's stunning, just as you said." Amari concluded.

"Well, we'll leave you two to your fun, then." Aedale said. She could hear Lisara giggling in the back of her mind, but she paid the succubus no heed. The sisters walked out of the room, leaving Amari to her fate.


On their way back to their quarters Aedale and Vanessa found an unexpected face waiting for them in the hall. Cora!

"Coryyy!" Aedale cried out, diving in to hug her sister. "I didn't know you'd be here!"

"I have a research trip with the Rasii on my usual day, so I'm here early," Cora replied, roughly returning the embrace.

"Wait, seriously?" Vanessa asked, "isn't Zoia busy?"

"She's insatiable," Cora corrected, "I'm supposed to be fourth for today after Amari is done."

"Fourth?" the newer sister asked, "who were one and two?"

Aedale almost answered, but Cora beat her to it; "two people who I never thought would get along at all."

After a moment of walking, Cora quietly tilted open the door to a side room. There, the Ca'Lea of Zyainor was lying on a sofa with...the queen of the elves. They appeared to be peacefully asleep, and closer than anyone who saw them sniping at each other in public would ever believe. Not that anyone on the outside had any idea what was going on - how many high-ranking officials across the continent were being drawn ever deeper into this web. Mostly out of their collective love for a single woman, but it was hard not to notice that other affairs were forming off to the side. Nor was it antithetical to the arrangement. Zoia, hard-working as she was, was spreading her time thin. Fortunately, her pets tended to stick around long enough to meet the others. It wasn't much of a surprise that many of them were making their own fun.

And there were many of them to make that fun. Aedale tried to list off more names she could remember. Jadira, a woman who had remarked that Zoia was the only person she'd service for free. Some lady named Kasraazs, who had strode in filled with pride and "forgot" to take off her collar when she left. There was some undead lady named Maya or Mia or something - she didn't show up very often due to what Zoia had called "artistic disagreements" but apparently she had been the one to track down Cora. Knowing where her sister had been explained a lot about how well hidden she was. If only she had some idea what had happened to Orie. There was some nutcase named Pentiss who ended up passed out on the floor after her attempt to drug Zoia backfired. The weird thing was that this happened five times and they kept seeing eachother. Zoia said she was having fun so Aedale let things slide. The list of names continued to slip through Aedale's mind, but she knew she'd exhausted the most interesting of them.

The three sisters left the Zyaise and Elven ladies to their rest.


The next morning, Aedale found herself awoken by cries of excitement and the loud thump of Vanessa springing nimbly out of her bed.

"Come on, you have to see this!" Vanessa asserted.

"Five more moments," Aedale grumbled, only to find herself being pulled out of bed forcibly by the stronger sister. She supposed all that physical combat training with the orcs had its advantages.

"No no no this is important!" Vanessa pulled Aedale upright and quickly kissed her on the forehead. With alacrity, the two dressed themselves and ran upstairs.

When they arrived at their destination, they found Zoia standing tall in the courtyard. Though her armor wasn't on, her black clothes were clearly made for fighting of some kind. Amari and Vail were wrapped around each of her arms, glowering at the intruder. And what an intruder she was! The woman stood so tall Zoia's head only came up to her massive breasts, and her outfit left almost nothing to the imagination. Her unmistakable long ears, curved horns, and leathery wings would have made her nature obvious even if the voice in the back of Aedale's head had not immediately cried out her name. Ebira. Lisara's rage spilled over into Aedale's mind, but she kept it sectioned off and contained, asking quick, efficient questions about the woman before her. The summary of the answers was simple: the succubus was very important and very dangerous.

Zoia, however, appeared completely unfazed. The only thing that was evident in her expression was a deep and primal hunger. It was nothing like the doe-eyed faces of those who were about to be enthralled. There was a violent tension in the air, as though two dragons were about to do battle.

"I'm very impressed, dear. Even I'm a little jealous of your ability to wrap this many people around your fingers," Ebira intoned.

"Do you want to know what else I can do with my fingers, succubus?" Zoia asked.

Ebira's tail swished behind her. "Oh, you really are so forward, darling. Usually the strong ones balk at the very notion of giving in to me."

"Giving in? Sweetheart, you really don't know how things work here, do you? I'll have you on your knees begging for more before noon." Zoia stepped forward, the two women releasing themselves from her arms smoothly.

"Wait, is this actually going to happen? Is this even remotely safe?" Vanessa whispered in Aedale's ear.

"Don't worry," Aedale allowed Lisara's words to come through, trusting the demon's judgment, "that woman isn't going to succumb to any kind of charming magic."

As they turned back, the two women saw that Zoia had drawn even closer to the taller woman. Ebira pulled her off the ground into a kiss, but Zoia was able to push her weight forward and use her density to buckle the demoness over, landing on top of her chest. The battle was on.


The women in the mansion waited outside the playroom for three full days. A few moans and crashes were loud enough to pierce even the sound-resistant walls, but for the most part the events transpiring within were a mystery. The others had been locked outside - to enforce Zoia's warning not to allow anyone else to interfere. Finally, on the afternoon of the fourth day since Ebira's arrival, the door creaked open.

"Ri...diculous," the succubus gasped, stumbling out. Covered in bruises and lash marks, she was trying her best not to look like she needed the walking stick she was now carrying to remain even vaguely upright. She winced, and Aedale could recognize the telltale signs of, to put it delicately, pelvic distress. She staggered into one of the unoccupied side rooms and crashed face-first into the bed there, her long legs stretching off the end. Instantly, she was asleep. Aedale wasted no time rushing into the playroom to check on Zoia. It was the messiest she had ever seen it. The exquisite torture devices were strewn across the room like a typhoon had passed through - a couple even broken from the forces involved. And at the center of the madness was Zoia Blackwolf. Her hair was a mess, her breathing somewhat heavier than normal, but she was upright. Apparently uninjured. Surprisingly, clothed. She was quietly cleaning an intricate metal toy, humming to herself.

She was a monster.


Two weeks later, a woman no one recognized arrived with much less fuss. Though her arms and legs were covered in black fabric, her torso was obscured only by a frilly black bra. Her red-fringed black cloak flowed behind her and shadowed her face. However, it was clear that her makeup was heavy - black lipstick and eyework rivalling that of Zoia herself. When asked how she knew to look for Zoia here, her answers were vague, noncommittal. She seemed meek and submissive. Almost too much so. Aedale didn't quite understand why the girl was so suspicious. But something about her was unaccountably terrifying. It was only when she gave her name that Aedale realized why.

"Ari the Beholder."
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 9: Travelling on Arkain continent (Part 3)​

Vondix, Felicis and Dragos were crossing the mountains of Salria. The kingdoms of Kerrel and Rengar didn't have anything interesting aside from the elemental orders. As for the kingdom of Salria, it was a rich and fertile land but its greatest interest lay in the other races that lived alongside humans. The centaurs, the pigmen, the ogres and… the Moghtar.

-How did we get here, sighed Vondix.

“Let’s just say we didn’t see them coming,” Primo replied. Now we have fallen into their ambush.

-And you didn't detect them?

-I imagine that there were mages capable of hiding the presence of their group. Well, as long as we're okay, getting out of this mess won't be a problem.

-Hey, shouted a Moghtar. Are we not bothering you? You are very calm for idiots who don't understand their situation. You are surrounded and facing around thirty of our best warriors. Even demons are no match for a balance of power!

-Excuse me, asked Dragos. Are you orcs? How come you have red skin?

-Don't compare us with these insignificant insects, the leader of the marauders got angry. We are superior to them in every way!

-If putting paint on your body makes you better than your peers, you are truly superior to them in stupidity, Felicis mocked.

Wounded in their pride, the Moghtar attacked but attacking two demons and a blue dragon was anything but a good idea. In a few minutes, they were exterminated. Some corpses were little damaged because Vondix wanted to study them. However, another group came to meet them. Ogres.

-You are fighting for demons, said a young ogre. It makes me want to challenge you to test my strength.

-Give up this madness, advised Vondix. You may be a remarkable warrior in your tribe but you will be no match for me. Especially, if I use my magic.

The ogres backed away slightly in terror. They knew that demons had mastered the art of magic and that their spells were destructive. Fortunately, the young ogre had to show ingenuity to avoid the massacre.

-Hey ! Hey ! It’s true that I like the challenge but I’m not suicidal. I'm not going to face two demons who have just wiped out a group of Moghtar without difficulty.

-Wise decision, said Felicis. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a blue dragon to calm.

Indeed, Dragos was depressed. Because they had killed the Moghtar, he would not have the answer to his question. Besides, he was not the only one to wonder about these anomalies.

-It’s true that these Moghtars look a lot like orcs, said the young ogre. We often deal with the Goldaxe clan and we see a clear difference between them and their cousins.

-There is a theory, replied Vondix

-How does red skin give you an advantage in these mountains? asked Dragos.

-None but I suspect it is not the work of nature. That's why I'm taking these bodies. Felicis, this is for you.

-And here we go for autopsies, sighed the succubus. It’s been a while since I’ve delved deeper into my medical knowledge.

-You have medical knowledge, the ogre was surprised. Surprising coming from a demon.

