Everquest 2 Distant Shores

Good map?

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Level 5
Oct 3, 2005
Welcome to Everquest II DISTANT SHORES ver5.3

MANY bugs are fixed now

1) Added 4 new heroes
2) fixed save/load feature (totally differnt, older ver codes will NOT work)
if you want ur char back, send me a screenshot of ur character and i will get you the new code to
3) i added buying items for noobs due to a request that there was nothing to buy for noobs.
4) Reduced creep hardness
5) AND decreased number of shop items due to abuse.

MANY bugs are fixed, and many ideas were used to refix it.

Requests go to my PM inbox or lom109[AT]gmail[DOT]com
(but save/load code requests go to my email.)

I would love to hear your comments. I will reply to them ASAP
like.. at most 36 hours after you post i will reply (weekdays i mean.)

Map Download page is: http://www.wc3sear.ch/index.php?p=Maps&ID=6868
Level 5
Oct 3, 2005
i JUST REalized that i deleted a simple stupid trigger... lol the skip remaining actions one.. so im SUPER sorry to everyone =S

the map will be given out again tomorrow as i do not have access to the map section right now.. o_O dont ask why, somethign wrong with my computer, the entire map, add/update resources section is completely blank to me... just black

anywyas.. im really sorry and yea.. at least u can see the new 4 heros? lol.. so yea.. dont download it anymore.