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by Macielos

The Exodus is an alternative story of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne that takes place at the same time as the undead campaign from the expansion. Command the Human Alliance that deals with the invincible power of the Undead Scourge and the Forsaken in 7 chapters, including urban warfare, building bases, escorting caravans and many more challenges similar to those you've experienced in RoC and TFT campaigns. Fight in places known from Warcraft III and WoW, like Dalaran, City of Lordaeron and Shadowfang Keep.

- 11 missions, including 7 chapters, 2 interludes and 2-part epilogue
- 3 completely new heroes of the Alliance, each specialised in a different sort of warfare
- 3 new heroes of the undead forces
- All human units + some extra units given under your command
- Alliance's technology develops with your progress in the campaign - archers and onagers used in the first missions are then replaced by gunpowder-based units
- Modified hero abilities system: 4-level abilities and 2-level ultimate abilities. A hero may reach level 10, so you need to choose which abilities your hero will learn on the highest level

The campaign is in English.

Models used in the campaign:
- Footman by levigeorge1617
- Joan Of Arc by skrab
- High elven Sorcerer by Fan
- Mephestrial Necromis by Mephestrial
- Summoner by infrenus
- UndeadKnight by jigrael
- Human Archer by HappyTauren
- Crossbowman by Kitabatake
- Galleon, frigate and carrack by Mr. Bob
- Fire Elemental by Illidan(Evil)X
All credits are also in a final cinematic.

Icons used in the campaign:
- PlatedFootman by Muoteck
- Fire Elemental by Illidan(Evil)X

Changelog - 1.1
- Main hero's model changed as many players wished
- Bug with the barracks in chapter one fixed

Changelog - 1.2
- Most hero abilities have been modifed or replaced
- All cinematics are now skippable
- Game cache finally works properly in all missions
- Many errors in dialogs corrected, some have been entirely rewritten
- Entire campaign has been rebalanced
- Lots of minor bugs removed

Download new refreshed and elaborated version of Exodus and enjoy it :).

Exodus, Alliance, Human, Campaign

Exodus (Campaign)

18:17, 9th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 2
Mar 8, 2011
I have to say this, defending a base for 1 hour was a pain in the ass, i was facepalming as soon as i saw the timer BUT i still played through it.

The only thing you need to do is mass towers at the southern part of the city to repel the flying waves and youre good.

I actully managed to Kill Gray + purple´s bases and almost greens XD.
With the + 100% damage ultimate + healing waves you got yourself an unstoppeble army, i only spared red´s base in case sylvanas was needed for cinematic or something.

Besides that, its an okay campaign in my opinion, i´d rate it 3/5 overall. A bit short and i was not very amused by the story, it seemed strange that the human resistance would flee to kalimdor instead of just traveling south?
The love relationship between the two main characters was never really shown except "now we are in love" almost as soon as we meet her^^.

Besides that it was an entertaining campaign nontheless and i´ll be sure to play any further campaigns made by you or if you deside to update this campaign with more maps.
Level 1
Apr 1, 2012
I think this is a bug but everytime i skip the cutscenes the description/tooltips for the move command attack command etc disappear but the ones for the buttons near the minimap don't.
Level 3
Feb 25, 2012
I really enjoyed this campaign. It has a very good story line. Its not too easy or too difficult and the custom heros were very well done. The only problem I encountered was on the last mission where I retreated to the second line but I still had the 3 bases in the first line. this all took place with about 45 minutes to go. It took the undead about 42 minutes to destory the 3 bases and they had no Def. and I already had max food so i build a ton of towers. Don't get me wrong its a great campaign but if your looking for was to improve it I have a few. First, on the last mission I think all the bases need to be its own group so you don't get max food in like 5 minutes. Also I think most of the inner city Def. should be owned by a computer so you can do what I did and build mass turrets.
Second, I think you should add more chapters or make another campaign that continues the story line.
Over all the campaign was great nothing that truly hurt it. 5/5
Level 4
Jul 9, 2010
Thanks for another comments. I'm glad that rating of the campaign is slowly, but constantly raising :).