-It’s my specialty, replied Felicis. Vondix's is magic. Unfortunately, he may be so involved in his research that he no longer pays attention to the danger. When it happens, it's up to me to take care of it.

-Oh, he doesn't make your life easy. How about coming to our village?

The invitation was surprising and this feeling was confirmed when the ogres showed no hatred towards the demons. The reason was quite simple. There had been no conflict between the two races. Not to mention the great open-mindedness of ogres. However, they did not blindly trust their guests. They discreetly kept their weapons close to them in case of a sudden attack. Fortunately, Vondix had no bad intentions and enjoyed the party.

A fighting tournament was organized. Weapons and magic were forbidden. Vondix participated and proved formidable enough to stand up to the ogres who had exceptional physical strength. The strongest was the young ogre who had invited Vondix. So young and capable of defeating Vondix in a fight of strength.

-Not bad, applauded the demon. Who knows how strong you will be in a few years.

-Hey ! Hey ! I am honored. But I didn't introduce myself. My name is Brockta and future leader of my clan.

-Delighted. Vondix, leader of the Magicseeker Legion.

-Legion leader. Are they as strong as you, the other legion leaders?

-It’s a necessity if you want to survive, Vondix replied. Since the death of our creator, the demons have engaged in power wars between the legions and within the legions. The politicians there are the worst in this world.

-And no one has succeeded in uniting them, Brockta was surprised.

-It's impossible. Everyone wants to be the leader and the only one they will accept is the demon god but he is dead.

Brockta had sympathy for Vondix. A situation that reminded him of his own. Ogre tribes often warred with each other. Even the ancients did not remember the time when their people were united. It was decided! Brotcka was going to unify his people! To do this, he would need extraordinary feats.

The party continued until everyone fell asleep. The next day the group left early to complete their journey.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 10: Saving humans.​

Leaving the mountains of Salria, the group finally arrived at the kingdom of Lor. All that remained was to cross the kingdom of Isalmur to return home. However, Vondix wanted to visit a very specific place that he had carefully avoided since the start of the trip. A large mountain said to be the highest peak on the continent.

-What is so special about this mountain? asked Dragos.

-In fact, explained Vondix, this mountain hides a secret known only to demons. It's about…

-Shh, Felicis cut in. I hear a fight not far from here.

Indeed, metallic noises and explosions of spells rang out. Curious to know what was happening, the trio went to look to discover a most unexpected scene.

A convoy of humans was attacked by a horde of undead. At their head, a rider with a noble appearance signifying a past of a wealthy life. Only, her face was so horrible to see that it was legitimate to wonder if she had been human during her lifetime. In any case, humans found it hideous. Especially a very noisy dwarf.

-Your face is so ugly that it would give children nightmares, he shouted. Even the vermin that attack the dwarf kingdom have a better face than you!

-Oh, darling, replied the rider in a tone that betrayed her anger. You will pay for your insults. I will play with you like all the idiots who dared to insult my beauty! Too bad you're a dwarf, that'll mean fewer places to torture.

-In that case, I can participate in this game, asked Vondix who arrived behind her.

The rider had the surprise of her death to see a demon appear out of nowhere. Normally, Vondix wouldn't have intervened, but if undead entered the equation, it changed everything. The leader of the Magicseeker Legion bombarded the enemy commander with his spells. Wounded, the rider had to send all her troops to cover her retreat. Normally, she would not have hesitated to confront him but she was not prepared for this sudden situation. Too bad for her mission but if her body was destroyed, it would be impossible to raise her again. His master must have known what had just happened.

Concerning Vondix, he had no trouble destroying this army of brainless undead with the help of Felicis and Dragos. Once the cleaning was done, it was time to take care of these humans. A fairly heterogeneous group because there were dwarves and elves. It made you wonder how such a group came to be. Three people dared to come forward. The noisy dwarf and an elf mage and a human mage.

-If I had been told that I would be saved by demons, I would have asked him to stop drinking, said the dwarf known as Torok Goldsteel. I imagine a thank you would be in order.

-You are right, said Fellios Evenpower the elf. It feels strange to thank a demon but thank you for saving our lives. Without your intervention, we would be dead.

-No problem, replied Felicis. We hate the undead and there is nothing more pleasant than ruining their plans. Satisfy my curiosity. What did you do to attract their wrath?

-To tell the truth, admitted Daniel Preston the human mage, I don't know what could have aroused their hostility towards us. The only thing I can think of is our big project which failed miserably.

-What is it about? asked Vondix.

-We had to create a surveillance network, explained Daniel. The idea was to monitor the coasts and the border with the demons to observe the movements of the orcs and demons. Then, if possible, extend surveillance across the continent. Unfortunately, the project encountered many problems. Because of the sabotage we suffered, all our patrons stopped supporting us and

-I see. Everything becomes clear.

To explain what he meant, Vondix pointed to the mountain in the distance. She seemed to be hiding dark secrets that would soon be revealed.

-I don't think I need to explain what Dead Mountain is, said the dreadlord. But very few know that it is home to legions of the undead.

-Ah, said Fellios, that explains why no one comes back alive.

-Indeed, confirmed Vondix, but it is also the lair of the number one enemy of demons. I named Aridon. His name is unknown to you but that is normal. This pile of bones is almost as old as the world and has remained hidden from mortal eyes. At times, he interfered with mortals and demons behind the scenes. And if you're wondering what this has to do with you, it's very simple. Your surveillance network would have detected the presence of the undead when they wandered off their mountain and that would not have helped Aridon's affairs.

-You're telling us that our project was ruined by an old undead because we threatened to stick our noses into his business, Torok summed up.

-That's it.

-I'm going to blow his head off! I'm going to climb his mountain and make him regret being born!

-Don't do that, Torok, Fellios panicked. As that demon said, Death Mountain is teeming with undead! You will never reach this Aridon alive.

-And that's not the only problem, added Dragos. The undead have failed today, but who’s to say they won’t come back?

Indeed, it was a very worrying problem. As long as the scientific team was alive, the project could resume. Eliminating them would be the best thing to do, but turning them into undead would allow Aridon to use this technology to his advantage. Either way, the team's survival was in serious jeopardy and Aridon wouldn't let them get away with it that easily.

-I have a solution, Vondix offered, but you are not going to like it.

-Let us guess, said Fellios, it is to serve you.

-Undead do not enter Demon Lands. There is no better place to hide from them. There may be other continents but you do so at your own risk.

-Give us some time to think, asked Daniel.

Vondix agreed. Humans came together to decide their future. Vondix was confident that these humans would accept his offer. Their options were limited and no one wanted to die like this. After several minutes of deliberation, they reluctantly made their decision. They were going to follow Vondix.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 11: Homecoming​

The return to the fortress went without incident. Vondix made sure that the group did not encounter any legions. After several days of traveling, they finally arrived at the fortress. Suffice to say that she impressed humans.

-I didn't have

-The least we can say, commented Torok, is that she is impressive! I want to meet the architect of this castle.

"He's been dead for a long time," Vondix replied. My legion took control of the place and renovated the fortress. First, inform my lieutenants of my return. Let them come to the throne room.

-Understood, sir, replied the magic golem. It will be done.

The group entered the fortress under the worrying gaze of the demons. But because their leader was leading the march, they deduced that these mortals were slaves for the legion. A few minutes later, everyone was in the throne room. Vondix told everyone about his great journey. His audience was fascinated by the stories of his exploration but most interesting was the Maronogin case.

-We will have seen everything, mocked Fellios. A demon who goes into business. When will there be a demon ruler of a human kingdom?

-That would be fun to see, laughed Magnar.

-So politicians are really rotten, said Daniel, who was thinking about the conflicts between human kingdoms.

-That's exactly what I think, said Vondix. Okay, let's get to the point. With our new members, our projects will be able to progress. Of course, their own projects deserve our attention.

-Like this surveillance system, asked Dizzilon. I admit that there is great potential to be drawn from this. We could spy on the other legions and have grounds to blackmail them.

-It's an idea, Felicis agreed, but we could monitor what's happening on the continent of Arkain and the movements of the undead.

-Okay, exclaimed Magnar. There is no worse enemy than that damned Aridon and his rotting minions!

Once the meeting was over, the humans were housed in dormitories away from the demons. Which gave them a little privacy. They had barely settled in when they began their work. Torok and his peers were responsible for managing the forge and the mines. With the help of magical golems, they would have more hands for the titanic work that awaited them.

-So, asked Vondix, do these plans seem feasible to you?

-Who do you take me for, replied the dwarf craftsman. I am the best craftsman in the dwarf kingdom! It’s true that it’s a big machine but I don’t see how we could fail with everything we have. We're just waiting for the materials and we can start.

-The materials will arrive, assured Vondix. Fellios and Daniel prepare all my research to put it in shape.

-Yeah, I understood that this work spanned hundreds of pages. It helps a lot to have incredible longevity.

Vondix did not contradict his subordinate. A human life would not be enough to make all these discoveries. Many would sell their souls to the devil to gain immortality. In the meantime, Torok had started making a new model of magic golem, the spy drones. Combining their project with magic golem technology, they had achieved this result. The ultimate concern was the storage and processing of recordings. The solution found was to create another model of magic golem specialized in storage while processing would be entrusted to other golems. However, such a system would require a lot of resources and putting them together would take time. Fortunately, Vondix was in no hurry. His legion was not threatened by the other legions who knew nothing of its existence.


