Eight Cursed Spirits

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Nov 21, 2008
Eight Cursed Spirits(Everyone can help!)



Hello Everbody!
Hej allihopa
مرحبا بالجميع

Eight Cursed Spirits Description:
Heroes are stuck in an unknown place, a place haunt
ed by the spirits of fallen Mages,Leaders and Ancients. These heroes soon turn against each others, they refused to share the artifacts they found across the land. Stories have been told that Each Spirit was able to be resurrected with certain Artifact. Soon enough this was proved to be true, And now heroes search the land for Artifacts filled with Greed and Addiction to power. players, Make alliance with native people and Merchants

Basic Information:

Each player chooses a Unique hero, and kills monsters in search of Artifacts, while he is searching for these Artifacts other players will also be searching, So you will have to kill these players, And kill bosses to receive stronger items.Your hero can evolve by obtaining certain items, And leveling to a certain level.

haxel96(Project Leader,GUI and ideas.)
Krazy-blazer(Terrain,Ideas,A Few triggers)
------(Spell Making(Must be Creative))
------(Boss Fight Triggers, And Systems Trigger)
-------(Expert Unit Editor, Must be able to balance too)
-------(Item editor)
-------(Icon Maker)
Note:You can take two positions.
If there is anything that i didn't say and you can help just tell me.

Terrain: | | | | | | | | %100
Items: | | | | | | | | %0
Heros: | | | | | | | | %0
Spells: | | | | | | | | %0
Systems: | | | | | | | | %0
Private message Me or Haxel96 to join the Project. Having an MSN is strongly Preferred

I attached a Picture of the finished Terrain from the Editor.


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Level 6
Aug 26, 2009
Some Crazy idea :
[STR] Rootenclaw, Ancient Tree Spirit
Model : ancient protector or ancient of war
Role Play : tank
Attack Range : 130 (Melee)
Skill :
  1. Wood Fist : active, punch a target with his mighty fist, knockback both the target and the Rootenclaw. Deals massive damage. There are 30% chance the target stunned 2 sec after knockback for 1 sec.
  2. Ancient Skin : Passive, Rootenclaw has ancient skin that add armour. if a melee unit attack rootenclaw, there are 4% the attacker entangled.
  3. Nature Blessing : Passive, Grants Rootenclaw additional health regeneration every he near trees. stack up to 2/3/4/5 trees.
  4. Plant Grows : active, Grow 2/3/4/5 permanent trees at target, that can attack with range attack. if Nature blessing is going effect by this trees, it improve the AS, MS, and bigger LOS. Trees are attackable with resistance skin and spell immunity. Does not count as summoned unit.

[AGI] Rostrych, Plague Bringer
Model : Zombie
Role Play : hunter, semi support
Attack Range : 125 (Melee)
Skill :
  1. Underlings injection : active, Inject Rostrych's underlings into a body. if it's ally, it will be healed. if it's enemy, it will DoT (Damage over Time). Stun for 1 sec each enemy lost 100 hp.
  2. Plague Cloud : Passive, Rostrych body release plague cloud every 20/15/10/5 sec, deal damage to enemy near the cloud.
  3. Toxic Tentacle : Active, Spawn a toxic tentacle that have melee attack. Has poison string and passive slow abilities
  4. Bone Crusher : Active, Inject a special underlings to crush enemy bones, slowing the target by 60%/70%/80%. Small DoT
Level 6
Aug 26, 2009
Some (updated) Crazy idea :
[STR] Rootenclaw, Ancient Tree Spirit
Model : ancient protector or ancient of war or ancient of winds
Role Play : tank
Attack Range : 130 (Melee)
Skill :
  • Earthbind : Move to location in short distance very fast (sliding). Has 5/10/15/20% chance to 20/25/30/35 damage enemy unit near arrival place.
  • Nature Power : Passively increase HP regen based on trees nearby. Stack until 2/4/6/8 trees.
  • Earthshake : shaking earth, stun nearby unit
  • Earthmother Bless : Passively give rootenclaw additional armor. Effect of the other spell will be doubled if rootenclaw is rooted. Give subskill Root
  • Subskill From Earthmother Bless :
    • Root : root the rootenclaw to the earth, give him more power but disable his movement. Give +100/250/400 HP and double the effect of another spell.