As for your suggestions to the 7th chapter - I'd rather not shorten time we have to survive for. It has to be a bit longer than in RoC and FT missions, because there are lots of refugees heading for the ships and the defence of Shadowfang was planned to be long and exhausting siege. And having 3 players under control is rather bad idea as well. It will be too easy not only to defend the keep, but simply to swarm the enemy with massive armies. One of the players who posted before actually managed to destroy most undead bases with the forces he had.

You asked if I planned a new campaign. Well, I thought of making a sequel that would be set in Kalimdor and explain the true reason of the second human exodus. I shall see, but I'd rather make an entirely new campaign. I'd like to make an undead campaign with completely new storyline and significantly modified techtree for all races, set about 15-20 years after Warcraft 3.
Level 3
Feb 25, 2012
As for your suggestions to the 7th chapter - I'd rather not shorten time we have to survive for. It has to be a bit longer than in RoC and FT missions, because there are lots of refugees heading for the ships and the defence of Shadowfang was planned to be long and exhausting siege. And having 3 players under control is rather bad idea as well. It will be too easy not only to defend the keep, but simply to swarm the enemy with massive armies. One of the players who posted before actually managed to destroy most undead bases with the forces he had.

I can understand the problem with giving you 3 players to control and seeing how it makes it easyier and I agree with not changing the time yo have to survive but you said you wanted it to be a long and exhausting siege. Well thats the main problem it was long but it was easy. I believe I didn't do a very good job of explaining what I ment. Durring the last chapter the enemy over powered me from the very start and I said to my self "great... this is going to be difficult," but man was I wrong. After 15 minutes a retreated to the second defense line and built a massive tower defense. I had so much extra money that building and maintaining a defense was no problem becuase I only had to defend 2 areas, one in the south and one in the north. I built about 25 tower in each area and put tanks where his air units would attack from. Not only did I hold for 45 minutes but I don't think my food went below 90 and I only lost 5-10/50 towers. If you know of a way to increase the difficultly later on in the map so the undead don't keep sending the same waves every time.

I had a few ideas on how to do this:
1) Give the enemy more spawning buildings.
2) Decrease the time it takes to train undead units.
3) Increase the cost of towers
4) lower the ammount of gold in the inner mines to support trying to hold out the first defense line rather than just doing what I did and turtle the second line.
Level 22
Apr 5, 2012

Today I played once more your campaign and realized that it could be better at some things like:
-why do not you put some new spells?
-in Chapter 7, should be separate bases Inaylia, Eldin and Reynart
and a few more just to defend the Keep, those undead flying.
and as already said, raising the price of the towers and the attack of the undead dexar harder, one after the other!
-why not add other models to Eldin and Inalyia?
For Eldin:



To Inaylia:



Level 1
May 8, 2012
I loved the campaign, it was a long time since i played a campaign that evolved lore this way, realy good job

I found a bug in chapter 5, if you get 5000 lumber before the objective to colect 5000 lumber, you will not be able to complete the level. I searched all the map, got around 4700 lumber, than i killed the guardian of the shadowfang keep, after the cutscene i got 5 peasents and some resources, about 500 lumber, 4700+500= 5200 lumber i got, i could complete the "10000 gold" and "get the 3 mines" objectives, but i was not able to complete the "5000 lumber" anyway....
Level 3
May 4, 2011
Another bug (Will edit if not). When you skip the cinematic at chapter one (will check if not the other chapters), it shows that you didn't enable "Fixed player settings at the World Editor. Info about everything when you skip the cinematic in chapter one will be missing. If you found out that it happened, fix it. Or, maybe because my War3 has a bug.

