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Egypt's former interior minister appears in court

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Level 16
Apr 18, 2011
Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- A day after former strongman Hosni Mubarak captivated the world with his trial appearance, Egypt's former interior minister faced a judge Thursday on the same charges of ordering the killing of anti-government protesters.
Habib El Adly, who could be executed if convicted, will return to court August 14 for his next date with justice.
A judge has already sentenced him to 12 years in prison for money laundering and ordered him to pay 14 million Egyptian pounds (about $2.3 million).
The much despised El Adly, who was part of Mubarak's inner circle, is accused of using violence to quash the Egyptian uprising that led to the ouster of the 30-year dictator in February.
What price should Mubarak have to pay? Newspapers' take on Mubarak's trial
Mubarak's two sons, Alaa and Gamal, and six other assistants also face trial on the same charges. They are also being tried for corruption.
The ailing former leader was wheeled into court on a hospital gurney Wednesday and placed in a cage, a standard procedure in Egyptian criminal trials. He was the first leader since this year's Arab Spring revolts to face trial.
Mubarak and his sons pleaded not guilty and will return to court August 15.
About 840 people died and more than 6,000 were wounded in the 18 days of uprising that toppled Mubarak, according to Amnesty International. A police officer accused of indiscriminately shooting protesters has been sentenced to death in absentia.


The war is over and justice is given? or what you think? will the battle about how it should be start now? or was the way he lead his country correct!?
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