-It’s simply incredible, exclaimed Daniel. Lord Vondix is a genius! Even an elf couldn't reach the same level as him.

-It hurts my heart to hear that, Fellios grimaced. But I agree with you. If he wasn't a demon, everyone would want to recruit him for his immense knowledge of magic. As soon as the books are ready, I will get a copy of each volume and study them.

-You've always been so…obsessed with magic.

-Passionate, nuanced the elf. When you want to be the best, you have to know everything about your discipline. Hey, what is this? Experiments on bodies? This is not one of Lord Vondix's experiments.

-It’s probably a study by Lady Felicis, replied Daniel. She does an autopsy on the corpses of Moghtar that they brought back.

-Ah yes, these red-skinned orcs. Surprising that we hear little about them. We always talk about green-skinned orc raids.

-This is because they are more recurring. One of these days people will have enough of them and an army will come and exterminate them.


Several days after returning to the fortress, Dragos led a group of demons to the border. His mission for the day was to trade with the merchants of Maronogin. The latter arrived with the promised materials.

-This is the work of Lord Vondix, said the blue dragon. You will have enough to fill a library.

-Thank you, thanked the merchant. Do you also…

-It's here, replied Dragos, holding out a magic golem. And with instructions to activate it. Let's add another golem to communicate with your guild, a magic circle to teleport goods back and forth.

-Are you planning to ask anything else?

-Yes, Dragos confirmed. I have a list of supplies for new members of our legion. The Magciseeker Legion will pay with its medical research.

The merchant quickly accepted the offer. Diseases and injuries wreaked enormous havoc on human populations. This knowledge could help doctors heal better. In the hands of merchants, it would be a goose that lays golden eggs. Looking at the list, the merchant noticed a product in large quantities. In very large quantities.

-Have you recruited any dwarves? he asked. Because there is a high demand for beer.

-Indeed, retorted Dragos who sighed. Half of this beer will go to the chief craftsman. Excuse his love of beer.

-I understand. As long as we get paid, we'll provide him with all the beer he wants. Just give us time to get what you asked for.

-No problem.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 12: Those who conspire.​

If at first glance, the Magicseeker Legion was stable, disruptive elements were lurking in the shadows, biding their time. Three demons had gathered in a discreet corner to discuss their plans.

-Gentlemen, said a dreadlord, now is a good time to try to overthrow the current leader and take his place.

-You completely fell on your head, said an eredar to him. You have a short memory. Have you forgotten how Lord Vondix killed his predecessors? And how did he and his right-hand man eliminate the lieutenants? Or how Lords Braggin, Dizzilon and Magnar submitted to him?

-These three bowed their heads to this demon because they had their own plans. Braggin is probably interested in the magic of Lord Vondix, Dizzilon has some political plan behind his head and Magnar is just a brute who respects the force. Not to mention decisions that go against the principles of our race.

-I sense that you disapprove of the appointment of mortals as officers of the legion, guessed a doomguard.

-No legion leader would have placed mortals at the same rank as us. The most annoying is this drunken dwarf who is building I don't know what machine. This is why we must overthrow Lord Vondix.

The doomguard and eredar grimaced. They feared the turn of the conversation which had gone towards a sensitive subject. Their leader, Vondix, had banned politics in his legion because it would only cause trouble. After several months in this new environment, everyone had to admit that this life was much better. However, some demons refused change and wanted to return to the good old days. The power had gone to their heads.

-I refuse, replied the eredar. I'm not going to risk my life in this crazy enterprise.

-And then, added the doomguard, I have the impression that we are progressing in this legion. When was the last time we made progress in our quest to survive the death of the Demon God? All I remember are policies, plots, betrayals and so on. Sorry but I wouldn't support your cause.

Understanding that the two demons would not help him, the dreadlord left, swearing that he would succeed. Once in power, he would punish these cowards for refusing to help him. Only, he didn't see Melchom coming from behind him and knocking him out.


-Wake up ! Wake up !

The dreadlord woke up to Torok's incessant screams. The chief craftsman looked at the prisoner with a shrewd look. Indeed, the demon was attached to an operating table. The restraints were enchanted to prevent the prisoner from using magic.

-So, like that, I'm being disrespected by calling me a drunk? There are dwarves who drink more beer than me.

-How did I get here, you dirty mutt? And why am I attached?

-The reason is simple, replied a voice, it was I who gave the order to arrest you.

Then Vodix appeared. The dreadlord shivered in terror. If the leader of the legion had acted, it was because he knew about his schemes.

-These spy drones did an excellent job, explained Torok. They capture images and sounds and transmit them over long distances. Memory golems have been shown to be capable of retaining incredible amounts of information. Unfortunately, their memory remains limited. We will have to do some sorting, but a task that we will entrust to the new category of magical golems responsible for processing the data.

-The test is therefore conclusive, said Vondix. We will be able to begin mass production of spy drones. We will scatter them throughout demon territory.

The dreadlord was terrified. Spy drones? With this, Vondix could spy on all the legions and know their darkest secrets. Enough to have leverage on anyone. It also explained how he knew about his plot. A spy drone had filmed his conversation. To deny it outright would be useless in front of Vondix who knew everything.

-It seems that you have resigned yourself to your fate, observed Vondix. I could spare you but I know there are other plotters in my legion. This is why you will serve as an example to everyone. First, schedule a public “experiment” for tomorrow.

-Yes sir. May the demon god have mercy on you.

The next day, in the public square, all the demons gathered to attend the event. We were wondering what was going on. Their questioning was reinforced when they saw the dreadlord tied to the table. Even for the eredar and the dooomguard, they saw the worst coming.

-My legion, said Vondix, today is a great day because this demon has volunteered to participate in several dangerous experiments. His survival is not guaranteed, but if he dies, let us honor his sacrifice to advance our understanding of magic.

Obviously, no one was fooled. Everyone guessed that the prisoner was guilty of serious crimes. What would unfold before their eyes was a public execution but also a warning. “Attempt to plot against me and you will pay for it with your life.” »

-Okay, let's get started, said Vondix. First, observe all the effects of the spells. Felicis, be ready to heal him.

-Count on me.

The experiment began with the dreadlord's cries of pain. He was horrified by Vondix's actions. He, whom he thought was too gentle, had demonstrated cruelty equal to that of his previous legion leader. As the torture stopped, Primo came to examine the wounds for his observations. Then, Felicis provided healing with herbs and his magic. This eased the pain but the torments immediately resumed.

The ordeal lasted two hours during which the dreadlord died before taking his last breath. The spectacle had deeply affected the demons who did not want to be on this table in plain sight. Their leader had just shown that he was as cruel as he was benevolent. On this day, the number of demons wishing to usurp his title had dwindled considerably.
Level 7
Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 13: New allies​

In a tavern, a paladin named Talon Chester was drinking wine. The excessive quantity he was taking worried his second in command.

-Sir, please stop drinking.

-One more drink! I need to drown my despair.

If this great paladin was in this state, it was because of the scandal that had struck his order. The leaders embezzled the funds to lead a life of luxury without anyone knowing. Despite all the caution to hide their abuses, their crimes were discovered and the kingdoms had the culprits executed. Fortunately, they were lenient enough not to condemn those who had not taken part in the embezzlement. Only, a hell even worse than death fell on the survivors of this fallen order.

-Why do we have to pay for the crimes of our superiors, Talon lamented. Because of this reputation, no order of paladins wants us! The order's properties have been seized leaving us with nothing that can help us rebuild! Does our virtue have no value in their eyes?!

-Sir, I understand your frustration but that’s how this world is. Cruel and unfair.

-I would sell my soul to restore my order, Talon exclaimed to the sky.

-In that case, we can make arrangements, said a voice which was heard.

The two humans turned to see Vondix beside them. How could a demon have been here without being noticed? Talon tried to get up and grab his gun but the alcohol in his blood made him stagger. His second had to catch him to prevent him from falling.

-It is not reasonable to fight in this state, said Primo. Sit back and listen to what Master Vondix has to offer you.


-But I haven't said anything yet.

-It's because you're going to make an offer that I couldn't refuse, Talon replied, but the price to pay will be very expensive.

-But refusing to lend me an attentive ear is not better, Vondix defended himself. You have these poor soldiers to feed. By the time you find a solution, you will have lost brave soldiers.

-Then go ahead. Tell me everything.

-The offer is simple. I offer you a foundation and gold to help you rebuild your order on solid foundations. In exchange for this, you will develop your sacred magic and help me in a most dangerous quest.

-And what is it about?

-Eliminating the undead living in Dead Mountain.

Talon spat out the contents of his glass. Undead in the highest peak of Arkain? It was the first time he had heard of that. How was it possible that no one knew of the existence of such an army? Vondix told the paladin the story of the Four.

-Indeed, there is reason to hate this Aridon, commented Talon. The Kingdoms would not look favorably on the presence of such an entity.

-That’s why I’m recruiting you, added Vondix. I intend to put all the chances on my side to crush this bag of bones because the enemy is a god. Even weakened, he remains a formidable opponent.