BTW, VERY GOOD CAMPAIGN!!!!! The first among the campaigns i tried.:thumbs_up::vw_love:
Level 1
Apr 1, 2012
Another bug (Will edit if not). When you skip the cinematic at chapter one (will check if not the other chapters), it shows that you didn't enable "Fixed player settings at the World Editor. Info about everything when you skip the cinematic in chapter one will be missing. If you found out that it happened, fix it. Or, maybe because my War3 has a bug.

BTW, VERY GOOD CAMPAIGN!!!!! The first among the campaigns i tried.:thumbs_up::vw_love:

same bug here. it actually happens to all chapters so i'm forced to watch the cinematics. :goblin_wtf:
Level 2
Jul 23, 2011
Nice campaign but I must say that those Hydromans are to DAMN OP! In 7th chapter a squad of 14 Hydromages is able to OBLITERATE any thing that enemy could throw at me. If he use grownd forces I spamed water waves and when they send Air beasts with destroyers (which have magic resi) I spam Water Elements. Enemy could not even break through my firsty line of defence.

U should replace Hydromancers with other spellcaster unit, maybe those standard sourcerers with changed model.
Level 2
Feb 9, 2012
Downloading, hoping to get some time in this afternoon.
Would benefit from a few screenshots, but only because some people want to know what they're really downloading instead of a beautifully crafted introduction.
Will edit this post.
Level 5
Nov 4, 2011
My problem is when I starting to open the campaign, and playing the hp bars and interface informations are dissappered + cant ctrl mutiplie unit group and item & ability describes dissappered also...
I don't know what is the problem but in old versions i haven't any problems just now in the newest updated appeared this, for me without interface lacking its impossible to finish any mission.
The best thing, I have downloaded every blizzard patches so I'm don't know what causing the error.

Edit: alright this inferface dissapering error only in first mission ,at second mission no any problems.
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I think this is one of the best campaigns I've played. The only thing that makes it better is that I play as Humans.

Its probably one of the few good and replayable campaigns on the Hive.
Now I'll give a small review:
Terrain 4.5/5
It fits the theme and there are enough doodads etc to add to the atmosphere but not clog it up. Some bits are slightly plain but thats fine.

Gameplay 5/5
I think that you've stuck to the Blizzard style and added your own style to create a fun and entertaining experience. That's another thing I liked, its not an rpg :)

Storyline 5/5
Storyline isn't anything special and it doesn't need to be. If you were to go for Metal Gear Solid plotline type it wouldn't work, the simplicity works so stick to it.

Overall 14.5/15
Fun gameplay, good terrain and nice brand new units creats a good campaign that every so often you'll return to.
Level 4
Feb 2, 2013
How i see it.

Cool map with cool levels. Nice terrain, models and skins. Personally, i would give it a 4.2/5 Btw, how do you pass Between a rock and hard place? I know you have to get outta' there but which way to go? This map made me cry! :goblin_cry:
Level 1
Sep 2, 2013
Just finished it, and it is definitely a good campaign,especially liked the gloomy and hopeless atmosphere.

Would a Scarlet or Argent campaign, set in lordaeron with an even more sinister atmosphere of a losing war, be out of the question?

Level 2
Jul 11, 2013

This campaing is great ut i found 1 bug like before the mission whne i pass the cinematic i cant see where im buildint the names of my heroe or magicks with itmes and all kind of that stuff:vw_wtf:
Level 2
Feb 27, 2010
Exodus - Under Siege - Chapter 1

HI, i dont know how the hell to beat the first set of orcs and creatures in the first part of chapter 1, i keep dying , i dont understand how the hell to defeat it.
Level 2
Feb 27, 2010
I need help with Chapter 1 in the beginning ,i keep dying , i dont know how to get past it. I player this like 2 years ago and i finished the chapter 1 but then got stuck pretty far it just seemed impossible to defeat and stay alive.
anyways now i am trying to even just start an i keep dying, dont know what the hell i am doing wrong and getting mad at myself


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
The difficulty is not normal, it's easy.

