Elimination 3.1 Officially released!

Level 5
Sep 27, 2004
Elimiation 3.1 is now finally released. The forums have been inactive for a while, but thats only because im not using the new Elimination forums over at www.clanwenw.tk.

(Download Elimination 3.1 further down this topic)

Important changes:

Shooting will no longer interupt your agent's current orders.

Assault mode:
Terrain has been remade. The teams now spawn on different sides of the fortress. The teams will allways spawn on their original spawn points, even if they have control of the fortress. Points-to-win reduced from 250 to 200.

Flag Fight mode:
Now uses same terrain as Assault. A warning message will be displayed when a flag is taken.

Deathmatch / Rabbit mode:
Terrain remade from scratch. Still featuring a ashenvale forest, but its smaller for more intense action.

All weapons have been balanced in some way or another.
New gun: Shrapnel Gun - Fires a spread of shells into the air the hit the ground with a random range difference.

Pocket Bomb now slows all nearby enemy agents when triggered, instead of damaging.
Stackable items can now be bought even if you are out of inventory slots (thanks to infrane).
Torch has been removed.

I might have forgotten some of the new things, but that should give you the picture of whats new!

Download Elimination 3.1 here and start playing!