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Enfo's TS:MT Edition 1.93

Submitted by mecatronic
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


Enfo's Team Survival:MT Edition is, according to Blizzard, the best ETS mod on battle.net. The map has been developed since 2005 to bring you the perfect balance of all elements, including hero spells, game mechanics and more. The main effort of MT Team is to keep the version balanced, so people can freely play it without having to host All Random games, or having to play another version because of a balance flaw. Our concern is always to keep the game balanced, and not adding tons of stuff like most maps do. From beginners to pros, all players can play ETS:MT without having to worry about being killed by a cheap strategy using a broken hero.

We have a fast growing community of players that are so concerned about the game as we are, and keep suggesting new elements for the game, reporting bugs, and pointing how we can make the game even better.


Once upon a time, a guy named Enfo started a map based on a multiplayer forum-based rpg he was playing called DragonRealms. In this map, which he called Enfo's Team Survival, the players had heroes to control, each one based on each class present on DragonRealms, and they should fight waves of monsters also inspired in the bestiary of the same game. Back then, he had the support of many users from the long dead modforge forums, which helped Enfo to build an awesome map that quickly spread through battle.net and became one of the most played maps on every realm.

After some time updating the map, Enfo was forced to quit the project to give proper time to his graduation in sociology. This could be the end of the project, if at any given time an unprotected version wouldn't have leaked and other map makers had access to this map. Out of nowhere, unofficial versions of Enfo's Team Survival started to be released by many different map makers, from beginners to experienced ones, and some of them got pretty popular, even more than the original version (a few to mention are ETS Tournament Edition, ETS Ripped Off, and ETS Remix Naked), but even those were left behind by their own makers.

After a few warcraft patches, the good old versions of Enfo's Team Survival became VERY bugged. The patches changed some commands of the World Editor, and every map that were not being updated got useless.

During this dark age, when the most played versions got obsolete, and all that that remained was a bunch of rigged and poorly made maps, that MT Edition was born.

Enfo's Team Survival: MT Edition was created to surpass the rigged versions and give an option for those who wanted to properly play ETS. It was designed with balance being it's goal, so that players wouldn't need to worry about who was the most rigged hero, or the strongest item, or the most cheap strategy, it was all about picking a hero that suited the playstyle and use it to fight the waves of enemies.

After the interview for the Meet your Makers, MT Team finally had a chance to talk to Enfo himself, and during the conversation Enfo said he was glad the his work was kept in such a good development, and that he supported the efforts of MT Team to make it an even better map.

After more than four years of work, MT Edition is now the most played version of Enfo's Team Survival, and even one of the most hosted maps on battle.net according to MapGnome.


ETS:MT has a variety of exclusive features compared to other ETS maps, among them are:

Game Modes: MT Edition gives the Host the ability to set game modes to the game. These game modes will change the gaming experience for players and can even change the game into a whole new different style. Some of the most used game modes are Draft, Extra Bounty, Solo and Random Mode.

Support Monsters: The waves of monsters spawn two different kind of creatures. While one of them face the Heroes the usual way, the other one supports its allies with spells, auras, passive skills, or ranged attacks.

Unique Heroes: Some heroes in MT Edition were designed by the MT Team and thus are exclusive to this version, a few that can be listed are the Summoner, Sniper, Spiked Tree, Time Mage, Faenrae Champion and others.

Learning Curve: Intentionally, there are just a few combo items in ETS:MT. That and other things contribute to the very soft learning curve of the map. You don't have to worry about what items are good for the combo item that is required for another combo item. The heroes are also very easy to play, and the map doesn't have complicated hero combos or spells used to exploit cheap strategies.

Tips: For the players new to the map, random tips are displayed telling the basics of the game, to make it even easier to be played. The tips can be disabled.

Rematch: After the match ends, players can stay in the game for the rematches. This way players can play any amount of matches on the same game.

Balance: MT Team always had the motto "Balance is Everything", and that's why MT Edition will always work with balance being the top priority. That's why players can always play the map without having to worry about which is the most rigged hero to play with or item to buy.

Screen Shots

[​IMG] [​IMG]

  • This map is protected.
  • The original author of this map (Enfo) quit the project and supports MT Edition.
  • The author of another version called Enfo's Team Survival Ripped Off, also agreed to allow MT Team to use the content of his map.
  • Enfo's Team Survival MT Edition has been reviewed by Dr Super Good, bounty hunter2, and Rui and was awarded with an Honorable Mention.
  • The map was also spotlighted by Blizzard.
  • The official site for posting bugs, suggestions, questions and strategies is www.enfomt.com.

Change Log
CHANGE LOG (Last Version)

1.93 (October 30, 2011)
- Bard's Nexus had its cooldown increased.
- Cabalist's Naphta now properly reduces attack speed.
- Cleric's Aesrela Everild had its damage increased.
- Enthropist's Ring of Spears had its cooldown, damage and mana cost increased and duration slightly decreased.
- Moon Mage's Burn now works properly with Glythtide's Gift.
- Ranger's See the Wind had its critical chance slightly increased.
- Summoner's Anti-Magic Shell now has 75k life.
- Tempest's Burst had its damage and duration reduced and cooldown increased.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath now deals proper damage (which was slightly reduced) and works correctly with Magic Reistant monters.
- Time Mage's Time Lapse had its cooldown reworked and duration slightly decreased.
- Trader's Guild Shop now won't sell Healing Potions at 1st level.
- Troll Cannibal now won't cast Spiritual Swarm (from Revenant) twice at the same time.
- Warlock's Disrupt was fixed.
- Warlock's Spellcurse now properly silences all magical skills.
- Weaponsmith's Forge had its cooldown increased.
- Weaponsmith's Strength per level was decreased.

- Polished Elven Telo had its price reduced.

- Random Mode should be properly working with banned heroes now.
- Extra Bounty now can't be set above 5.
- New game mode: -perfection

- HP boost bug was fixed.
- HCL should be properly working now.

- Wave 25 (Shadow Drakes) now don't deal damage to allied monsters.
- Wave 35 (Poloh'izh) now have Beastslay when summoned by Darkrift.

CHANGE LOG (Other Versions)

1.92 (November 21, 2010)
- Paladin's Righteous Wrath now doesn't work on Effigies.
- Ranger's Favored Enemy now can't be recast unless target is unmarked. Also, it doesn't hit allies anymore.
- Warlock's Disrupt now works properly.
- Warrior Mage's Aether Lance now deals proper damage.

- -modes command now displays shared bounty.

- Shear's Life was increased.
- Whole Displacement doesn't work on units in the Duel Arena.
- Spellbringer now can't cast spells outside the West and East areas.

- Attack Speed bonus granted from agility was reduced to 1%.
- Lives lost are properly counted now.
- Killing friendly monsters now won't grant gold.