-And he could raze the entire continent if he wants. Well, what if we went to see this base that you plan to offer us?

Delighted to know that the paladin was interested, Vondix teleported him and the two humans to a completely unknown location. The first thing they saw was an ancient city. The architecture was unknown but well preserved. Exploring a little, Talon and his second discovered to their amazement that they were in the sky, on a flying city.

-Impressive, isn't it, said Vondix. The place is perfect to establish your order. In terms of defensive potential, it is impregnable.

-On condition of not being spotted, remarked the second. You just have to look up to see this city.

-Actually, the city has a camouflage system, explained Vondix. As incredible as it may seem, it works despite millennia of activity.

-I don't know who created this incredible city but they are geniuses, said Talon.

-Coming from the Arkainians, it is, said Vondix. Now, are you interested in my offer?

Talon could hardly refuse. In addition to the flying city, a dozen chests full of gold would be given to him to finance his order. However, the presence of other humans dressed in very dirty clothes.

-They, answered Vondix when asked the question, are humans that I recruited for my intelligence agency.

-They are bandits that you forced to work for you, cut Primo.

-They were perfect for the job, Vondix defended himself. My intelligence agency needs people skilled in stealth. Omniscience.

-And why did you create an intelligence agency? asked Talon.

-To find out everything that's happening on Arkain. And also know the movements of the undead.

Coming from a demon who hated these bags of bones and wished for their destruction, this was not surprising. Information was a necessary asset in war. Knowing everything about Aridon and his servants would be of great help in this deadly quest.

Talon and Vondix signed the contract. After the arrangements were made, the demon left while the paladin used the city's technology to bring back his order. Everyone was informed of the pact but struggled to believe the story which seemed insane.

-There is something I don't understand, said the second.

-What then? asked Talon.

-This demon has a flying city. He could have used it as an outpost for a demonic invasion. Instead, he gives it to an order of paladins like us.

-Maybe he doesn't need it, the paladin supposed. Or that he is confident of taking it back whenever he wants. Honestly, I think this is the first reason. He is not pressed for time because demons have a very long lifespan. I am convinced that he has other ambitions than conquering our lands.

The second found it hard to believe this analysis. Demons were known to be manipulative and that wasn't going to change. However, without this help, it would have been more difficult for them to recover from this scandal which tarnished their reputation. What awaited them would not be simple but not insurmountable.
Level 19
Aug 1, 2022
A Tribute to Borean of the Koydoss Tribe:

In the heart of chaos, where flames waltz with eerie delight,
Borean, a fierce warrior, bathes in the fiery fight.
Bearmen tribesmen clash, a symphony so tumultuous,
Amidst the deathly screams, unfolds a tale, destiny auspicious.

Orcs from DeathBreeze and Cliffhunter, united they stand,
In the battle's furnace, forging bonds, their alliance grand.
Against the Crimson Army, Red Fist's brutal might,
Borean stands defiant, courage taking flight.

The battlefield ablaze, destruction paints the ground,
Warriors fall like leaves on a scorched battleground.
Crimson soldiers, a relentless, bloodthirsty horde,
Their leader's eyes ablaze, with hatred well stored.

Borean, a bear of strength and might,
Clashing swords, engulfed in the flickering light.
But amid the turmoil, a familiar face appears,
Grofzag, DeathBreeze Orc, battling with uneasy fears.

Armored and mounted, Grofzag battles on,
Earth and Crystal golems, allies strong.
Yet, overwhelmed by the Crimson tide,
Their leader's fury, a force they can't hide.

A crystal golem falls, shattered in the fray,
The Crimson Leader relentless in his deadly play.
His eyes burn with hatred, a fiery red,
As he strikes Grofzag, leaving him for dead.

Horse rears in fear, as sword meets air,
Grofzag tumbles down, in battlefield's despair.
Borean rushes forth, to aid his fallen friend,
The dance of death continues, no mercy to lend.

In the midst of flames, chaos, war's harsh plea,
Borean and Grofzag, comrades forever free.
Against the Crimson tide, their spirits hold strong,
In the heat of battle, where they both belong.

Borean, eyes filled with concern and care,
Sees Grofzag wounded, in the heat of despair.
With urgency in his voice, he commands his friend,
"Escape with the others, to safety, quickly transcend."

Grofzag, stubborn, spirit unyielding,
Refuses to leave, by Borean's side, still kneeling.
A bond forged in battle, through triumph and strife,
Facing the abyss, with his comrade for life.

But Borean, with wisdom, implores him to go,
To lead their kin, let the Bearmen tribesmen know.
"Live another day," Borean speaks with grace,
"For the orcs and our people, find a peaceful place."

A last warm smile on Borean's face alights,
Embracing his friend amidst chaotic nights.
"Together we stood, now I stand alone,
Against the Crimson tide, let my courage be known."

The flames around them, a relentless tide,
Borean readies himself, with nowhere to hide.
"I'll buy you time," he declares with might,
"For the future you'll lead, in soft moonlight."

Grofzag, torn, a warrior at heart,
Borean's words pierce through, a departing dart.
With a nod, he mounts his horse to flee,
Leaving Borean behind, to face destiny.

As the Bearmen tribesmen and orcs retreat,
Borean stands firm, his heartbeat a rhythmic beat.
Against the Crimson Leader and the army red,
A lone warrior, courage widespread.

In the face of darkness, he stands tall,
A sacrifice for kin, answering the call.
To forge a path, for a future serene,
Borean, the protector, in the battle scene.

In the fiery tempest, Borean faces his fate,
Across the battlefield, his adversary awaits.
Glares exchanged, in the dance of dust and flame,
A chapter unfolds, recounting Borean's name.

Recollection weaves through the warrior's mind,
Of a youth unwise, a past left behind.
Son of Ursaarock, the chieftain so wise,
Whose sacrifice ignited Borean's rise.

Once rash and stubborn, arrogance his guide,
His father's death, a turning of the tide.
A bullet aimed true, a hunter's cruel spree,
Ursaarock fell, but his spirit lived in Borean's decree.

The Plague of Madness, a shadow on their land,
The Pear of Lor corrupted, by a demon's dark hand.
Violence and chaos, Bearmen turned wild,
But salvation arrived, in an Orcish exile.

Grofzag of the DeathBreeze, a friend so dear,
Brought hope to Koydoss, chased away the fear.
An alliance forged, Bearmen and Orcs unite,
Against the plague's darkness, they stand and fight.

Journey to Salria, destiny's whispered call,
Crossing Dwarven realms, mountains so tall.
Pact remembered, with Hammerfall's grace,
Safe passage granted, in that sacred space.

Salria, a realm where humans frowned,
Yet, the orcish horde marched, relentless and bound.
Dark Trolls, Goblins, Centaurs in alliance,
Borean pledged loyalty, an unbroken reliance.

Rangul, Chieftain of DeathBreeze, their Warchief,
Borean and Grofzag, their loyalty beyond belief.
In the battle's chaos, alliances held true,
Borean led Koydoss, a steadfast crew.

Cliffhunters aided, at Borean's command,
While at Grofzag's side, he chose to stand.
Imperial regiments clashed, Knights of Salria's might,
Against orcish fury, in the fiery fight.

Redfist's arrival, a force so grim,
Innocents slaughtered, their future dim.
Borean's heart heavy, witnessing the strife,
Yet, in battles fought, they carved a path to life.

Victory tasted, amidst the blood and pain,
The first triumph against the Crimson's bane.
But the saga continues, battles yet to be,
In the heart of the storm, Borean fights free.

In the wake of triumph, Borean sought to share,
With Grofzag, a discussion in the battle's afterglare.
Yet, urgency gripped Grofzag, a mission in his stride,
To forge an alliance, with the Gnolls by their side.

A pact planned with Amarii, Chieftess strong and wise,
Borean offered aid, with a fire in his eyes.
But Grofzag, with a gentle smile, denied his plea,
"Stay with the Orcs' strength, where you're meant to be."

Concern etched Borean's face as his friend prepared to depart,
Grofzag reassured, "I'll return," a promise from the heart.
A small ship, on the river, Grofzag set to sail,
Borean watched it vanish, against the evening's veil.

True to his promise, Borean allied with the Cliffhunters' might,
With Okri, their commander, in battles fierce and bright.
Victories adorned their path, as land and honor they secured,
But an unforeseen darkness, their alliance soon obscured.

Undead legions, rising from the shadow's breath,
An unexpected onslaught, heralding a dance with death.
Defeat after defeat, a grim reality faced,
Yet, Borean stood resolute, in honor and grace.

Surrounded by enemies, despair threatened to take hold,
But Borean rose, his spirit bold.
Inspiring his tribesmen, rallying their might,
For a proper home, a future, they'd continue to fight.

Alliance with Red Dragons and Ogres, a beacon in the night,
Their roars echoed, in the face of the fight.
Darkmind Clan, an ally in their struggle,
Borean aided, despite a mysterious juggle.

As defenses crumbled, Borean losing hope,
A familiar war horn, a sound to elope.
Grofzag, with allies, charging into the fray,
Renewed determination, in the Orcish display.

