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[Altered Melee] Faction wars

Discussion in 'Idea Factory' started by Leods, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Leods


    Dec 16, 2018
    Straight to the point. Faction wars is an altered melee with several novelties. The most important is a fairly simple (purchase of representative items of factions) faction system. There are no races. Instead, you can buy different factions and teams of only 4 or more units, and 0 to 2 heroes, without unit type limitations. This allows to respect the lore (flying demons in the Legion and fel orcs with crossbow?) And not to use elaborate models. In addition, it generates an extra complement of tactics, since you can create your own combinations of factions. Some particular combinations allow the creation of leaders, heroes more expensive and powerful, which are important in the lore (as for example, the three factions of the Legion (minor races, Nathrezim demons and major races) allow the creation of Archimonde, Malganis and Mannoroth, once the three factions are conceived).
    In addition to that there are several more additions, which are also interesting:
    • Spy team: in the diplomacy center (main building of all players) you can hire spies that will search the diplomacy center of any other player, and release a particular data (temporary view of the place, player's gold, player's wood, etc.). There are several updates that you can buy, including one that increases the speed of the spyware, or one that allows the election of the obtained data. The spy is invisible and fast, and you can use an ability to create defenses around the diplomacy center.
    • Alliance and betrayal: quite simple. With codes (/ X Player Alliance, / Betray Player X, the first requires double confirmation, the second is secret) Logically, this serves to add secrecy and distrust between players, since no one knows the allies and enemies of their allies, and this it ends in treason. The terms are simple. If two players are allies, each time they try to attack (practically always, by automatic attack) these units will stop, unless a betrayal is applied. In addition, resources may be given. However, you will not be able to see or buy items in the other's store
    • Pass from gold to wood / wood to gold, and bank: Very simple. Change of resources with certain cost and storage places through costly objects that can be stored in the bank, so that they can not be subtracted by any method
    Each unit and hero has abilities both invented by me and taken from dungeons and heads of the World of Warcraft, adapted to Warcraft. I try to respect the lore as much as possible, but sometimes the information is not enough.
    I know it seems somewhat ambitious, but it's less than my previous project, and I think I can with this
    There are several things you could use for help, maybe ideas for factions, lore information, systems and spells help, map tests when it becomes playable, or simply with your opinion or support, so go ahead! of your opinion.
    Thank you in advance.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019