Dalaran Defence

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May 27, 2006
Dalaran Defence
v. alpha

Quick facts:
Genre: Alternate TD
Number of players: 4

This map is a yet another map of mine which i never planned to release. Its an effect of my work to learn to trigger in a bit more advanced way. I can say, that this map was a kind of challenge for me, as it includes a fully functional simple time save/load system, which i made totally from scratch (no, i didn't make it using any tutorial, looking at any other code. Its made entirely from scratch) and some other triggers, kinda hard to classificate.

As you can see, i created this map to learn. And i learned much, i spent many hours trying to create all the triggers and make them work. Though such maps shouldnt be posted, but i've been working so hard on this one, that i thought it would be horrible to just throw this map out to the bin.

Remnants of the resistance force against the Scourge in Dalaran have gathered close to the center of the city, where lies one of the most important of Dalaran Purple Citadels; The Mage Tower. But the Undead were still following them. Thats why the Council have created four magical towers, which strike any Undead that comes close. You are in charge of one such tower.

General info
Alright, you've read the introduction, where i explained that this map is crap, and the sucky story plot, so now its time to give you some more detailed information.
The point of the game is not to survive XX waves. Instead of this, you have to survive as long as you can, to get the best time. Yes, time. That's the thing that is really important in this map. Because the longer you hold on, the better you are. Thats why there is a time saving system, which will be detailed later.
Yeah, now you think "alright, but this is kinda pointless, a timed tower defence?". Duh.

Towers & Upgrades
With this brilliant thought we come to the next point - the towers. Unlikely in the other TD maps, in this game you can only have up to four towers. Each tower has three ways in which it can be upgraded, which i call "Major Upgrades", and three other called "Minor Upgrades". The Major Upgrades are the ones that give your tower some significant bonuses, like more hp, base armor or special abilities.
The Minor Upgrades are like ten times cheaper than Major ones, they increase damage, attack speed and armor value of the tower they're researched in. Each Minor Upgrade has five levels. Upgrades are individual for each tower.
Also, you dont build towers using a worker. The worker unit is used only to repair your towers. Oh, yes, your towers will be under constant attack. Note that the repairer is not invincible, so he can die. However, you can always hire a new one in the Mage Tower for some gold.
The towers are built in a straight line. To build a new tower, you buy a special item, which gives 1 mana point to your newest tower. This makes it able to use its ability to place a new tower. You click the ability and the rest of job is being done automaticially.

Sidenote: This was a pain in the ass to code the triggers so that they wont bug if your middle/first tower gets destroyed.

Creep Waves
Here comes other thought: "A timed tower defence with only FOUR TOWERS limit?! WTF?!". Yes, you've read correctly. This is a timed TD with four towers limit. But the creep waves are also modified to match those changes.
You see, the number of creeps spawned for you is calculated using a value i called "threat". Its a mix of your number of killed enemy units and the lenght of the game. This means, there are no prepared waves, like first peasants, then footmans etc. The waves are mixed, composed from weaker and stronger units, but even the weakest of them can be extremely deadly. The units vary in armor type, hp, speed, range, and that's the dangeroues thing - you have to watch your towers attack type, because some of them can deal much lower damage to certain armor types.

Terrain - why its so crappy?
The terrain is crap, i can tell this without beating. Ill rework it maybe if you want me to continue it.

The time save/load system
Now we get to the issue, which was the most challenging for me. The save/load system. Though its a very simple one and doesnt store much information, the code recieved is long (~22 characters ;| ). The main purpose of this system is to save your time after the Scourge pwned your ass and use the code to prove your extremely good time (if you ever get such a time) to the ones, that dont believe you.​

Currect Issues
These are current issues, that i would want to change, but i need your feedback:
- Currently the threat value for each player is almost the same, as there are no bonus creeps for anyone... Im looking forward for any ideas to like randomize threat, make it dependant on what player does.
- The map requires some balancing, feedback on that topic is mostly appreciated.
- Your opinion - is this map worth it to continue?
- ANYTHING to make it more dynamic.

Currently abandoned. Attached full open version, feel free to download and learn, but dont rip off the idea.

Download Dalaran Defence (deleted, as this was an alpha version. Attached to post instead. Added full opened version.)


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