A three-way battle, chaos unleashed,
Orcs, humans, and undead, the land's harmony ceased.
Borean tore through monstrosities with might,
A symphony of war, in the moon's pale light.

A legendary cry, echoing through the night,
Borean and his allies, pushing back the fight.
Victory achieved, but at a cost so high,
Brockta, leader of Ogres, in battle did die.

A meeting convened, mourning the loss so keen,
Leaders strategized, the situation unforeseen.
Ogres and Orcs part ways, seeking the assassin's doom,
While others brace for Redfist, in the impending gloom.

Gnolls departed, disobeying Amarii's decree,
Leaving Borean and his tribe, defending resolutely.
In unity they stood, against the impending plight,
A sacrifice for kin, in the pale moonlight.

Present day arrives, a known Orc preacher speaks,
"In UNITY we stand," a slogan that seeks,
To inspire courage, in the face of the storm,
Horns of war echo, Redfist and humans swarm.

Brutal and bloody, the battlefield unfolds,
Orcs, allies, and humans, their stories told.
Borean recalls the fight, the Scarlet Commander's might,
A clash of claws and sword, in the moon's cold light.

Metal claws and sharp fangs, Borean displays,
Defiant roars echo, in a rhythmic blaze.
Redfist Commander, prideful and strong,
A duel begins, where destinies throng.

Blows exchanged, in the dance of might,
Claws against sword, in the somber night.
But the Commander's wit, an unyielding stance,
Proves too much, against Borean's advance.

Claws severed, useless and bare,
Borean stumbles back, gasping for air.
A sharp pain, a sword through his chest,
The once mighty chieftain, defeated, at rest.

The Scarlet Commander, a smirk on his face,
Compliments Borean's defiance, a heroic embrace.
Yet, insults follow, mocking weakness and strife,
Claiming no remembrance for this Orcish life.

With defiant words, Borean whispers his plea,
His death not in vain, his legacy to be.
"As One in UNITY," a rallying cry,
A scoff, a grunt, as life begins to die.

The Commander ends Borean's breath,
A fallen chieftain, a warrior's death.
Yet, in his final breath, a whisper so clear,
"AS ONE IN UNITY," for all to hear.
Level 7
Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 14: Vengeance​

-Master Vondix, informed Primo, Torok has just informed us that he is finished with your father's project.

Finally ! Vondix descended into the forge of the fortress to find the dwarves hard at work. They were forging weapons or building war machines but what the demon was interested in was the huge robot that looked like a dreadlord. Torok was doing the final checks before turning it on.

-Here you are, my lord, said the chief craftsman. The robot is ready. All it needs is a core and it will be able to work.

-I'm surprised by the result, admitted the leader of the Magicseeker Legion. What could have crossed my father's mind to imagine that? First, contact him.

-Yes, sir, replied the magic golem who complied. Odd. Ghost doesn't respond. Something happened to him.

Vondix feared the worst and his intuition was quickly verified. A soldier arrived to inform him that a messenger had knocked on their door and it was very important. Going to meet this demon, Vondix heard the message.

-Young master, said the demon, the Nightprowler legion is attacked by the Bloodybutchers legion. During the last battle... Lord Geryon was killed.

-How? cried Vondix. My father is not the type to die so easily. How could this have happened?

-We don't know and no one was there at the time, but his death broke the legion. Half of the troops fled while the other half remained under the command of Lord Naberius. It was he who sent me to inform you of the situation and ask for your help.

-First, said Vondix, inform my lieutenants that we are going to war.

-Well understood.

Meanwhile, Naberius led the last troops of the Nightprowler Legion. Cursed was he who killed his friend Geryon. Because of this, he found himself in this critical situation. In a wild hope, he had sent a messenger to the fortress of Vondix. Knowing him, he wouldn't leave his father's old friend in danger. Furthermore, Naberius was one of the few demons to have his full trust. For now, he had to hold out until reinforcements arrived.

-If I held these cowards, I would tear them to pieces like the demon god with the Dark One, thought Naberius about the deserters.

-My lord, informed a demon, they are coming back.

-Then we will fight, said Naberius. Hold on, proud demons! Reinforcements are coming! Show those cowards of the Bloodybutchers Legion our strength!

This galvanizing speech had its small effect. The demons found some hope and fought with all their might. The enemy had great difficulty annihilating them despite their numerical superiority. Which aroused questions in Naberius.

-I find it hard to believe that Geryon could have perished at the hands of these guys. Would they have hired a competent assassin to eliminate him? Then why didn't he come to me? The enemy could have destroyed us more easily.

The last time he had seen him alive was during the last great battle when Geryon had to leave to secure something important. Not seeing him return, Naberius had to go see what was holding him back so long. Which led him to discover his corpse. As for the murderer, he had already left. Fearing that Geryon's secrets were under threat, Naberius had fortified his hideout to protect them.

The battle was tough and intense. The two armies fought tirelessly. On several occasions, morale almost collapsed but Naberius knew how to re-motivate his soldiers. Suddenly, something broke through the enemy lines. An imposing Pit Lord mowed down enemies with his weapon.

-I'm looking for someone named Naberius, called the Pit Lord.

-It’s me, replied the person concerned. I guess you are the reinforcements sent by the young master. Where is he ?

-Lord Vondix is located not far from the enemy army. He wants the annihilation of this legion. We will join our efforts to carry out this massacre. I don't think you're going to let them get away with it that easily.

Magnar had touched the pride of the demons of the Nightprowler Legion. For several hours, they had been attacked relentlessly. How could they not take revenge? Even Naberius understood this feeling.

-Let's go, said Naberius. Just, what's your name?


At the same time, the Bloodybutchers Legion heard of the debacle of its army and sent to eliminate the survivors of the Nightprowler Legion. Knowing that their enemies were approaching, they stood ready to welcome them. It didn't take long to see them arrive. However, they had not anticipated that another army, led by Vondix, would attack them from the flank. This surprise attack was the key element of the battle which ended with the crushing victory of Vondix and his allies. All the enemies were killed but the leaders were kept alive for questioning.

-Good, said Vondix to the leader of the Bloodybutchers Legion, it's time to tell me everything. Who is behind Geryon's death?

-Fuck you!

-I was expecting this kind of response. Felicis, he's yours.

Like the sadist she was, Felicis began to torture the prisoner who screamed in terror. With his medical knowledge, the succubus knew which part of the body hurt the most. In order to combine business with pleasure, she took the opportunity to do some experiments which were horribly painful for the patient who eventually broke down.

-It's good ! I am going to speak ! A demon came to us and offered to eliminate the Nightprowler Legion. Our role was to distract the legion while he killed Geryon. Things went as planned but our associate immediately disappeared. We never saw him again.

-Who was he? asked Vondix. I want to know everything.

-I only know his name. Largoth.

Knowing he would get no more information, Vondix decapitated the prisoner's head. Now he had to find out the truth about this death.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 15: Finding truth.​

Vondix entered his father's chambers. He found her body lying on the ground. Felicis had started to examine it. She didn't say anything. Geryon was like a father to her. Without him, she would have died, abandoned by her parents. Dragos arrived and managed to maintain his composure in the face of the macabre scene.

-Lord Vondix, my condolences for your father, said the dragon.

-Thank you, said Vondix. Now let's dig in.

-I detect Ghost in this room, said Primo. It is still active.

Indeed, Geryon's magical golem was cleverly hidden. Feeling that there was no longer any danger, he finally showed himself.

-Master Vondix, I'm sorry, he said. There was nothing I could do to help your father. He wanted me to stay hidden.

-So, he knew he was doomed, Vondix understood. Did you see the fight?

-Yes. Everything was recorded in my memory. His opponent was using unknown magic. This clearly wasn't demonic magic.

-I see. I finished the robot but I'm missing the core to activate it.

-I know where he is, replied Ghost. Follow me.

While Vondix dug up what he was looking for, Daniel and Fellios arrived. They were there to help with the investigation and find the culprit.

-Dirty story, Daniel sympathized.

-This kind of thing is commonplace among demons, said Fellios. It’s just that in Lord Vondix’s legion, these practices are forbidden. Lady Felicis, what does the corpse say about the murder?

-The body shows signs of a fierce struggle. Geryon's opponent had powerful magical powers but Ghost filmed the fight. We should be able to get something out of this and find this bastard.

-This number marked on the ground, noticed Daniel.

Indeed, near a hand holding a black marker, the number one was written on the ground. This was Geryon's last message but what was its meaning?

-Why write a number and not the name of his killer, asked Fellios.

-Probably to prevent the killer from erasing it, Daniel supposed. A message that is too obvious would push him into action. Even if I admit, I don't understand the meaning of the message.

-Geryon was a master of coded messages, Felicis explained. He always communicated his instructions by coded messages. The methods varied. Replace a letter with a symbol, the way of writing or the color of the writing.

-I see, said Daniel. So, true to his reputation, Lord Geryon used a simple message. You must take into account the color of the number and read it as is. Which gives us the “Black One”.

-Wrong answer, said Felicis. The reasoning is good but not the answer. It’s not “Black” but “Dark”.

-The “Dark One”. Why does this name sound familiar to me?

