Editor Bug: Phantom Water Height

Level 11
Jun 2, 2004
This is a bug I came across when making a map and figured I'd report it with reproduction steps and a test map.

The bug: Water placed at a high cliff level that is later removed will retain the same water height despite there being no water there. This is mostly unnoticeable except that unit selection circles for aquatic units and the targeting cursor for AoE spells will think you're hovering over water.

To reproduce:

Use the terrain brush to raise a block of land by 2-3 cliff heights.
Place water on this new plateau.
Save the map.
Remove the water by raising the cliff height.
Use the "same level" terrain brush to remove the entire raised block of land.
Save the map.

Now AoE targeting cursors will be strangely distorted when targeting the area where the water used to be.

Attached is a test map and some screenshots showing off the problem. Just learn Flamestrike with the blood mage and try to target the cut-out part of the mountain, or walk over the area with a naga unit (like the myrmidon) selected. It's also noticeable in the editor with unit shadows (though this is editor only; shadows look fine in-game).

For those suffering from this problem and wanting to fix it in their own map:
You can change the water height by simply placing water at a lower cliff height and removing it. Tedious to do in a large area (especially if you don't want to remove doodads and the like), though.


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