1.91 (July 25, 2010)
- Arcane Mistress' Targeted Magic now won't try to target monsters with resistant skin.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now denies the -repick command.
- Battle Chanter's Abandoned Heart now reduces attack speed too.
- Battle Chanter's Muse's Inspiration had its cooldown increased.
- Blood Dancer's Wolverine Dance now doesn't work if he's spellcursed.
- Faenrae Champion's Dark Hand Curse now doesn't carry over to the rematch.
- Holy Warrior's Tipping The Scale had its damage returned slightly increased.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Bracer now works on enemy summons.
- Paladin's Courage now works properly on all player slots and doesn't stack with itself.
- Paladin's Chadratu's Blessing now works properly if cast two times too fast.
- Paladin's Righteous Wrath now works when she's invulnerable.
- Revenant's Corpse Explosion's damage was reduced to 33% of exploded unit's life, its mana cost was increased, now deals proper damage to units with Spell Damage Reduction and is not affected by armor anymore.
- Revenant's Spiritual Swarm had its cooldown increased.
- Shadow Priest's Enfeeble now denies the -repick command.
- Spiked Tree's Backfire Aura had its damage returned slightly increased.
- Summoner's Summon Arbelog Warriors had their armor fixed.
- Time Mage's Slow now denies the -repick command.
- Troll Cannibal's Soul Feast now properly works with Shadow Priest's Armaggedon.
- Trader's Guild Shop now denies the -repick command.
- Warlocks's Energy Drain now denies the -repick command.
- Warrior Mage's Tingle now denies the -repick command.
- Weaponsmith's Forge had its mana cost at level 1 decreased and at level 10 increased.

- Scepter of the Magi now gives proper mana (875).
- Bloodstone had its price reduced.
- Greater Hisan Salve had its cooldown reduced to 100 seconds.

- Duel Arena added.
- Number of monsters now will be properly counted when they reach team goal.
- Votes for Hell Difficulty are now displayed properly.
- Game will properly end when the last member of a team leaves the game.
- The map now fully supports HCL.
- All item tooltips were remade (thanks to je5us).
- Now when a team is not killing fast enough, units will be teleported to the goal until there are 190 units on that side.

- Death Spirits are now support monsters.
- Shadow Spirit was replaced by Shadow Drake.
- Waves 40, 41 and 42 had their hit points slightly reduced.

- Monsters summoned by Kaelstrum Darkrift now have their acquisition range increased to 1000.
- Purification had its damage to summoned units increased.

- New command added: -modes
- New admin command: -kickname

- New game mode added: -NoDuel

1.90c (January 31, 2010)
- Faenrae Champion's Word of Chaos now won't be affected by any kind of thorns.
- Paladin's aggro was improved.
- Paladin's Courage's HP regeneration was improved.
- Revenant's Haunting Spirit now properly works for players 9 and 10.
- Spiked Tree's Barkskin had its bonus armor reduced.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath's damage was reduced and fixed on the tooltip.
- Warlock's Spellcurse now properly works on innate abilities and itself.

- Spellbringer's items now can't be used if it is under the effect of Spellcurse.
- Arhat, Uthmor, Hav'roth and Sidhlot are no longer affected by Trothfang's Rally.

- Game will properly end when an entire team leaves.
- Votes now are properly counted for all players.
- Heroes will revive properly now.

- Added a new command: "-debug"
- Repick command now will properly remove Trader's Shop.
- Player 10 now can be kicked.

- Random Mode and One Pick Mode are now incompatible.

1.90b (November 14, 2009)
- Cabalist's Fireball had its mana cost reduced.
- Combat Mastery had its progression changed (lvl 10 values are still the same).
- Heroes should revive properly.
- Hypnotist's Hallucination now won't be able to target summons summoned with Summonner's Darkrift.
- Shadow Priest's Enfeeble's duration was fixed.

- Draft Mode now won't bug if someone leaves during the hero picking.
- Draft Mode now will have 14 pickable heroes.
- Draft Mode will now stop Spellbringer's mana regen during the hero picking.

- Monsters now use the Brown color, since the Light Blue is used by player 10.
- Monsters won't get stuck when they're in a big number.

- Added a few texts in the mini-map.
- Added Donator Flavors.
- Heavy Armor had its tooltips and damage taken fixed.
- If an ability that denies the repick ability is used, players now will be able to repick any other hero on other matches.
- New Score Achievement added: Bonus Monsters Killed.
- New Score Achievement added: Not Killing Fast Enough.

1.90 (October 25, 2009)
- Ahlen's Cataclysmic Strike had its cooldown increased.
- Ahlen's Dragon Dance had it's cooldown increased.
- Arcane Mistress' Frost Scythe had its duration slightly increased.
- Arcane Mistress' Targeted Magic now won't target Sheared creeps.
- Added death animation for all panda heroes.
- Bard's Call of the Siren had its duration fixed (reduced).
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now properly resets on every match and works properly when cast before duration ends.
- Bard's Unnerving Symphony was completly reworked to be more useful (and less buggy).
- Cleric's Bless Soul had its area of effect increased and now makes heroes revive 2 times faster.
- Ethereal shield had its armor bonus decreased.
- Empath's Alchemy had its items reworked to be worse earlier and better later.
- Empath's Divine Protection had its bonus reduced.
- Empath's Transference had its cooldown increased.
- Faenrae Champion's Word of Chaos will no longer be affected by thorns.
- Holy Warrior's Tipping the Scales had its damage reflected increased.
- Holy Warrior's Tipping the Scales now shows the proper damage.
- Hypnotist's Prediction now can be cast on invulnerable targets.
- Paladin's Chadratu's Blessing now won't make targets perma-invulnerable.
- Ranger's pets had their acquisition range increased.
- Ranger's Favored Enemy had its damage reduced and cooldown increased.
- Ranger's Nature Lore now works if she's invulnerable.
- Revenant's Deathwave had its damage reduced.
- Revenant's Spiritual Swarm now properly removes Greater Spell Shield from creeps.
- Revenant's Spiritual Swarm now works properly with Bard's Unnerving Symphony.
- Revenant's Spiritual Swarm now reduces movement speed instead of attack speed.
- Shadow Priest's Enfeeble had its XP penalty greatly increased.
- Shadow Priest's Greater Hallucination won't have Ranger's Nature Lore anymore.
- Shadow Priest's Preservation had its cooldown slightly decreased.
- Spiked Tree's Backfire Aura had its damage reflected slightly increased, and now its area of effect increases per level.
- Summoner's Anti-Magic Shell now can't target a Warrior Mage's Ice Fortress.
- Summoner's summons had their acquisition ranges increased.
- Trader's Collect Assets had its amount of lumber given reduced.
- Trader's Glittering Prizes had its area of effect increased and doesn't work while he's invisible anymore.
- Trader's Guild Shop now sells Trader's Potion of Greater Healing at level 10.
- Troll Cannibal's range was slightly increased.
- Troll Cannibal's Soul Drain was slightly improved.
- Troll Cannibal's Soul Feast now won't work if he already has Mentalist's Dazzle.
- Warrior Mage's Ice Fortress had its duration decreased.
- Warlock's Spellcurse now works on the spellbringer too.
- Weaponsmith's Cambrinth Charge now works properly with Forge and Thunder Maul.

- The repick command was completly reworked.
- The "-tips" command now won't accidentally toggle for all players.
- Heroes now won't become invulnerable when the revive timer ends and player used -revive.

- Added new Game Mode: -FastRevive X.
- Draft mode now works properly.
- Extra Time mode now properly pauses the mana regeneration of all Spellbringers.
- Most game modes now have short versions and can be typed in one string (e.g. "-op -rm -ow")
- One Pick mode now works with Random heroes.

- Cheat pack now enables free repick.
- 5th player slot has been added.
- Heroes that revive right before the rematch now will be properly removed.
- Random pick now can't end up picking banned heroes.
- Tooltips were completly remade (thanks to DrunkenBunny and Je5us).
- You won't lose control of your hero when someone leaves the match anymore.

- Orb of Absorption now won't share cooldown with Ivory Mail.
- Dwarven Pride now shares cooldown with Vampiric Potion.
- Nimsha now won't work when wielded by Illusions such as Effigy or Greater Halucination.
- Vampiric Potion had its cost, replenish interval and cooldown increased.