-the hero remains selected during cinematic mode
-after defending against the undead wave the hero gained a level in the cinematic sequence that followed
-upon coming a bit far from the Crypt Fiends & the Abominations facing the Neutral Footmen, the groups just stand like statues facing each other
-hero spells need detailed descriptions for each level and hotkeys (text)
-Lord Villenfall could have fended off the attacking undead at his door. The last wave wasn't really that devastating...

-with that kind of an undead attack, the optional quest fails its name
-the enemy attacks only from the east
-there's no need for more resources as items as an enemy Gold Mine and the trees in the area near it is enough to provide the player with funds
-why aren't the undead attacking the villages as well!?
-the Wolves sleep at night
-Haven Town: if the cinematic scene where the Priest asks about the caravan is skipped the dialogue buttons will appear two times in a row. After that the ALT health bars became misplaced and the cursor over allied/neutral buildings did not show the faction names anymore... Not just that, not even item and spell descriptions... Even trying to place buildings is broken as they are invisible. Hopefully, saving and loading the game after the incident helped. However the Priest in the next cinematic scenes when our hero meets him will not "say" anything and skip cinematic mode is the thing to do to get to click the dialogue boxes
-the Hydromancer does not have an inventory
-something weird's happening. The Peasants that mine in the place where the green undead base was stop from mining and remain near the Town Hall. At least 3/5 do that after a while
-the grey undead does not send units to attack the player's base
-after loading the game, Crushing Wave switches places with Slow
-the secondary objective finished with the gray undead still having a Ziggurat, two towers and a Meat Wagon
-found a Scepter of Healing in the troll camp. This item is very precious and proves an enormous advantage
-the Footman from the red village hasn't kept an exclamation mark as the caravan was not yet sent
-caravans cannot be sent from all Town Halls simultaneously but only from one village at a time... What a waste of time it becomes...
-if the road is blocked the/some Pack Horses might return to whence they came. Two returned, four went to my base and the quest was updated but the red village leader didn't want to ask anymore. Killing the two won't help either...
-the War Cry spell's title text is yellow and has a | after the W

-after the dwarf says "cowards, cowards and again cowards" the elf's dialogue is cut short thus unreadable

-the last horse of the caravan remained put right after choosing not to go to the village and rest and didn't want to move further
-Ring of Superiority found 3 times
-how did they find about those units that needed "rescuing", again?
-with the Scepter of Healing from the previous level and the Ring of Regeneration from the village with the estate, the level can be finished with the hero alone
-before entering the aforementioned village, some undead just appeared out of thin air
-funny thing is that after the caravan reached the second village, the last Pack horse that remained put started moving. Now a lot of them started distancing from one another... Some of them started moving the other way around...
-there's no real danger in this chapter and there are too many troops on the player's side

-purple undead base wasn't really destroyed when the quest updated. They still had the secondary mine base in the north-west
-AIs attack through the northern base entrance... They are also weak (+they don't resurrect their heroes) and attack in groups of two instead of all at once or something the like. The blue one doesn't even send troops to attack. It's just waiting to be slaughtered by the Gryphons; it doesn't even train troops
-why is there a Drealord other than Varimathras in Sylvanas' ranks?
-the starting Gold Mine gives enough resources to win the level

