FamilyGuy Maul v8.5 Balanced Sound

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Family Guy Maul 8.5! better then all the other family guy mauls before it! custom loading screen and display picture. full spawns for all players (except grey, it's coming I swears!) Enjoi!

I take no credit for this map. The fundamentals belong to Duke-Wintermaul and the level design and general tower structure, terrain and triggers all belong to Petoria4Ever, xx6FallenAngel6xx and McYourMomWich. I just edited this map to make it more fun to play and more appealing over all.

FamilyGuy Maul v8.5 Balanced Sound (Map)

Level 12
Aug 31, 2005
Also the towers are really imbalanced towards the creeps, I mean seriously 46-46 damage for a tower that cost 10 gp? Not to mention the units get stuck and attack towers because of pathing issues. As far as the loading-screen and minimap. Goodjob, but as far as a maul goes. I'd hafta say a 2/10.
Level 3
Dec 2, 2006
Turd beats that map tbh. It was very very easy. One Stewie at a exit gets you through the first 25 levels and maybe more. There were ALWAYS some leftovers in the map and hard to get them to move because they ruined ur towers before you could build them. Way too much gold income and very un-original models and sounds. Some waves were EXTREMELY diffucult in between. For an example the copters around 41 i think. They flew through ur base and went to the end point and flew back to the base and destroyed everything. A copter got stuck in Petoria (They didnt get in so they returned) and i got time to rebuild my base. And my GodFather followed the creep paths!!! I lost 5 chances. All on the red dudes, what were they named again? A woman voice acts for him anyway (a big cup of red thingie) All round up 1/10.. crap
Level 36
Mar 15, 2006
Well, it went from very very hard to very, very easy, and this was the first map I made. The only reasont hat it was so horribly large download is because of the awesome custom sounds, which make the map worth playing alone. PS, you shouldn't have a stewie any time during the first 25 levels....