- Wave 15 had its range slightly reduced.
- Wave 18 now won't stand still after returning from Stone Form.
- Wave 25 (Death Spirits) now won't stand still after returning from Wandering Spirit.
- Wave 25 (Death Spirits) had its HP increased.
- Wave 25 (Death Spirits) had their damage and attack speed reduced.

- Summon Hav'roth now will have only one aura for both sides, and it will return 33% damage.
- Jomay's Legacy now works on all heroes and gives the proper experience when kills any hero.
- Mana Disruption had its cost decreased.
- Spell Disruption now gives the proper experience when kills a hero.
- Whole Displacement now won't work on Sheared creeps.

1.89 (February 20, 2009)
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now works properly when cast on someone already Alert.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now can't target herself.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now has the proper level skip.
- Ranger's attacks now won't always say "unmarked" if she's not with Favored Enemy activated.
- Revenant's Deathwave now deals fixed damage, and had its area of effect reduced.
- Revenant's Corpse Explosion's area of effect was increased.
- Revenant's Spirit Swarm now properly works with Troll Cannibal's Soul Steal.
- Revenant's Spirit Swarm now has a bigger range when bouncing after killing a unit.
- Revenant's Unholy Essence was replaced by Haunting Spirit.
- Warlock's Silence now won't cancel Magic Infuser's Empower Bracers effect.
- Warlock's Silence now won't cancel some skills for the whole match.
- Warrior Mage's Ice Fortress will no longer force allies to attack it.

- Matches started with one team now will be properly tagged as Training Mode.
- Players leaving before the first round starts triggers the rematch.
- The -ghost command now works properly on rematch.
- Some skill with strange tooltips are now fixed.
- Game won't crash on macs.
- Difficulty modes now properly work on rematches.

- Draft mode now won't bug with uneven teams, and will properly work on rematches.
- Timer windows on Draft Mode now properly disapear.
- Added new game mode: Ban Hero.

- Casting Darkrift right before the rematch pause now won't make summons last until the next game starts.

- Spellblock now isn't inside Doom Spells for the last wave.
- All waves with support monster were nerfed.
- Death Spirits now won't deal damage to allies with splash attack.
- Waves 19, 24 and 31 now leave corpses.
- Wave 6 now has Lesser Curse instead of Curse.
- Wave 8 now has Lesser Slow Poison isnstead of Slow Poison.
- Wave 10 now has Lesser Evasion instead of Evasion.
- Wave 14 now has Lesser Bash instead of Bash.
- Wave 21 now has Lesser Evasion instead of Evasion.

1.88 (February 6, 2009)
- New hero added: Revenant.
- Ahlen's Cataclysmic Strike now increases its AoE and duration each level.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now works even if the hero is not the killer (just like Enfeeble) and now gives 50% more experience.
- Bard's Call of the Siren had its duration and damage increased.
- Battle Chanter's Muse's Inspiration now works with Magic Infuser's Empower Armor.
- Faenrae Champion's Inner Chaos had his splash damage slightly decreased.
- Paladin's Chadratu's Blessing now properly works with channeling abilities.
- Ranger's Favored Enemy will display a message when the player attacks a "wrong" creep.
- Shadow Priest's Enfeeble had its effect increased.
- Shadow Priest's Enfeeble doesn't remove Empath's Regenerate anymore.
- Shadow Priest's Greater Hallucination now has the color of the target unit.
- Shadow Priest's Preservation now doesn't bug the multiboard.
- Summoner's Anti-Magic Field now doesn't work on Ice Fortress.
- Trader's Guild shop now has a level skip requirement of 2.
- Trader's Guild Shop's Scroll of Teleportation now doesn't share cooldown with Winger Leather Boots/Elite Elven Boots.
- Trader's Glittering Prizes now has its effect displayed at monter's bounty.
- Troll Cannibal's Soul Drain is now fixed.
- Warlock's Disrupt now works if there's no enemy spellbringer (training mode).
- Warlock's Energy Flare had its casting time and cooldown decreased.
- Warlock's Silence now affects most skills in the game (including auras).
- Warlock's Silence was renamed to Spellcurse.
- Warrior Mage's Fire Rain had its damage slightly reduced.
- Warrior Mage's Aether Lance now deals proper damage.

- Added the new Game Modes: Extra Bounty, Old Waves, One Pick, No Left XP, Solo, Draft, Stable, No Share, Extra Time, Shared Bounty, Vote and Random (now set with a in-game command).

- Tome of Retraining had its gold cost increased.
- Anti Magic Potion had its gold cost increased.
- Anti Magic Potion now doesn't work if the hero is silenced.
- Dwarven Pride was totally remade.
- Nimsha now won't bug with Paladins's Righteous Wrath and Ranger's Nature Lore.

- Waves 3, 5, 8, 17, 18, 24, 25 and 29 now spawn two types of monsters.
- Gold given by the first bonus wave was increased.

- Added a time to type in game modes.
- Players won't be able to summon during the rematch.
- New score/statistics chart is displayed at rematch (beta).
- Game tips are displayed every 30 seconds.
- Pierce damage now deals proper damage agains fortified armor.
- Game will end if there's any team with no players.
- Players that have not picked any hero will have a hero picked randomly at the 4th wave.

- Difficulty Vote now works properly: if there's a tie, the difficulty closer to Normal will be kept.
- Difficulty vote is now off by default.

- Wave 22 and 26 now have Beastslay when darkrifted.
- It's not possible to cast Darkrift during rematch anymore.
- Grazhir's Effigy's summons now won't have Troll Cannibal's Behead.

- New command: "-cheats".
- New command: "-z.near".
- New command: "-z.far".
- New command: "-z.norm".
- New command: "-ghost" (requires cheat mode).
- You can now type the difficulty during the game modes time, to skip the dialog window.
- Repicking will no longer be abusable.

1.87 (August 17, 2008)
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now doesn't use Enfeeble's buff.
- Mentalist's Aura Sight is no longer dispelable and had its duration decreased.
- Shadow Priest had his attack speed decreased.
- Shadow Priest's Armageddon had its damage greatly reduced, tooltip fixed and area of effect reduced.
- Shadow Priest's Enfeeble was fixed.
- Shadow Priest's intro text was fixed.
- Shadow Priest's Preservation had its cooldown increased.
- Trader's Guild Shop's Potion of Healing had its charges increased.
- Trader's Guild Shop's Cebi Root had its healing increased.
- Trader's Guild Shop's Scroll of Teleportation had its price decreased.
- Trader's Guild Shop's Ivory Mail had its bonus armor increased.
- Troll Cannibal's Behead had its proc chance increased.
- Troll Cannibal's Bloodboil had its tooltip fixed.
- Troll Cannibal's Soul Feast now works with Summon Darkrift.
- Warrior Mage's Tingle now can target enemy heroes.

- Whole Displacement now works correctly if spammed too fast.
- Grazhir's Effigy's summons now won't have Ranger's See the Wind.

- When someone leaves, his gold will be properly split among remaining players.
- New command added: "-tr" (tournament rules).
- The "-range" command was fixed.
- The multiboard was completly remade.

