EquiSys v.B

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This is the updated version of my Equipment System called "EquiSys" or ES_ for short.
The new version v.B has several improvements over v.A, with the biggest being that it now works with v1.24 of WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne unlike the older version.


-6 slot system that changes a Hero's inventory spaces into slots which can only equip certain types of items, allowing you to restrict which items certain Heroes may carry and restrict the amount of weapons/etc carried by your Hero.
-You can still pickup items from the ground and buy items from shops even if your inventory is already full, as they always will be.
-Items can be made "two-handed", requiring two slots to be equipped. Perfect for bows, big swords etc.
-You can make items with charges (like potions) stack on top of each other if you will.
-Allows for dual-wielding (akimbo) weapons and for Sword+Shield Combos.
-Animations change depending on equipped weapon.


+Intuitive and user-friendly.
+Easy to implement and documented.
+Easy to overview and understandable for players.
+Clean and good looking system.
+Small system, doesn't use a lot of processing power.
-Only allows for 6 items to be equipped unlike other, bigger inventory systems.
-Heroes always have full inventory and hence need special triggers to aquire items. (Triggers included)
-Shop items require special triggering. Easy to setup though. (Triggers included)
-Recipes will only work if you use a separate unit outside of the system for forging.


This system aims to be an easy-to-use (for players) inventory system and provide basic but often demanded options to maps. Most useful for AoS and Arena maps, as RPG maps often require more than 6 slots.

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Hoernchen's Equipment System (Map)

12th Dec 2015 IcemanBo: Too long time as NeedsFix. Rejected. 13:15, 17th Jun 2010 TriggerHappy: Uses locations. Remove the BJ's. Use elseif's. Don't destroy timers. And to top it all off, there are already systems which do this but better.




12th Dec 2015
IcemanBo: Too long time as NeedsFix. Rejected.

13:15, 17th Jun 2010

Uses locations.
Remove the BJ's.
Use elseif's.
Don't destroy timers.

And to top it all off, there are already systems which do this but better.
Level 9
Jun 16, 2007
I don't think that the fact that better systems exist should disqualify my resource. Furthermore, I am not trying to make a system like that of Toadcop or co. This system is supposed to stay on simply 6 items without fancy backpacks, sockets etc. Also, the older version of this system was positively received here before, I don't understand why the newer version is not, it's merely a re-submission.

You can still pick up any item you wish, as long as you first classify it. For this, read the comments in the coding. You would simply have to do this:
call ES_Register_Item('ITEMID', "jewel")

"jewel" in this case was the name of the slot for potions, as I decided for this example to allow both Jewelry and potions to be equipped into the same slot.
This means picking up the potion of health will equip it into the next slot of classification "jewel", namely slot 5 and 6 in this demo map.

The imported stuff is a bit much, I apologize for having to import a fully animated villager, but otherwise I wouldn't be able to showcase the 'stance' system which makes the villager take different stances whenever wielding a different item in his hands.
Level 9
Jun 16, 2007
It seems to me a lot of people post feedback without actually opening the map. Yes, the system would actually be better described as an equipment limitation system, but that doesn't really sound nice, does it? Though you are right.

A lot of people seem to have this (logical) problem. They seem to think because the demo only has Hand, Offhand, Chest, Boots, Jewelry slots means that you cannot make your own slots with their own classifications. Let me go a bit further on this. A slot is simply a dummy item that stands there so you can hover over it for a tool-tip and see a visual of the type of item you can equip there.
In this system, the mapper can assign a number of different classifications to any slot they create. They can then also assign one classification to any item they create. An item can only be equipped if there is a free slot that has a matching classification.
This way, let's say I have three armor types: "Chainmail, Leather, Cloth". And every Hero in my game can equip one of these. Chainmail wearers can equip all, Leather can equip cloth too. So we just add classifications "chainmail" to all chainmails, and the same for the other items.
Now, we give a chainmail class a slot with all 3 classifications, a leather class a slot with only the first 2 and a cloth class only a slot with the cloth classification.
I hope this does not cause any more confusion as it seems to be a core problem that people think any slot outside the demo map does not exist.
Level 9
Jun 16, 2007
Slot can have multiple classes while slot small can have only one class. A class is defined as a group of items that can be equipped. Each item can have one class. Each slot can have multiple classes. If an item and a slot one class in common, then that item can be equipped into that slot. Slot_Small is faster in execution than Slot because it only assigns one single class to a slot. Use it if a slot of your choice only needs one class.