Faceless & Unbroken Pack

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This is my Faceless and Unbroken Racepack
It includes:
Unbroken Melee Hero
Faceless Mutant Mage
Faceless Ranged
Unbroken Rider
Unbroken mage
Faceless Berserker
Includes Artillery Facelessone

Faceless, unbroken, one, ranged, mutant, mage, rider, berserker, race, artillery
08:32, 21st Feb 2009 General Frank: All models were approved, so I approve this wonderful package.




08:32, 21st Feb 2009
General Frank:

All models were approved, so I approve this wonderful package.
Level 3
Dec 2, 2008
This is pretty neat, except the rider looks like he's riding on a Triceratops-thing.:confused:
In any case, good job on the models 4.9/5 (Because Triceratops didn't exist then.:wink:)
Keep up the good work!
Level 5
Aug 1, 2007
hmm very good but i would really love a builder to XD 10/10

Any unit can build without needed a special model/animations, so I assume you mean worker, who needs special animations to be a genuine worker.

And I agree, the faceless ones/Unbroken ones race do need a decent worker model.

I'm sorry, but a faceless head pasted on a reskinned murgul slave won't cut it.

You should make buildings.
Old Gods themed. Because Forgotten One and his tentacles, is not enough.

Only thing the faceless one's dont really need any more buildings, They could serve as a centralized species, with the faceless one serving as the research building, unit production, and town hall, Though other buildings that serve as techtree items are optional, but wanted ( With their own models).

I've you've played warhammer 40k as necrons, you can understand the centrailized base theme.
Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
Well here is my example of Faceless Ones buildings:
Town Hall - Forgotten One
Barracks(Faceless ones) - Bottomless pit(a crater or a chasm)
Mage(Or sludge monstrosities)barracks - Well of Corruption/Protoplasmic pool(Defiled Fountain of Life)(Could also be used as altar)
Tower - Tentacle
Altar - Temple of Old Gods(Could be Naga town hall, colored yellow)