1.86 (July 23, 2008)
- Arcane Mistress' Targeted Magic was fixed and had its cooldown increased.
- Cleric's Resurrection was replaced by Bless Soul.
- Faenrae Champion's Inner Chaos had its bonus life points slightly increased and tooltip now includes info about the increased attack speed.
- Magic Infuser's attack speed was slightly increased.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Bracer had its mana cost decreased, duration increased, proc chance increased and mana used decreased.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Axe had its proc chance increased, armor reduction increased, duration increased and mana used decreased.
- New hero added - Shadow Priest
- Paladin's strength progression was decreased.
- Paladin's Chadratu's Blessing effect now doesn't end when she dies.
- Ranger's attack damage was slightly increased.
- Ranger's Befriend was replaced by Favored Enemy.
- Sniper can no longer reach the spellbringer's area.
- Sniper's Lucky Shot now works on both stances.
- Spiked Tree's Barkskin got it's bonus armor increased.
- Summoner's Summon Satyrs and Summon Arbelogs had their cooldown and duration slightly decreased.
- Summoner's Flag of Summoning was reworked with new auras.
- Troll Cannibal's Bloodboil had its bonus damage increased and damage taken fixed at the tooltip.
- Troll Cannibal's Bloodboil had its tooltip fixed, now it has the proper damage taken.
- Trothfang's Rally now works on all units around the caster.
- Warrior Mage's acquisition range was fixed.
- Warrior Mage's Aether Lance doesn't have damage cap anymore.
- Warrior Mage's Tingle now doesn't bug when used multiple times.
- Warrior Mage's Fortress of Ice had its casting range increased.

- Whole Displacement now works properly on all creeps without Resistant Skin.
- Waves 16, 41 and 24 now have Beastslay when Darkrifted.

- Creeps with thorns immunity now have a "Thorns Immunity" skill.

- Sunstone had its cooldown increased.
- Greater Hisan Salves' cooldown and replenish time were increased and mana given decreased.
- New item added: Stone Axe.

- New command added: "-range" (sets acquisition range).
- XP, Gold, Wood and SB's mana now won't bug when a player leaves.
- Game will load a bit faster.
- The game now shows the number of creeps on both sides of the map on the food counter.
- The Multiboard was revamped.
- Players now will be warned if any ally picks a hero or repicks.
- Text shown when a bonus wave bird is killed by east side was fixed.
- Hero Glow effect has been added to the remaining heroes.
- Heavy armor had its tooltip fixed.

- Easy difficulty now has a handicap of 75%.

1.85b (December 10, 2007)
- Troll Cannibal's Soul Drain now works properly.
- Warrior Mage's Ice Fortress had its cooldown and duration reworked.
- Weaponsmith's Cambrinth Charge now works properly.
- Trader's Guild Shop now doesn't have Thirsting blade.

- The game will now properly count units on the East Side.

- Difficulty will be properly set on rematch.

1.85 (December 9, 2007)
- Ahlen's Dragon Dance now doesn't add new skills to the hero.
- Battle Chanter's Abandoned Heart had its slow reduced, and it doesn't affect bonus waves anymore.
- Entropist's Tremor had its area of effect reduced.
- Heroes do not disapear if selected too fast on rematch.
- Paladin's Chadratu's Blessing had its duration reduced.
- Ranger's Harawep's Bound had its duration decreased.
- Ranger's Meraud's Companion had its duration decreased.
- Reduced armor gained per agility point.
- Sniper's Lucky Shot now works properly if he's on Sniper Technique.
- Spiked Tree had his acquisition range reduced.
- Spiked Tree's Poison Gas had its casting range increased.
- Troll Cannibal's Scalping Cry got its hotkey fixed.
- Troll Cannibal's Soul Feast won't bug when used on Arcane Mistress, Sniper and Thief.
- Thief's Khri Strike had its chance reduced to 50% on all levels, and had its duration reduced.
- Thief's Venom had its damage reduced.
- Warrior Mage's Ice Fortress had its area of effect attack reduced.

- Life stealing items won't affect ranged units, and won't stack with Righteous Wrath.
- All mana potions had their cooldown increased and number of charges reduced.
- Garden's Vision had its duration and casting range decreased and cooldown increased.
- Increased the cooldown of SpellBlock
- Scepter of the Magi now doesn't require Moonstone-inset Ring.

- Whole Displacement now properly works on both sides.
- Kalestraum's Darkrift now works properly if cast multiple times.

- Creeps won't spawn with less life.
- Killing a bonus wave doesn't reduce the monster counter anymore.

- Preview Screen won't appear to be a white for some people.

1.84 (November 11, 2007)
- New hero added - Troll Cannibal
- Bard's Call of the Siren had its cooldown increased.
- Battlechanter's Abandoned Heart now properly slow down creep's move speed.
- Cabalist's Dragon's Breath had its cooldown increased.
- Empath's Divine Protection now doesn't affect her (only allies)
- Hypnotist's Mind Shout had its cooldown increased and duration reduced.
- Paladin's Courage had its bonus move speed increased.
- Paladin's Righteous Wrath now levels up properly.
- Sniper's Sniper Technique was reworked.
- Trader's new Aura now has a proper buff
- Fixed the position bug on Trader's Guild Shop

- Favor of the Gods was removed from the game.
- All shields are now Unique items.
- Trader's items don't share the cooldown group anymore.
- Bloodstone's tooltip was fixed.
- All attribute rings had their prices changed.
- Ivory Mail's tooltip was fixed.
- Dwarven Pride now can be dropped.
- Greater Hisan Salve now restores the right amount of mana.
- Cebi Root's bonuses were slightly improved.
- Winged Leather boots now costs 4000 (up from 3000)
- Elven Stalking Boots now costs 3000 (down from 4000)

- Fixed the message bug when you kill a bonus wave.
- Waves 8, 34 and 35 should use their ensnare properly now.
- Waves 40 and 41 got Resistant Skin.
- Fixed the longer waves bug.
- Wave 33 now got Beastlslay when summoned.

- Mana Recharge now costs no mana and have no cooldown.
- Grazhir's Effigy isn't affected by Chadatru's Blessing anymore.
- Glythtide's Gift now can only be used on enemy heroes and it doesn't affect Grazhir's Effigy anymore.
- Kaelstraums Darkrift was reworked.

