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Exporting then Importing problems

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Level 1
Dec 29, 2009
I have two problems with as my title says,

problem #1
- Whenever i'm copy/pasting a spell trigger. i have to often change some of the trigger's variables like abilities, and units to match variables from the trigger i liked. Is this normal on WE? it's a lot of work when i'm importing a custom spell. For instance, the trigger i was importing had a condition "Ability Equal to Taste For Blood", then when the trigger is imported, it changes to "Ability Equal to Thunder Clap(or some default WE spells)". Am i doing something wrong? first i copied abilities/buffs, then dummies, then triggers

problem #2
- How do i export objects from Object Manager without changing the "Full Path", i don't want to start copy pasting from the website i've acquired it to again
Level 10
Mar 16, 2009

Problem #1 troubleshooting.
----Possible solutions----
Method 1. Turning on automatically recreate
--1.) Open "World Editor"
--2.) Open your map
--3.) Select File (Top Left Corner of the Screen)
--4.) Mouse Down to and click the button labeled "Preferences..."
--5.) From here click the tab labeled "General" located in the top left of the Preferences window
--6.) Look for the box that says "Automatically create unknown variables when pasting trigger data" to the left of it, and check this box.

if done right it should look exactly like so:

Next Issue, the ability problem.
This solution is simple
--1.) copy the ability over before you copy the trigger that references the ability otherwise its base will be used in its place.

I do not believe you can export things from the "Object Manager."

Hope it helps Happy Mapping :D
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