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Editing the alpha with PS CS

Level 4
Aug 13, 2004
I'm curious how to mess around with the alpha channel in Photoshop CS. I can easily edit the skin, but I cannot edit the skin's alpha channel, like deleting peices. Normally I wouldn't care but things like the feather's on Medivh's cloak.... I can only edit the color, but say I want skulls? I need to be able to alter the alpha channel to do so. I can see the alpha channel as a layer.... but messing with it doesn't seem to do anything.... do I need to merge something in order for it to work? Thanks a bunch. With your help I'll upload my skins! -Inquisitor
Level 17
Jul 4, 2004
first of all theres a big different beetwen layers and channels - thats y they r splittet in the overview - one of the right windows.

when u want to alpha things out of medivhs cloak just delete the parts...

a. use the rubber tool

b.select parts- lasso tool - press delete key - dressiest way