1.83 (October 15, 2007)
- Added the effect of Spell Immunity, Greater Spell Damage Reduction, Spell Damage Reduction and Shear to Holy Warrior's Fallen One, Mentalist's Dazzle, Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath and Evoker's Ball Lightning.
- All heroes descriptions were reworked.
- Arcane Mistress' Frost Scythe's special effects were changed.
- Arcane Mistress won't waste mana targeting units with resistant skin when using Targeted Magic.
- Bard's Call of the Siren's duration was increased.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now properly works with Ball Lightning and Telekinetic Storm.
- Battle Chanter's attack speed was decreased.
- Battle Chanter's Abandoned Heart was reworked to be weaker early on.
- Blood Dancer's Earth-Shaking Strike had its cooldown increased, duration reduced and damage reduced.
- Cabalist's Fireball had its cooldown and mana cost increased and damage decreased.
- Cabalist's Throw Naphta had its cooldown and mana cost increased, and area of effect decreased.
- Cleric's Aesrela Everild was reworked to be weaker later on.
- Cleric's Shield of Light was reworked to be weaker early on.
- Cleric's Holy Binding's area of effect was reduced.
- Cleric's Holy Binding's duration on tooltip was fixed. It lasts 20 seconds on all levels.
- Evoker's Gar Zeng had its "area of effect" reduced, damage slightly reduced, mana cost increased, and cooldown slightly increased.
- Evoker's Chain Lightning had its mana cost increased and cooldown slightly increased.
- Empath's Alchemy now isn't able to make Kite Shield.
- Empath's Divine Protection's armor bonus was increased and its area of effect now improves each level.
- Empath's Transference won't stop if the target is full healed and its casting range now improves each level.
- Enthropist's Tremor doesn't affect bonus waves anymore.
- Ethereal Shield's cooldown, duration and mana cost were changed.
- Faenrae Champion's Dark Hand Curse's bug was fixed, its number of targets was increased and its mana cost was decreased.
- Faenrae Champion's Inner Chaos got its bonus hit points decreased.
- Faenrae Champion's Word of Chaos got new special effects.
- Focus Moonbeam's aura got its bonus increased.
- Holy Warrior's and Paladin's Trothfang's Rally were reworked.
- Holy Warrior's Fallen One now has an AoE increase each level and its cooldown was greatly increased.
- Holy Warrior's Heroic Strength got its bonus hit points decreased, and bonus armor added.
- Holy Warrior's Sentinel's Resolve had its armor bonus increased and damage reduction tooltip was fixed (to nothing, as it should be).
- Holy Warrior's Tipping the Scales' thorns damage was reduced.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Bracer got its delay to activate after each attack decreased.
- Magic Infuser's passive skills now require him to have mana.
- Magic Infuser won't crash the game if he use Empower Bracer near a Grazhir's Effigy.
- Mentalist's Dazzle had its cooldown increased and area of effect decreased.
- Moonmage's Attack speed was reduced.
- Moonmage's Moongate was improved.
- Moonmage's Starlight Sphere's Detonation got its sound effect back.
- New secret hero added, can you unlock him?
- New secrets implemented.
- Paladin got a new skill: Chadatru's Blessing.
- Paladin's Halt was replaced by a modified version of Courage.
- Ranger's Harawep's Bonds got its mana cost and cooldown increased.
- Summoner's Summon Darkrift was reworked.
- Summoner's Summon Arbelog Warrior and Summon Satyr Rangers were reworked.
- Spiked Tree's Backfire Aura's thorns damage was reduced.
- Spiked Tree's Rootage Trap should now work properly with Ahlen's Dragon Dance
- Tempest's Vertigo had its cooldown increased.
- Time Mage's Slow got its cooldown decreased.
- Trader's attack speed was decreased.
- Trader's bonus gold each wave was removed.
- Trader's Collect Assets' bonus was increased.
- Trader's Combat Mastery was replaced by a new skill - Call Shop.
- Trader's Life Potion was replaced by Glittering Prizes.
- Warlock's Silence now silences the target's Spellbringer too.
- Warlock's Energy Flare now ignores Shear and has a casting time reduction each level.
- Warrior Mage's Tingle's hotkey was fixed.
- Warrior Mage's Fortress of Ice now can't be targeted by Shear.
- Weaponsmith's Thunder Maul's charged effect now has a AoE progression each level.

- Two new item concepts were added.
- Favor of the Gods now drains all your mana when you revive.
- Polished Elven Telo now gives 20% increased attack speed, no agility bonus and costs 25k gold.
- Favor of the Gods' charges at the shop were changed to 2.
- Anti-Magic Potion can't be dispelled, can't be used if the Hero is silenced and its cooldown was increased.

- Bonus Waves now don't count as monsters to the monsters counter.
- Creeps should not ignore heroes with fortified armor anymore.
- Wave 6 got Curse.
- Wave 11 got new special effects for Cleaving Attack.
- Wave 29 got Strong Spellblock.
- Waves 13, 18, 21 and 33 now get Beastslay when summoned on the same side as the hero.

- Glythtides Gift now stops swaying the camera if the hero dies or get dispelled by another player.
- Glythtides Gift's area of effect was fixed (to none).
- Glythtides Gift now has stacking durations.
- Kalestraum's Darkrift can't be used on the hero selection area anymore.
- Mana Disruption's mana cost was decreased and duration incrased.
- Mana Recharge's mana gained was reduced to 30
- Purification's casting time was fixed to 2 seconds instead of 1, its mana cost was increased, and AoE reduced.
- Shear's cooldown was increased.
- Summon Uthmor doesn't stun enemies anymore.
- Whole Displacement now can target allied creeps, and its mana cost was reduced to 15.

- Added a small invulnerability time when you use a Circle of Power to teleport (to prevent creep luring).
- Fixed the gold bug on rematch.
- Hero Selectors got a move speed bonus.
- Heroes shouldn't revive when their owners are not in the game anymore (used to happen some times).
- New command added: "-forfeit".
- New command added: "-monsters".
- Players now can't teleport to the Spellbringers area.
- Players leaving bug shouldn't happen anymore.
- Some icons were replaced by custom ones.
- Sub-Random should work properly now.
- When a player leaves, half of his/her Spellbringer's mana will be given to remaining players on the same team.

- All difficulties were rewoked to new hp/damage handicaps (80%, 100%, 125%, 150% and 200%).

1.82 (March 23, 2007)
- Arcane Mistress' Targeted Magic was fixed and now has a minimum range.
- Bard's Nexus had it's cooldown decreased.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace isn't autocast anymore and now it stacks with haste.
- Battle Chanter's Muse's Inspiration now doesn't cancel channel abilities.
- Cabalist's Mantle of Flames's range reduced a bit.
- Cleric's Holy Binding's hotkey fixed.
- Cleric's Resurrection fixed.
- Faenrae Champion's Darkhand Curse got its damage increased.
- Hypnotist's Prediction was reworked.
- Hypnotist's Hallucination now can't target an Ice Fortress.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Armor now has a disabled icon when on cooldown.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Bracer won't give him bonus attack speed anymore neither give other MIs its effects.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Hammer fixed.
- Mentalist's Moonblade's progression changed.
- Moon Mage's Starlight Sphere's damage increased, HP reduced, and HP regen removed.
- Paladin's Halt was reworked.
- Paladin's Righteous Wrath fixed.
- Ranger's Befriend's hotkey fixed.
- Ranger's projectile speed was increased.
- Reduced the casting range of Focus Moonbeam.
- Sniper's attributes and attack speed were reworked.
- Spiked Tree's Poison Gas was slightly reworked.
- Summoner's Energy Share was replaced by Anti-magic Shell.
- Summoner's Satyr Rangers' Spell Shield is fixed.
- Summoner's Summon Darkrift was reworked.
- Summoner's summons' frenzy is an active skill again.
- Summoner's summons gained Greater Bash in place of Bash.
- Tempest's Paeldrith's Wrath won't stuck units in the map now.
- Thief's Krhi Silence was reworked.
- Warrior Mage's Tingle fixed.
- Warrior Mage's Tingle now can be blocked by Spell Shield.
- Weaponsmith's Cambrinth Charge fixed.

- Chain Heal had its mana cost greatly increased, and cooldown increased.
- Fixed the nimsha effect when you cast whole displacement.
- Glythtide's Gift was buffed (mana cost decreased, screen shake speed increased)
- Glythtide's Gift now can be blocked by spell shield (the whole effect, not just the slow/chance to miss buff)
- Kalestraum's Darkrift can't be used on the hero selection area.
- Whole Displacement is affected by spell shield now.

- Increased the cooldown of all potions (besides the standard Healing Potion).
- All tomes had their price increased.
- Reduced the number of charges in the Scroll of Full Healing to 10.
- Ironbark Leathers had it's price increased.
- Aegis Shield was removed.
- Kite Shield was removed.

