Faceless One Sorcerer

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Good idea, but too bad the execution leaves lots to be desired.
EDIT: Reduced filesize.
EDIT 2: Removed the eyes. Hope you didn't expect me to add proper eyes. >:\

EDIT: Hey, Dio here! If you enjoy my work, a tip would be most welcome! Even a little helps a lot!

faceless, one, mage, spellcaster, sorcerer, northrend, squid, face, now, eyeless, too

Faceless One Sorcerer (Model)

19:50, 1st Sep 2011 DonDustin: a fine addition
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Level 8
Dec 17, 2010
Awesome, but the eyes looks wierd.. remove them plox.

EDIT: There's a bug in his walk animation: when he walks he loses his staff and take it again.
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perhaps a column of eyes in the back like 3 green eyes vertically with another column of 3 eyes nexd to it at the back of the hood might look neat

i like the tentacled face tho the faceless monster seems blank with just a robe and 3 tentacles of a face and 3 tentacles for a hand, perhaps adding obscure eyes at the back of the hood would help.

the robes awsome
perhaps tentacles coming out from under the robe?

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