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Easter 99 v1.13

Easter 99
by Skeedish
Post apocalyptic asskickery
Current stage of the map: Late beta
Map is protected


Summary of the map/gameplay objectives
Pick a class, kill prawns, destroy Ziggurats, fight the other team to kill ANC Bosses, fight the other team to score points with a Rugby Ball at Hillbrow.


First team to 350 points wins. The gameplay cycle goes as follows:

1. Destroy a Ziggurat - an ANC will spawn
2. Kill the ANC - it will drop a Rugby Ball
3. Take the Rugby Ball to the centre of the map (at the Hillbrow Tower) and hold position to score points
4. Repeat

Each ANC (Boss) they kill gives +15 points. Each Rugby Ball has 35 charges - while at the centre of the map (The "Hillbrow Tower") the balls will convert one charge into +1 points every 2 seconds until that Rugby Ball is used up. Players can be killed while holding a ball, and then the other team can pick it up and use it to score points.

* Map features:
-AoS style creep spawn paths with a difference: There are two types of "lane creeps" which spawn: Type 1 are allied to the bosses and are hostile to ALL human players. Type 2 are allied to ALL human players. Line of sight is shared by NEITHER of these types with human players. Line of sight is given to EVERY player of BOTH Type 1 AND Type 2's Towers - Ziggurats and Police Stations respectively.

The creep paths are Type 1 (Prawns) vs Type 2 (Metro Police). Whenever a creep spawning tower is destroyed, the tower will relocated to a random point within 7500 of the centre of the map, thus dynamically changing the creep paths as the game progresses.

-The map contains three types of Runes: MOERSA DAMAGE, POES-GROOT ARMOUR and BLIKSEM VINNIG Runes. These runes give bonuses to the carrying player, but when the carrier dies they will drop the rune (if it has remaining charges) and other players may pick it up.

-Players can buy items like in normal AoS maps (Recipes etc) but the map has a new class of item: "Ammo". Each player can buy one different ammo at a time to compliment their playing style. Ammo is used up with attacks.

-Bosses and Type 1 creeps (Enemy) spawn with one of 9 random creep abilities - things like from extra fast, increased damage/armour, a cleaving attack etc. These are made known to players via a colour change in the unit's team colour.

Bots/AI/Computer Players are supported and are great for learning how to play.

Bots are programmed (in order of preference) to
A. Score points
B. Try survive
C. Take Rugby Balls to the Hillbrow Tower
D. Kill ANC
E. Kill towers

Bots also buy Gloves of the Rainbow Nation, and upgrade them to Cosatu's Equality.
A HUGE thank you to General Frank for his Space Orcs of the 5th Generation model pack, Pheonix-IV for his Goblin Pack model pack, Mc ! for his Fel Goblin and Goblin Flying Chair models, abriko for his Zergicid model, Pyramidhe@d for his Ripper, Iron Knight and Sentient Gold Pot models, Thrikodius for his Ammo Box model, WILLTHEALMIGHTY for his Ground Explosion and Rocket models, Bon_Jovi for his Artillery Round model, infrenus for his Reborn model, Ampharos_222 for his Infernal Knight, Calcium Behemoth, Hominicle, Fel Orc Brutelord, Kubilla, Dullahan and Razor Armed Automaton models, Tarrasque for his Inferno Knight model, sPy for his Venemous Aura, shiik for his Mountain Legend skin, Dioniist for his Astherotian Disciple model and shiik for the skin, Paladon for his Jump, Knockback and Shockwave code, and RMX For his Imbody code. Awesome stuff.
v1.13 Changelog:

- New Pub, and the pubs are now split up into INT/STR/AGI. Various hotkeys have also been reassigned for picking heroes.
- The Nigerian Beetle Pimp's Pimp Hand ability now deals AOE damage equal to the hit points gained.
- Groot Ouen's Vinnig Skieter now only gives +30% attack speed per level.
- The North Korean's Railgun now costs 150 mana and has a mana increase of +15 per level, as opposed to 100/+10.
- Increased the damage bonus from the Beer Tankard from +25% to +30%.
- The Champion Braai Knight's Burnt at the Stake's Stake is now invulnerable.
- The Rocketeer's Meltabomb now gives a -2 armour penalty at all levels.
- Trees will no longer respawn if a Hero or ANC member is within 250 of the tree.
- Heroes can no longer pawn the Gem of True Sight, Orb of the "Greater Good", or Orb of the Fascist Communist.
- Fixed the Hero Damage tooltip on Beerfest.

Thanks to Ampharos_222 for his Kubilla and Dullahan models, sPy for his Venemous Aura, shiiK for his Mountain Legend skin, Mc ! for his Burning One model, Dionesiist for his Astherotian Disciple and shiik for the skin.

Download the District 99 v1.13 Map Pack, featuring Beerfest, Christmas, District and Easter:

District 99 Map Pack v1.13 Download Links:

Have fun! :D


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Easter 99 v1.13 (Map)

16:27, 17th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved Different 'version' of District 99.