- Added an icon/tooltip to Damage Absorb, Spell Damage Reduction Greater Spell Damage Reduction, Corruption and Delay (old Tornado).
- Added a small mana regeneration to Wave 39.
- Added a small thorns to Wave 29.
- S'lai Screamers gained a new spell: Finger of Death.
- S'lai Screamers gained a new spell: Greater Bash.
- S'lai Screamers had their size and collision size reduced.
- S'lai Screamers lost Cripple.
- S'lai Screamer's attack range increased.
- S'lai Screamer's Dispel now deals 15000 damage to summons.
- Wave 8 gained Ensnare.
- Waves 9, 22, 29, 33 and 39 gained Resistant Skin
- Waves 21, 27 29 34 won't be hold by a wall of Garden's Visions anymore.
- Wave 28 got its feedback damage increased to 20 (from 12).
- Wave 33 and 40 gained Greater Slow Poison.
- Wave 35 gained Spell Immunity.
- Wave 38 now decreases armor of unit being attacked by 50 (from 20) and got its thorn damage increased.
- Wave 40 gained Evasion.
- Waves 31, 37, 39, 40, 41 and 42 gained Greater Spell Damage Reduction.
- Waves 33, 34 and 35 gained Spell Damage Reduction.

- Added the proper hp/mana regen and attack speed per agility point at the stats tooltip.
- Some improvements were made to the -referee command.

- The "undecided" option was removed.

1.81 (January 30, 2007)
- Arcane Mistress' Targeted Magic won't bug the kill counter, and won't let monsters move/attack while stunned.
- Bard's Call of the Siren reworked.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace now gives a little more XP.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace wont give extra XP to Heroes if summoned units kill any monster.
- Battle Chanter's Muse's Inspiration's cooldown increased.
- Empath's Nissa's Binding was nerfed (invulnerable time decreased and mana cost increased.)
- Entropist's Tremor was nerfed: Mana cost and cooldown increased. Area of effect and duration decreased.
- Hypnotist's Prediction's range decreased.
- Hypnotist's Prediction won't cancel charging spells, and had its mana cost increased.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Armor now has a 20 seconds cooldown.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Bracer won't lag when used by the first time.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Bracer got its tooltip fixed: it lasts 25 seconds.
- Moon Mage's Burn's area of effect reduced a bit.
- Moon Mage's Starlight Sphere is now dispellable, and its life was increased to 60,000, and its damage was reduced.
- Moon Mage's Starlight Sphere is removed from game if she is repicked.
- Moon Mages won't be able to keep 2 burns at the same time anymore.
- Moon Mage's Burn's cooldown increased.
- Paladin's Righteous Wrath won't lag when used by the first time.
- Ranger's Befriend now has a timed life.
- Ranger's projectile speed was increased.
- Some spells got their tooltips fixed.
- Sniper doesn't damage allies anymore.
- Sniper's Burning Granade fixed and reworked.
- Sniper's Lucky Shot gives proper gold/xp.
- Summoner's Flag of Summoning got its Mana Aura boosted.
- Summoner's Satyr Rangers got their Critical Strike back at lvl 10.
- Summoner's Summon Darkrift now works at final waves.
- Tempest's Burst was rebalanced to work with newer range/damage.
- Trader's Caravan Bomb's damage increased.
- Warrior Mage's Rain of fire fixed: now the cooldown reduces each level.
- Weaponsmith's Concentrate reworked.
- Warlock's Silence reworked and fixed.

- Fixed the duration of Shear at the tooltip: 30 seconds.
- Kaelstraums Darkrift now summons Banshees again.
- Kaelstraums Darkrift now works at final waves.
- Mana can't be purchased during the rematch interval.
- Purification changed places back with Shear.
- Some spells got their durations at their tooltips.

- Fixed the tooltip for Elite Elven Boots.
- Items can't be attacked by creeps now.
- Reduced number of charges in all rings at the store.
- Small Round Shield now costs 12k instead of 4k.
- Studded Leather Armor now costs 3.5k
- Tome of Health removed.

- Fixed number of spawned units during rematch if a player leaves.
- Reduced gold given by killing creeps.

- Chaos damage got its tooltip fixed.
- Heroes cannot be repicked in random mode.
- Kicked players will have their names changed at the score screen.
- Lots of grammar errors were fixed.
- New Admin command: -referee (BETA).
- Normal Armor got its own icon.
- Now, if a whole team leaves, and the other stays, the next game will be single team mode (no spawning on the leaving team)
- Time to choose heroes was increased to 20 seconds.

NOTE: We can't be sure if the respawn bug was corrected, since its a bug that don't happen often, and didn't show up in our tests.

1.8 (November 2, 2006)
- Added a New Hero: Faenrae Champion.
- Arcane Mistress' Targeted Magic is now properly random, and won't target creeps with Shear.
- Arcane Mistress' Targeted Magic's range reduced. (1000+300*(level) -> 700+200*(level))
- Barbarian Trothfang's Butchery got a small duration increase.
- Cleric's move speed reduced.
- Empath's Alchemy got a new item chart.
- Entropist's Fist of Stone's damage, area and mana cost reduced, duration and cooldown increased.
- Entorpist's Ring of Spears' damage increased.
- Evoker's Ball Lightning got a new attack speed progression (worse earlier, better later).
- Evoker's Chain Lightning got a damage reduction and hits one less target.
- Evoker's Gar Zeng got its area of effect and damage incresed.
- Hypnotist's Hallucination's tooltip fixed.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Axe's armor reduction incresed.
- Magic Infuser's skills won't work when he is silenced.
- Mentalist's Moonblade's progression changed.
- Moon Mage's Burn does not work on bonus wave anymore.
- Ranger's Harawep's Bonds won't web sheared units.
- Ranger's Maraud's Companion wolves now have some evasion.
- Sniper's maximum move speed reduced.
- Some spells got new graphics.
- Spiked Tree's attack speed reduced.
- Spiked Tree's Barkskin (old) was replaced by Hardened Skin.
- Spiked Tree's Poison Gas got less damage, and increased cooldown.
- Spiked Tree's Tranquility replaced by Barkdskin (new).
- Summoner got a general tooltip revision.
- Summoner's Darkrift's progression changed.
- Summoner's Flag of Summoning had its effectiveness reduced a bit.
- Summoner's skills got a small cooldown increase.
- Summoner's summons' Frenzy is now a passive skill.
- Summoner's summons' skills got nerfed a bit.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath now is capped at 20% life.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath should now stuck less units out of the map.
- Thief's Venom does not work on bonus wave anymore.
- Warlock's Disrupt now steals mana from enemies' spellbringers to his spellbringer.
- Warlock's Energy Drain amount stealed increased.
- Warlock's Energy Flare now has a cooldown reduction per level.
- Warlock's Silence's duration increased.
- Warlock's Silence now can't be dispelled.

- Jomay's Legacy works on full healed units now.
- Kalestraum's Darkrift will now removes Resistant Skin from summoned units (so that they can be sheared and affected by other spells).
- Mana Disruption's mana cost decreased.
- New spell added: Mana Recharge.

- Added new shop: Arcane Altar.
- Effect from Tome of Health reduced by half (500 from 1000 hit points).
- Elven Plate Mail amor bonus reduced to 25.
- Full Heal/Mana potion now works 100%.
- New item: Tribal Staff
- Reverence of the Gods removed.
- Scepter of the Magi cost reduced to 50000 and requires a new item.
- Shields were reworked.
- Studded Leather Armor amor bonus was increased to 15.

- All creeps have only one attack now.
- Creeps are removed from game after dying to reduce lag.
- Frenzy's icon fixed.
- Last wave is not effected by thorns anymore.
- Wave 6 can see invisible units now.
- Wave 25 now deals cold damage.
- Wave 29 isn't affected by thorns anymore.