-Because he is part of the story of the Four, replied the elf mage. But he should be dead.

-Brewn to pieces by the demon god himself, confirmed the succubus. And it's hard for me to believe he survived that.

-A mortal or a demon would have no chance with this kind of death, agreed Fellios, but what about a god?

Felicis did not answer. The truth was, she didn't know what to say. She couldn't deny the possibility that the Dark One might have survived his fight with his brothers. Geryon's last message tended to support this possibility. Especially when Vondix's father wasn't one to tell lies at the time of his death. If the Dark One were facing him, his first instinct would have been to warn those close to him of his discovery. If so, this message made sense.

-We should warn Lord Vondix, said Daniel.

-It's useless, said Felicis. Vondix probably already got the message. He knows his father well to get the message across. What we need to do is find this Largoth and determine whether or not he is the Dark One.

Indeed, Vondix knew that the Dark One was behind his father's death. Only, he struggled to believe this message. However, his rational mind had taught him to consider the possibility of the Dark One's survival. If that was the case, then it didn't bode well. Additionally, another question arose. Why did you kill your father? The Bloodybutcher Legion was just a diversion to kill him but such a plan could happen at any time. Only a recent event could explain this murder. Was this his discovery? If his theory was confirmed, then the stakes of this project were much greater than he would have believed.

After recovering his father's secret, Vondix integrated the last survivors of the Nightprowler Legion into his own. Naberius had the rank of officer. As for the demons, they easily adapted to their new life. Having been saved by the Magicseeker Legion, they could only be grateful.

Concerning Vondix, he always blamed his father's death. Even though he didn't show it, everyone felt that he was affected. This was evident when he refused to bring up the subject or activate the robot. After several days of mourning, the officers of the legion decided to confront their leader in order to get him out of his state which worried more than one.

-My lord, said Dizzilon. We sympathize with the death of your father.

-He wouldn't have wanted you to be in this state, Dragos added. So please, it’s time to turn the page and move forward.

Vondix said nothing. He felt a part of sincerity in his lieutenants. Seeing them stand together showed their loyalty but some hid their own interests.

-Are you ready to face the consequences, asked Vondix.

-Why do you ask this question, asked Magnar.

-Because once I activate the robot, I fear that we will be caught in a future that is beyond us. I know some of you doubt what we have discovered about this murder but the worst is yet to come.

-You are our leader, Vondix, said Felicis. We will follow you, whatever happens. The legion you founded will not go away so easily.

-So, let's open this Pandora's box.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 16: Demon god’s rebirth.​

Vondix opened the box to discover what looked like a mass of flesh. Judging by its movements, it was still alive. As strange as it may seem, this was the thing Geryon wanted to put in the robot. Vondix didn't understand the reason but he had faith in his late father. Without hesitation, Vondix inserted the mass of flesh into the receptacle provided for this purpose. Barely had he

-Where am I, asked the entity inside the robot.

-Don't move too much, said Torok. Start with your fingers. Take it easy and tell me which limb isn't working.

The robot slowly stood up. One step at a time, he slowly got used to his condition. Curious about his situation, he looked around him. He didn't seem to know the place.

-Where is Geryon, he asked.

-My father is dead, replied Vondix. We believe this is the work of the Dark One.

-Are you sure? I can't believe Tregakh was able to survive.

-Perhaps these images will convince you otherwise.

Ghost projected the images of Geryon's fight against his killer who called himself Largoth. If during the start of the fight, Geryon dominated the confrontation, Largoth had used his mysterious magic to gain the upper hand over his opponent.

-Impossible ! that can't be possible.

-And yet, it’s true, said Vondix, my magical golems can record perfectly well everything they perceive. Judging by your reaction, you have come to the same conclusion as me.

-It pains me to admit it, capitulated the robot, but it’s definitely Tregakh. Changing appearance is one of his powers. And I recognize this magic among a thousand!

“Which brings us to this question,” Primo said. Who are you ?

-It’s true that I didn’t introduce myself but my

The revelation shocked everyone in the room. No one wanted to believe it but if it was true, then a miracle had just happened before their eyes. The magic emanating from the robot was clearly demonic but almost divine in nature. Instinctively, the demons understood that they stood before the god who had created their race.

-I don't know which is crazier, said Torok. Being saved by a demon or contributing to the resurrection of a god.

-Both deserve to be called insane, said Fellios. I should write that down in my memories.

-How is that possible? cried Dizzilon. You were supposed to be dead from your own explosion and Aridon's betrayal!

-Geryon had the same reaction, replied the demon god. He taught me everything about the situation on these lands. Imagine my dismay when I learned that my children had become power-hungry monsters who killed each other over trifles.

-I think exactly the same thing, agreed Vondix. Our lands are devastated and in several thousand years, nothing has changed.

-But now it’s possible, said Magnar. Every demon's wish has come true! The Demon God is among us again! If we announce it publicly, all the demons would stop their quarrels and unite with us! Finding Tregakh will be possible.

All the demons were enthusiastic about this idea. Many had prayed that the demon god would return so that all their problems would be taken care of. All except one.

-It won't be that simple, said Vondix.

-And why, asked Felicis.

-Because the other demons are drowned in these shitty policies. Would they believe us if we presented Lord Zindrach to them? The most devout would side with us but the others would see our actions as an attempt at mass manipulation and would unite to destroy us. Worse, others might try to supplant the demon god and claim to be above everyone else. Policies are rooted in the minds of demons and it takes more than the return of an important figure to change this mentality. Don't forget that the demon god has been dead for a long time. Some only know him by name and must no longer worship him as the god he was. Its current form should not help. Finally, Tregakh still prowls our lands and would manipulate several legions to exterminate us if he learned the news. Revealing Zindrach's return would only spell doom for us all. -Young master, Naberius intervened. I understand your fears and the trauma of the policies on you. However, to miss this chance to save our race would be to insult Geryon's sacrifice. He gave his life to protect the Demon God in his most vulnerable state and allow us to revive him. The war against those who refuse to believe us is inevitable, but we are not alone. I am convinced that there are many more demons ready to support our legion and the Demon God than you think. So, Lord Vondix, believe again in our race and in our demon god.

Galvanized by this speech, the other demons came to support Naberius. They too wanted to believe in this unexpected miracle and give shape to this crazy dream. Even if the result obtained was not what they wanted, they accepted it. Power was certainly an important factor, but the symbol that the demon god represented was more important. They had faith that their creator would help them rebuild themselves.

-Why do I have such… passionate subordinates, sighed Vondix who capitulated.

-This is the legion you created, said Primo. You showed them a whole world and gave them hope. You have the responsibility to see them through to the end.

-In this case, prepare yourself because the path we are taking will be dangerous. The slightest mistake will mean the end for us all!
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 17: Pursuing Largoth​

The Magicseeker Legion had set in motion. We had to find Largoth and eliminate him. If the Dark One had taken on the appearance of a demon, it was not without reason. By this reasoning, he was somewhere in the demon lands. The production of spy drones was accelerated to extend drones throughout the country. Fortunately, Vondix's officers had not waited for orders to act. Having anticipated his reactions, they had taken the lead.

In a few days, the spy network was in place but a significant number of drones were needed to process all the information collected to optimize the hunt. In the basement of the fortress, magical golems examined and sorted everything the spy drones perceived. Demon plots and schemes were stored in specific storage golems. Who knew if this information might be useful in the future. At least Vondix felt that all the secrets of the demons could be used as leverage to promote the unification of the demons.

-So many plots, exclaimed Zindrach while consulting the archives. How did they fall so low?

-The state of our lands and your death have deeply upset the demons, explained Naberius. But Geryon explained that to you.

-Yes but I didn't think it was as serious as that. And there are demons who think that my return would fix things. They believe too much in miracles.

-They are desperate but trust Lord Vondix. He will find a realistic plan to accomplish this ambition.

Indeed, Vondix fully intended to use the demon god to save his race. One of his missions was to help the research team restore the Demon Lands. Since his body exploded causing this devastation, he was in the best position to solve this problem. Next, and the most difficult

Torok was busy improving his robotic body. As the demons' hope, Zindrach's protection was of the utmost importance and it was possible that he would be targeted. In anticipation of these sinister events, the dwarves set about improving its defenses and arsenal. Once a week, they conducted trials in the frozen north so as not to attract the attention of the other legions.

For his part, Dizzilon had gone on a diplomatic mission to the Throne of the Demon God to meet the legions who lived there. Being followers of the demon god, they would make great allies to support the return of their creator. However, only the leaders would be in the secret to limit leaks. They came to visit the fortress to meet Vondix and Zindrach. Meeting the latter made negotiations easier and the legion leaders agreed to help Vondix in his quest to unify the demons and keep the secret.


-Thank you for re-motivating Vondix

“That’s no problem,” replied Naberius. I didn't do what was right. Geryon has bet everything on his son and you for the future

-A very noble sacrifice but one question burns my lips. These magical golems are far too sophisticated to be a creation of demons? Where do they come from ?

-They were created by the young master from Arkainian technology found by Geryon.

-But how could Arkainian technology survive? I and the others have erased all traces of this civilization.

-Indeed, there are some vestiges that escaped your purge but the biggest was a flying city that Geryon had found despite its camouflage.