-weird thing: Raise Skeleton's autocast sparkles are seen through the cinematic scene transmission at the gate
-Drain Life switches places with Raise Dead after Load
-it's not actually defend the portal since it can't be destroyed
-the elf mage's Summon Dragon's description shows 0-0 damage for the creature and says the Hydromancer summons not the Healer
-problem is: some heroes have glow some don't
-Alinthor was level 5 here but he reached level 6 in a previous level...
-the bases don't send out troops to attack if the player doesn't get near them. Destroying the northern base leads to the south not training anything since it is part of the northern one
-the Shadowfang Guard towers at the gate need a longer range...
-"regular undead forces know you" should be triggered off after the portal has been opened
-Cloak of Flames two times: one at the green undead in the east and one south of them at the Sasquatches and it can be bought at the Marketplace
-I destroyed the purple undead base. Their AI wasn't working or at least yet. The same with the bigger green base and the gray one
-spells really need a good description and to be "fixed". Level 4 Critical Strike still gives a 4 times the normal damage bonus...
-some quests don't update correctly
-just wasting time gathering resources without doing anything else...
-have 5000 lumber but the quest doesn't update, thus can't be finished. It's why I stopped playing... I wanted to edit it but the campaign crashes on load in the editor

At its current state, it deserves less than 3.5.
Level 4
Apr 19, 2016
Overall a very enjoyable campaign I'd recommend to everyone.


What bugged me:
- Ultimate abilities of the main and the woman hero are too weak in my opinion, I very rarely used the big-damage-strike and almost never War Cry. Perticulary War Cry seems very bad: 10s +10dmg?
Alright I might have been too hasty there, the abilities seem ok, although the tooltiops need fixing, and would be nice if the value numbers are there for each ability on every hero...

- Would be nice if heroes had hero glow

- The pack horses in the escorting mission are spliting up and some even are going back
Perhaps it would be easier to fix this with fewer horses? As they said in the end of the mission before, they are going to escort just the last shipment (which consisted of.. 5? Horses, idk). It was ok though, the undead didn't bother going back to catch those.

- Last mission (bossfight): can't see any tooltips and health bars (Alt button) of units. Very annoying...

- One thing felt really awkward in the story and it's the freaky romance. Woman: "Oh I long to lie down on a warm bed on ship", Man: "Me too, in the same bed!". He gets straight to the point, no need for flirting lol... and later Man: "You know what you promised me." Woman: "Yes.... I remember.." LOL seems like he made her his sex slave or something! (quotes are not the exact quotes from the dialogue but faily close, you don't forget those lines easily :D)

What I love/hate:
- The overpowered Hydromancers! :D They can do everything by themselves - summons as shield and the Crushing Spamwave takes care of any opposition, be it units or buildings. I even sieged the 5 Syvanas' bases with them.
Also, it's weird that their upgrade gives them the Water Elementals ability, but the upgrade's tooltip says that it unlocks Crushing Wave.
- Guard Towers! Super strong, other tower types are unimportant and best if ignored completely. Won the last mission by defending for about 20 minutes, using lots of towers of course, and then tower pushed their bases, after that I just kept some units and heroes at their spawn locations with lots of towers to massacre the orange undead lol. I like defending missions actually, so could you perhaps make other towers stronger or give a little nerf to Guard Towers?

Not sure why so many negative opinions on the main hero; he looks excelent to me and quite fitting for a human commander. Maybe it's unrealistic how a footman can barely reach his butt but that's fine with me :))

Best part: "A f***ing ghoul ate my horse!" hahaha

*Edited after finishing the campaign
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Level 2
Jun 21, 2016
Whoof,... what a campaign. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, especially the main hero that could smash entire bases alone x) But it was partially so hard for me not to cheat. I lost patience in the 60minutes-defense-everywhere, gave me ressources, whosyourdaddy, smashed my beloved Sylvanas and built a giant beautyful base over there :D Encountered no bugs so far, at least i don't remember any. 5/5 ^^ Wouldn't play again :D But I never play a game I finished twice so its not about you :>
Level 4
Nov 29, 2017
Solid campaign, it was very easy, didn't find bugs, the dialogue is almost well written, something I didn't like much was the terrain, the design was very good, but I couldn't properly walk with my units because of the tiny spaces in which I had to fight, making micromanagement kinda hard.
All the missions were easy, but the last mission was too long and boring "just waiting for 1 hour", the epilogue was a cool hero defense.
Solid campaign 4/5