- Added Boundary terrain next to the Spellbringers area, so players cannot teleport there.
- Attacking a friendly unit is now permitted if the unit is sleeping.
- Player 1 can choose the game modes by himself (to be detailed later)
- Players that attempt a Team Kill wont be teleported anymore. (but won't be able to attack anyway)
- Repick is now disabled at the 4th wave.
- Repicking a hero will now drop all his items.
- Units under the effect of Glythtide's Gift will not have the screen shaked when a Moon Mage uses Burn.
- Unit's maximum move speed reduced.
- When a player leaves, Player 1 wont get all experience.

1.7 (January 24, 2006)
- Ahlen's Cataclysmic Strike's bug fixed.
- Ahlen's Cataclysmic Strike's cooldown increased.
- All heroes have mana to use their level 1 spells at level 1.
- Bard's Call of the Siren duration slightly increased.
- Empath's Alchemy got its item table reworked.
- Evoker's Static Discharge damage reduction reduced to 50% from 90%.
- Hypnotist's Prediction got his bonus decreased to 0-10 (himself) and 4-14 (others).
- Magic Infuser's Empower Armor fixed.
- Moon Mage's Burn does not causes messages to become invisible.
- Moon Mage's Burn does not causes the resources on rematch bug.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath now works correclty against the bonus waves.
- Time Mage's Slow had its effectiveness increased.
- Time Mage's Time Lapse had its cooldown and mana cost reduced and duration increased.
- Time Mage's Time Lapse now works in invisible AND spell shielded creeps.
- Trader's Caravan Bomb got some move speed bonus.
- Warlock recieved a boost to all attributes.
- Warlock's Disrupt had its mana reduction increased.
- Warlock's Disrupt's bug fixed.
- Warlock's Silence had its duration increased.
- Weaponsmith's Thunder Maul fixed.

- Some spells got their mana cost fixed.
- Summon Uthmor doesn't work on bonus wave anymore.

- Bonus Wave 2 gained some HP.

- Damage adjustment due to Hight Difficulties fixed in rematch.

- Admin comands implemented.
- Anti TK system implemented.

1.6b (November 27, 2005)
- Magic Infuser's Empower Bracers had its duration increased and damage reduced.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Hammer and Empower Axe had their area of effect changed: they now don't increase per level.
- Magic Infuser's Empower Hammer had its area of effect and duration reduced.
- Moon Mage's Burn's cooldown increased.
- Ranger's Harawep's Bonds does not work on heroes anymore (consequently doesn't work on creeps with resistant skin).
- Ranger's Meraud's Companion gained a small armor bonus.
- Sniper's Burning Granade had its damage reduced.
- Sniper's Fire Ammo had its damage decreased.
- Spiked Tree's attack speed increased.
- Spiked Tree's Backfire Aura had its area of effect decreased.
- Spiked Tree's Poison Gas had its mana cost decreased.
- Spiked Tree's Poison Gas was buffed.
- Spiked Tree's Tranquility had its damage increased to 90000.
- Summoner's Summon Buffer's Mana aura's mana bonus increased.
- Tempest's Burst had its cooldown increased.
- Tempest's Paeldryths Wrath's damage.
- Time Mage's Slow isn't auto-cast anymore.
- Trader's bonus gold/lumber reworked.
- Warlock's Energy Drain fixed.
- Warlock's Energy Drain's mana cost reduced.
- Warlock's Energy Flare reduces user's life -after- killing all creeps now.
- Warlock's Energy Flare netsplit bug fixed.
- Warlock's hot keys were fixed.

- The Game now warns the player when the Spellbringer is at maximum/half mana when Bard uses Nexus.

- Nimsha now works on higher lvl waves.

- 2 Bonus Waves added.

- Tooltip fixed for Normal Armor.
- Random Mode and sub-random now gives your hero different potions and gold bonuses.
- Random Mode is working again.

1.5c (October 9, 2005)
- 3 new heroes added: Magic Infuser, Time Mage and Warlock.
- Battle Chanter's Chorus of Madmen now works properly in higher difficulties.
- Barbarian's Everild's Rage now has a constant cooldown and a greater duration in all levels.
- Cabalist's Mantle of Flame's mana cost slightly increased.
- Evasion Mastery now has a linear progression.
- Evoker's Chain Lightning had its cooldown increased.
- Hypnotist's Telekinetic Storm damage type changed to Chaos.
- Sniper's attack speed reduced.
- Sniper's Burning Granade's range reduced.
- Spiked Tree's Tranquility now deals 30000 damage to summons.
- Spiked Tree now is strenght based.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath now deals proper damage.
- Warrior Mage's Tingle reworked.
- You can now choose a random hero from a specific group, like combat, spellcaster, support or rounded.

- New combo item: Scepter of the Magi.
- Nimsha reworked.

- Creeps now have a greater damage range.

- Easy handicap changed to 70% from 80%.

1.4b (July 10, 2005)
- Arcane Mistress' Frost Scythe range reduced.
- Bard's Faenella's Grace and Blood Dancer's Blood Dance now work properly with auto-cast on.
- Battle Chanter's Failure of the Forge ammount of reduced armor increased.
- Cabalist's Dragon Breath initial damage increased.
- Hypnotist's Prediction reworked.
- Magic Resistance, Righteous Wrath and Call of the Siren now have their durations at the tooltips.
- Moon Mage Starlight Sphere reworked.
- Paladin's Righteous Wrath amount of life steal reduced.
- Tempest's Paeldryth's Wrath damage per level reduced.
- Trader now gets discount buying lumber and gold.
- Weaponsmith's Concentrate now gives proper movement speed bonus.

- Jomay's Legacy fixed.
- Summon Arhat fixed.

- Full Mana and Full Healing potions had their cooldown reduced.

- A warning is sent to allies 30 seconds before a hero gets revived.
- All heroes now have the 'bigger' score screen icons.
- Anti-stuck feature on creeps added.
- Invulnerability time after reviving reduced to 3 seconds.
- Max level increased.
- Rematch reworked.
- Scoreboard reworked.

1.3b (July 3, 2005)
- Holy Warrior's Heroic Strenght reworked.
- Spiked Tree's Poison Gas reworked.
- Sniper's Burning Granade damage reduced and cooldown increased.
- Sniper's mana/inteligence reworked.
- Summoner's Satyrs and Furbolgs reworked.
- Thief's Sleight of Hand does not causes perma-stun anymore.

- Hav'roth, Sidhlot and Arhat do not give permanent stun anymore.

- New combo item: Thirsting Blade.

- Difficulties were reworked.

1.2 (June 27, 2005)
- Evoker's Chain Lightning gained some damage.
- Ranger's acquisition range modified.
- Sniper's strange tooltips were fixed.
- Spiked Tree's Rootage Trap duration decreased.
- Spiked Tree's tooltip and hotkeys bugs were fixed.
- Summoner's buffer no longer increase attack speed of allies with its aura.
- Summoner's Furbolg's attack speed was increased.
- Summoner's damage aura's and mana aura's bonuses increased.

- Hav'roth's curse now works differently if summoned in enemies/allies area.

- Added some combo items.
- Dragon-scale Shield does not has Evasion anymore (we put in the last version to test and forgot to take it off).
- Sentry Ward was renamed to Garden's Vision.

- Added some secret features.

- New tileset (Cityscape).