-But how could he have found a camouflaged city that escaped our divine gaze?

-Despite its camouflage, the city had no protection against teleportations, explained Naberius. You still had to know where to land. What ticked Geryon off was the birds. They disappeared and appeared a few meters away. Obviously, Geryon investigated this phenomenon and found the answer. An Arkainian city. According to what we discovered on site, the last individuals lived here to escape the genocide but the disease got the better of them.

-And then, all that was left to do was pick it up. I see. It seems that despite our great power the four have flaws.

-Which means we can defeat Aridon and Tregakh.

This reassured Zindrach who vowed to make his two brothers pay for their betrayal. And this time, he would make sure to eliminate them forever.

Finally, after several weeks of intensive research, a result came through. Largoth had been spotted. He had approached Kersidar the leader of the Souleater Legion to invite him to launch an invasion on the human kingdoms. A plan that greatly interested Kersidar who got involved in it. Faced with this discovery, the upper echelons of the Magicseeker Legion met to discuss their discovery.

-But what could Tregakh be up to? asked Vondix. How will launching an invasion on the continent of Arkain help him in his plans?

-He is perhaps trying to eliminate Aridon without arousing suspicion, Romel speculated. In the eyes of this bag of bones, Tregakh is dead. To act directly would be to reveal that he is still alive.

-Can we not warn this Kersidar of what is going on? asked Dragos. He must not love the Dark One like his peers. Play in your game

-He still has to believe us, replied Braggin. That would mean revealing everything to him and I don't think we can trust him.

Indeed, Kersidar was the perfect representation of the dreadlord. Cunning, skilled in politics, cruel and intelligent but proud. He might as well see a lie as the truth. Only, it would be difficult to convince him not to embark on this invasion. His thirst for power would prevail over reason.

-Then we are going to sabotage the invasion, said Vondix. I expect the internal conflicts of the Souleater Legion to hinder their progress but it would be a little too presumptuous to bet on that. We have to act

-But if they discover our actions, they will brand us as traitors to our race, Dizzilon remarked.

-That’s why we will be discreet. For now, only one legion is involved. If humans unite effectively, they should be able to repel them.

“That would be overestimating them,” said Naberius. We have to help them without them knowing that we are helping them.

-And I know how to do it, replied Vondix with a mischievous air.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter 18: Sabotaging the invasion.​

In the flying city, Talon Chester was taking stock of his situation. The newly created Order of the Blue Rose was beginning to make itself known. In time, they would become as respectable an order as any other. Suddenly, an alarm sounds. It was Lord Vondix who was arriving. It was far too early to complete the deal. Something serious was brewing. The great master therefore went to see.

-Lord Vondix, it is an honor to receive you. What brings you here?

-Something that will push your order to take up arms. A demonic invasion.

-Indeed, it’s something serious, said Talon, who understood the extent of the problem. But what is going on at home? Until now, the demons had only fought skirmishes.

-Let's say a legion is preparing to invade and conquer the human kingdoms. Officially, it is to obtain arable land, kill Aridon and recover an artifact of our god. The truth is for political reasons but there is one thing

-If I remember correctly, the Dark One is this god who tried to dominate the world and got torn into pieces by the demon god. He would have survived?!

-We have to believe so, Vondix confirmed. The Souleater Legion is preparing

-I would be more than happy to fight your friendly neighbors but our order alone will not be enough. We will have to convince the sovereigns to help us. The reputation of the order is not great enough to make them react.

-Omniscience will help you. A great threat like this invasion should push the kingdoms to unite.

-I would do what I could to convince the kings to send their armies. That said, we need to renew our weapons and the order's treasury is almost empty.

-I have the solution to the problem, assured Vondix. Although I would have liked to use another solution. For now, I will connect the Arkain spy network to the Demonlands network. Thus, Omniscience will be able to know the movements of demons. First, get to work.

-Understood, master, said the magic golem who set to work.


-Definitely, Vondix, you can no longer do without my services, Maronogin laughed heartily.

-It's nothing to laugh about, Vondix sighed. A demonic invasion is going to take place and you are the only person who could help us.

-And I would be happy to do it. Wars offer big profit opportunities.

Talon didn't know which was more foolish. The fact that a dreadlord is at the head of one of the largest merchant guilds on the continent or his constant search for profits.

-Just to know, which legion will invade Arkain?

-The Souleater Legion, replied Vondix. Led by Kersidar.

-That little dreadlord, Maronogin mocked. Very ambitious but he lets himself be led a little too much by Ebira.

-Excuse me, Talon intervened. You can't intervene and convince them to abandon their project?

“I fear that is not possible,” replied Maronogin. In the eyes of my former legion, I must be dead. Even if I appeared before them, I no longer have any authority over them.

The paladin suspected that it was so that the war could take place and he could reap profits. He refrained from commenting. Vondix was of the same opinion but did not judge the former leader of the Souleater Legion.

-Also, there is the influence of the Dark One, Talon added. His return is a very bad sign and you are fine

-He wants to rule the world, not destroy it, said the dreadlord businessman. If he started corrupting mortals, that would be a problem.

“All the more reason to help us,” Vondix retorted. Whatever he is up to with this war, it must be stopped as soon as possible.

-And I would give my full support to the war effort. What do you offer in exchange?

-The thing that every merchant covets, replied Vondix. Bring me your magic golem.

-Mammon? Alright.

Maronogin called his magic golem. Although similar to Primo, he was an inferior version. First started the update in Mammon.

-Installing permissions, he said, supervising the process. So. Now Mammon can access Omniscience's intelligence network.

-I see, said Maronogin. Indeed, information is a valuable resource for any self-respecting merchant. Come on, since you offered me something great, I'm granting you a favor.

Vondix whispered a few words in the ear of Maronogin who accepted. Thus was concluded the bargain between the two demons. Maronogin would provide the Order of the Blue Rose and their allies with quality equipment and other aid needed in the war. As for this favor, Talon was very curious but contained his curiosity. That would be treading on dangerous ground.

Back at the Flying City, Talon prepared to inform his order of the situation. He had no doubt that his men would fight for him. The real challenge would be to convince the kings without revealing his pact with the Magicseeker Legion. Only, he knew that the kingdoms were waging an unopened war between themselves. Some would even be able to delay their armies to arrive as heroes on the battlefields and capture all the glory. It seemed that, regardless of race, politics was a terrifying thing.

As Talon feared, the king of Isalmur did not believe him. Even the support of Omniscience is not enough to convince him of the imminence. It was the worst case scenario. If the human kingdoms reacted late to the invasion, it could spell the end of Arkain. Suddenly, a soldier burst into the throne room.

-My king, he cried. A patrol has spotted an army of demons. She seems to be preparing for a large-scale invasion!

-What ?! Curse, cried the sovereign. Bring in the generals! Mobilize the troops! Send messengers to other kingdoms! Quickly !

-Is this a group of scouts, Talon thought. Or is this an intervention by the Magicseeker Legion? In any case, this alert is timely.

Thus, the first Voidwar began.
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Feb 1, 2023

Epilogue: Lich Parker.​

Somewhere in the continent of Arkain, there existed a cave well hidden in the mountains of the kingdom of Toran. At the bottom of this cave, lived a mage named Paker. He had given up his last name a long time ago. Since leaving home, he had immersed himself in his research for days and nights. An ordinary human would have died without sleep and food but… it had been a long time since Parker had died. All that remained of him was his skeleton animated by the necromancy he had used on himself.

Suddenly, Parker's traps activated. Someone was entering his lair. Who was it ? Parker was the only one who knew about this place and the entrance was cleverly hidden. Whoever it was, these were no ordinary visitors. The door opened and two undead entered. The first was a dignified-looking lich. The second was a humanoid skeleton armed with a bow.

-If I had known that I would have visitors, I would have prepared a meal, said Parker lightly, but I think that is not possible. Who do I have the honor of meeting?

-I am Krom, replied the archer. And this is Rahandir Drakeskull. We…

-Rahandir Drakeskull, cried Parker. The Dragon Slayer and the Demon Hunter?! I knew he died fighting demons but not that he became a lich.

-It doesn't matter, Rahandir sighed. If we are here, it is to recruit you in the name of our master.

-And who is this master to whom you are so devoted? Make no mistake about a potential refusal. I have no problem serving someone, but I want to know who I am going to serve and what is their cause.

“That’s completely understandable,” Krom replied. If possible, we would like to be able to welcome you into our ranks without having to use “persuasion”. As for your questions, the best would be to meet the master. He will be able to answer your questions better than anyone.

Parker understood that his visitors would stop at no means to achieve their ends. It didn't matter to them whether he accepted or not as long as they brought him to their master. The lich accepted but asked to be able to take his things with him. Undead servants came to take care of this chore.

What followed surprised Parker who discovered with amazement that their master resided in Dead Mountain, the highest peak on the continent of Arkain. “Anyone who climbed this mountain never came back. » Such was the rumor that surrounded this mountain. Everything was explained! It was inhabited by undead who eliminated the curious before reanimating them as undead. But the surprise did not stop there, the interior of the mountain hid a vast network of galleries which seemed to extend to the confines of the continent.

