God, I'm surprised I finished this. It was originally in my "NeverGetFinished" folder, so this means 'never' has arrived?
Anyway, this started out as a remake to an older Ancient Protector => Yeti thing conversion I had made for some texturing contest I think?

"Not having any natural enemies, some have theorized Sasquatches lose most of their hair as they age as a means of keeping their numbers in check. Nature can be cruel when it's necessary."

EDIT: Made the transition from fur to skin on his back slightly smoother. Also, added remnants of hair on his arms.

EDIT: Hey, Dio here! If you enjoy my work, a tip would be most welcome! Even a little helps a lot!

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Elder Sasquatch (Texture)

18:00, 19th Sep 2010 67chrome: Cool :)
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Jan 10, 2009
The transition between the blue flesh and hair could be better, it would be nice if hair roots were visable in places such as the back around were the hair abruptly connects to it. The arms could use some sort of transitional area as well, even if it a light dusting of whit that alludes to being hairy were the tufts of hair come off. The feet have a rather sharp transition as well, if the feet support alpha I would recommend adding some around the hair at the base of the feet so that the transition is less sever. Other than that this looks pretty cool.
Level 3
Nov 16, 2009
He reminds me of Old Man Winter somehow.
Though he could be very useful as an elder Sasquatch.
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