- Ahlen's Cataclysmic Strike is now bugfree.
- Arcane Mistress' Frost Scythe reworked (consequently Targeted Magic too).
- Battle Chanter's Chorus of Madmen now gives -100% damage to monsters and silence.
- Blood Dancer's and Thief's Evasion Mastery was improved.
- Cabalist's Mantle of Flame damage increased.
- Cleric's Chill Spirit was replaced by Holy Binding
- Entropist's Fist of Stone's area of effect greatly increased, but stun duration decreased.
- Nightblade, Cald Magi and Demon Huntress were replaced by Sniper, Summoner and Spiked Tree.
- Paladin's and Holy warrior's Trothfang's Rally's range was increased.
- Removed random names. Heroes now have only one name.
- Trader's Collect Assets' base amount of lumber received increased to 4, up from 2.
- Trader's Life Potion amount of heal increased.
- Trader's Merchant Portal replaced by Run for Your Lives.

- Mana pool now is back to 2000.
- New spells added: Chain Heal and Summon Illusion.

- Added number of charges in all items' description.
- Only one Nimsha is available now (and it stacks with bloodthirst).
- Polished Elven Telo's bonus to attack speed slightly increased.
- New Items added: Potion of Full Heal and Potion of Full Mana.

- Minimum move speed is not 0 anymore.
- Wave 26 now has Bloodlust (it always had, but now it doesn't require any upgrade).
- Some waves now have Resistant Skin.
- Waves 18 and 31 no longer take damage from any kind of thorns. They now are REALLY ranged units.

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Enfo's TS:MT Edition 1.93 (Map)

17:43, 23rd Feb 2009, by Rui A very original Defense/Survival map! Not surprising it made a name of itself. In my opinion, the tooltips/descriptions, gold and item systems could use some tweaking and organization. The map is very good, and even...
  1. 17:43, 23rd Feb 2009, by Rui
    A very original Defense/Survival map! Not surprising it made a name of itself.
    In my opinion, the tooltips/descriptions, gold and item systems could use some tweaking and organization.
    The map is very good, and even includes a rematching option.
  2. XxYoUrDeAdxX


    Aug 31, 2007
    Whats new o.o?
  3. mecatronic


    Jun 20, 2005
    a lot! you can check the change log on the official forums. =]
  4. cosmicat


    Nov 26, 2006
    Great! I deleted my upload of version 1.82, since 1.83 is out now. Excellent game, as always. 10/10.

    A link to the official forums might be helpful, though:
  5. mecatronic


    Jun 20, 2005
    I didn't post the link because i was not sure if it was allowed..

    but thanks for the rating!
  6. towerdefence


    May 14, 2008
    Try to build new item and Wave
  7. Templarion


    Jun 11, 2008
    1) Too many shops.
    2) Far too many heros. I don't believe they are balanced.
    3) Actually I selected healer, which cannot attack and "This character cannot be repicked." WTF ?!

    Really... What the fuck did the game designer think?! Characters that cannot attack and they cannot be repicked! Thats a beginners trap. That is just stupid and makes me really angry to this map.

    4) Loading Screen. Yeah, good looking and lots of text - BUT NOT A SINGLE TIP, GOAL OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WOULD HELP ME PLAYING IT WHEN I READ IT FIRST TIME !!

  8. mecatronic


    Jun 20, 2005
    1) and?
    2) it's good to hear that you tested them out before saying this.
    3) You could have read the instructions at mat init.
    4) You have a point here, even though the game is a hero survival, and all you have to do is.. to survive.
  9. Gurkengelee


    Oct 3, 2007
    Gameplay: 5/5 The game is a hero survival with medium-to-hard creeps depending on the difficulty. That provides enough fun itself. But furthermore some heroes have abilities to effect the other team and every player got a spellbringer to harrass enemy players. That provides a fun and exciting game without a single second of boredom.

    Level Design: 2/5 Well I admit that you have not many choices of how to setup the map. The battlefield is identical for each team with 2 ways for the creeps and two highments with shops. There are no doodads and all-in-all it looks very boring. I would recommend adding more arenas so you can choose to play enfos on a lavafield or something.

    Sound/Models/Effects: 5/5 No custom models or sounds included as far as I see it. But the spells looks very neat, my favourite is the time-mage-aura.
    So you get a 5/5 here.

    Heros/Units: 5/5 Very many heroes to choose from, all with a small background and with skills that add to those backgroundinformation. All skills are cool, every hero plays different. Also the creeps are not just more hp/more damage per round but also start to have skills in later rounds like invisibility, stun, crit etc.

    Replayability: 4/5 Many heroes, 4 different difficulties and no game like the other makes this map highly replayable. Adding some more gamemodes would be the last dip to 5/5.

    Balance & Bugs: 4/5 The game is almost flawless. The only bug I could find was that the hotkey for the traders cloak of shadow ability does not work. Fix that and it is a 5/5, seeing that the balance is great. The creeps are not too hard and not to weak (at least if you buy sufficient armor) and all heroes are cool and add to the game. None is too good, none is bad.

    Final Score: 25/30 = 5/5

    Your Enfos version is probably the best version out there. Keep up the good work and maybe add one or two of my suggestion and this would be a candidate for a Directors Cut award from my point of view.
  10. mecatronic


    Jun 20, 2005
    thanks for you review!

    About the lack of doodads, I tried to remove them some versions ago, trying to reduce the loading time, but I forgot them after that. I'll try to work on it.

    And the new version has some game modes and many balance fixes, you should try it.

    Oh yeah, we already have a huge list of bugs reported, but I'm working on them as I type here.

    Once again, thanks for your compliments.
  11. Gurkengelee


    Oct 3, 2007
    Cool new version, I go and try it out. But why is Darkrift disabled on rematch? I do not understand that.
  12. Cheezeman


    Aug 19, 2008
    To prevent that player summon Darkrift during the Hero selection.
    In 1.87 you could actually kill an entire team by summoning on their spawn circle.

    New reports in the forums indicate that it still isn't fixed, but I'm sure MT Team is working on it.
  13. Gurkengelee


    Oct 3, 2007
    Oh, I understand it as if you cannot use darkrift the whole rematch. Why nut just delete the spellbringers mana first, so you cannot use darkrift either? ^^
  14. Cheezeman


    Aug 19, 2008
    Well the thing is that the mana is kept for some time after one side loses, and if you time your darkrift you can have 1 to 6 summons on the other team's side (they won't be deleted).
    So deleting the mana won't help, you can still summon before it's deleted

    Oohh forgot to rate the map! 5/5 (although it's filled with bugs it pwns)
    EDIT: 1.88 was filled with bugs, but 1.89 isn't
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2009
  15. ProfessorZmurge


    Jul 7, 2008
    Why you start with 2 heroes and 2 waves come at 1 time? (on normal mode) o_O
  16. Psychosocial


    Jul 4, 2008
    Woohoo, new version!
    I likte this map, an my fiends too. It's our 'LAN-Party must play' - Map.. and on the Battle.net it's great to play!
    Yay to the MT-Team! x]
  17. Cheezeman


    Aug 19, 2008
    This is a major bug.
    It's caused when someone leaves during initialization on Battle.net.
    EDIT: Bug removed in 1.89
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2009
  18. Monkeybox


    Feb 11, 2009
    This game put me in quite a hype, especially the History part, but when i got down on it, it simply CAN'T be played alone. You get quite a beating, and while reviving it's 60~ lifes lost ._.
    Uh, yes, i know this is meant to be a team game, but still, i suppose every map should be single-playable. Either some dumb AI or quicker revival would suffice. 5/5 anyways.
  19. mecatronic


    Jun 20, 2005
    you should try using the -cheats commands, so you can revive quicker.

    Also, you may want to try the -ghost command (once you have cheats enabled). That will give you another hero, so you can simulate 2 players being only one.