In a dark and sinister room, Parker saw him. The master of the undead. A lich with a black body and dark robes. His eyes shone in the darkness. His presence made him so impressive that you would believe you were in front of a divine being.

-Master, said Krom, we have brought him.

-Thank you, Krom, thanked the master. Parker, right? My name is Aridon the Watcher of Arkain, the Avatar of Death and Guardian of Balance.

-Forgive my rudeness and my curiosity, the lich apologized, but what do you define as balance? This seems to be an important point of your beliefs.

Aridon then explained his sacred mission. The continent of Arkain was often threatened by the actions of mortals and demons. To maintain this balance, Aridon intervened discreetly. Although the methods were questionable, the results seemed to demonstrate that his actions were right.

-Master, asked Rahandir, where do you plan to send Parker? His magic power is strong but he is not a fighter.

-I think the Nexus Zirr would suit him well.

-What is this, asked Parker who knew nothing about the organization of the undead.

-The Nexus are what we could call the armies of the master, explained Krom. Each Nexus has its own philosophy. As far as the Zirr Nexus is concerned, it is the safeguarding of knowledge and history.

For Parker, there was no better Nexus for him and this feeling was confirmed when he was brought by Krom to the archives. Books by the thousands carefully arranged and studied by bull-men. One of them, probably their leader due to his imposing build, came to meet them.

-Greetings, Krom, he said. Who is this lich? This is the first time I've seen him.

-It’s Parker, Krom introduced. The master named him a member of the Zirr Nexus. Parker, this is Tremalon, the leader of the Zirr Nexus.

-Delighted. This is the first time I've seen your kind. How come humans don't know about it?

-It's because the Rasi were created by the master, replied Tremalon. When gathering knowledge, we use our powers to hide ourselves in plain sight.

-Are you aware of all the events that have occurred on the continent? I insist on all.

-Only those that seem worthy of interest to us. But it is not unlikely that things will escape us due to our small numbers and other circumstances. However, our arcane magic is unmatched and we are able to protect our knowledge.

Parker let out a sigh of relief. For a moment he had thought Tremalon knew his secret, but his fears were unfounded.

"Now it's my turn to ask questions," Tremalon said. How did you become undead, Parker?

-Oh, my story is not as glorious as that of a great hero like Rahandir. I was a young noble from the kingdom of Toran. One day, I was struck by an incurable illness. All the doctors were unable to cure him. So, I searched for a cure on my own. I have tried everything. In desperation, I turned to necromancy by contacting a cult of necromancers.

-Judging by the result, it worked pretty well, Krom noted.

“Yes,” Parker replied. But I had to disappear before they destroyed me. The rest is history.

-I see, said Tremalon. I will have your rooms prepared. When you're ready, meet me here so we can begin your training.

-I'm going to go, Krom announced. The master sends me on a new hunt. Hi !

In his new room, Parker set up his things. Once he was sure no one was spying on him, he took a crystal ball and activated it. It was a magical object that allowed communication over long distances.

-So, asked a voice on the other end of the line.

-It's as you predicted, master, said Parker. Aridon came to meet me to recruit me. I'm at Dead Mountain, in their library.

-Alright. Earn their trust and report to me any important actions of Aridon and any information about his servants.

-It might take time, Parker warned.

-I am patient. Wiping out Aridon is something that's coming. Unlike others who will attack this mountain head on. With your help, I could launch an attack from the inside. The undead won't see anything coming. But before that, educate yourself, study each important undead, uncover the secrets and weaknesses of Aridon.

It isn't the last chapter. A bonus chapter will come.
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Feb 1, 2023

Chapter bonus: Vondix, author​

The role of second in command within a demonic legion was by no means an easy task but it had its small advantages. Everyone respected and obeyed you. Work could be delegated allowing breaks to be taken. Obviously, it was necessary to check that the work was well done. On this point, Felicis excelled.

Felicis was reading a novel in his chambers. She had purchased this book during her journey through the human realms. Even though the book was mediocre, she took unhealthy pleasure in reading it until the end.

-What is that? asked Vondix who was passing by.

-It’s a novel that I found in a human bookstore. You should read this. It’s a pretty… unique story.

Vondix took the book and began to read it. The author really had a crazy imagination to write this. It told the story of a human from another world. This one had been summoned via a ritual. His mission, to defeat the demon king who tormented humanity. Accompanied by a team which served as his harem, the hero faced many evil creatures. Orcs, black dragons, undead and demons. All while portraying the antagonists in a Manichean way. At the end of his journey, the hero had a title of nobility and privileges. He lived a life of luxury with his harem of ten women.

-I have read stories about it, said Vondix, but this one is worse than the version of the Zyainor story according to the kingdoms of Arkain.

-I agree, Primo agreed. Aside from the concept of this ritual and traveling between worlds, the rest is just cliché. Everything is there to satisfy the unhealthy impulses of the male readership.

-And what are you going to do, asked Felicis. Write a story like this in your style?

-You know what, replied the leader of the Magicseeker Legion. That's exactly what I'm going to do. And also try to see if traveling between worlds is possible.

As soon as a potential subject interested Vondix, he would inevitably experiment. Braggin joined the project. Traveling between worlds would be of great use to demons. At the same time, he set about writing his own novel. A few months later, bookstores on the continent of Arkain sold a brand new book. This one was written by someone named Xidnov. Reactions were mixed. We recognized that the story was well written but it was its content that posed the problem.

The protagonist was a human from another world summoned by a kingdom of Arkain. The king gave the “hero” a mission: to save the continent from the threat of demons who had been attacking the kingdoms for centuries. The protagonist left with a mixed group to accomplish his mission. During his journey, he discovered the different kingdoms with realistic wonder. However, what was problematic was the personality of the protagonist. This one did not have the common sense of the inhabitants of Arkain. Therefore, he was tolerant and understandable towards other races. He always sought to understand others and what led them to commit atrocious acts. Of course, he punished crimes and punished criminals, but he wanted to work to ensure that it never happened again. Not through violence and genocide but through dialogue. But what angered the royalty was his opinion of the ancient kingdom of Zyainor. Although he recognized that it was not the best of kingdoms, Zyainor was not the horrible empire it was portrayed to be. Through logical reasoning, he demonstrated that the excessive hatred towards Zyainor was undeserved and that the ancestors of the sovereigns had lacked judgment.

“I would rather become a slave to demons than to those cursed black dragons!” »

A sentence pronounced by a fictional king which left a lasting impression. Intellectuals used this line as a way of mocking the hatred of kings and nobility for Zyainor and their fear of seeing this kingdom reborn.

During his journey, the hero was hunted down by the undead of Aridon who saw him as a major disruption of the balance. His enforcers, Krom the Archer and Sir Adoarus, hunted him relentlessly. Through his exceptional skills, the hero managed to escape them but other undead had joined the hunt. It was only by reaching the demonic lands that the hero and his team were able to lose their pursuers. What they discovered there surprised them. The demons lived in desolate lands devastated by a powerful explosion. Approaching the center was impossible as it was protected by legions of demons devoted to a being called the Demon God. Obviously, walking in the territory of the demons was not without risk because a legion chased the group which fled towards the north. The hero managed to cross the Void but at the cost of his companions whom he had come to know and sympathize with. Tired and injured, he stopped in front of a fortress of demons who welcomed him and nursed him back to health. The master of the place, Vondix, then told him the story of the Four and the reason for the state of the demonic lands. For his part, the hero spoke with an open heart. Although he had seen the best of this world, he had also seen the worst. This worst had disgusted him and called into question his role as a hero. He missed his old world. In his kindness, Vondix offered the hero the opportunity to return home. Which he accepted. The story ended with the protagonist being teleported by the Vondix ritual.

-The ending risks displeasing the readership, commented Felicis.

-At least the story is more mature and darker, replied Primo. People must be tired of these saccharine novels where the hero always escapes without having suffered any consequences.

-It was just to kill time, said Vondix. Now it's time to experiment.

Making their way outside the fortress, Vondix and his close friends arrived at the testing ground. Many demons were present to witness the success or failure of the experiment. Many people had bet on the outcome.

-Today, I'm going to win, exclaimed Magnar. You will pay for your previous victories, Dizzilon!

-No chance of that working, replied the dreadlord. This experiment is so absurd that one wonders how Lord Vondix and Braggin could have wanted to work on it.

"Whenever magic is involved, these two want to uncover its secrets," Melchom said. No one should be surprised.

-Remain reasonable when betting, shouted Romel. Don't bet more than you have! These are the rules set by Lord Vondix.

As always, the event was very lively. Vondix began the experiment after explaining his expectations in front of witnesses. The ritual circle lit up and an explosion occurred. Everyone covered themselves to protect themselves from the dust. A silhouette then appeared in the center of the magic circle.

-What the hell is going on? asked an unknown voice.

“It’s a joke,” cried Dizzilon. Did it really work?!

-Ha! Ha! Ha, laughed Magnar. I won ! Your money is mine!

-Who are you? Vondix asked the stranger who had appeared.

-Me ? A simple human but I think you can call me Shar Dundred.

It is done! The first book is finished! Stay tuned on the second book where Vondix will intervene in the second Voidwar