Ephemeral Slash

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Commissioned for Frostcraft.

Note that setting the height of an effect attached to a unit will crash the game.
Radians to Degrees conversions for FX Orientation settings go counter-clockwise.
  • Ephemeral Slash Demo
    • Events
      • Time - Every 0.05 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Special Effect - Create a special effect at (Position of Blademaster 0116 <gen>) using war3mapImported\Ephemeral Slash Purple.mdl
      • Set VariableSet FX = (Last created special effect)
      • Special Effect - Set Height of FX to: (Random real number between 30.00 and 100.00)
      • Special Effect - Set Time Scale of FX to (Random real number between 0.80 and 1.30)
      • Special Effect - Set Orientation of FX to yaw: (Radians((Random real number between 0.00 and 359.00))), pitch: 0.00, roll: 0.00
      • Special Effect - Destroy FX


- Uploaded


Feel free to modify. Give credit.


Magos' Model Editor
If a.) the model/s present an error regarding a ribbon emitter upon opening, or b.) the models go blank in-game after editing them in Magos', use MdlxConv to convert the uncorrupted file to mdl, edit the model as you wish, and then convert back to mdx before importing.

If models with omnilights light up the whole map after conversion, make sure you're using version 1.04 of MdlxConv.


Ephemeral Slash Avocado (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Jade (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Midnight (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Orange (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Pink (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Purple (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Red (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Silver (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Teal (Model)

Ephemeral Slash Yellow (Model)

Very Nice Effects. Keep the good work up. Setting to Approved.
Level 6
Jun 11, 2009
I cannot succeed to make this work in Reforged. AddSpecialEffect does not show the model (as many other models including some standard ones with no detected animations in WE, but if I create a unit with this model it is shown correctly. Any help is appreciated.
Level 1
Jan 30, 2020
hi,man,I want to have this Character model(the blademaster) instead of the Effect plz!!! i love the mod!!!:ogre_haosis:

can u send the download link about "blademaster" to me ?
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