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Earth Boss Ideas

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Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Model: Golem, the Earth-based creature / Night Elves' Ancient of Wonders (Change the Scaling Value to 2 and the Selection Scale to 6, this is a suitable values for a boss-size creature)

Terrain: Well, you are fighting with EARTH-BASED boss right? He should be located in a rocky map or simply barrens

Spell Stage: What is a Spell Stage? The boss will cast a CERTAIN spell under certain CONDITION such as his HP drops to 80%, he receive a negative buff, or simply start the spell stage at the early battle at HP 100% once every X seconds. Boss should has at least 3-4 Spell Stage to make it cooler and fun battle but don't make the spell WAYYY to powerful.

Battle Event: This is ALSO connected to a certain CONDITION to occur. When the boss drops its HP to 30-40%, he will run, cast a powerful spell, or simply change its location to another spot while it summons up his minions for you to battle with and he of course would regenerate his HP back to make the battle lasts longer.

Battle Initialization: This refers to the START of the battle. You could make a cinematic for awhile when entering certain regions to make the boss looks more fierce and cooler way to appear not just a lazy boss where players come and just kill him cause' he sits like a puppet or statue. In Ancienf of Wonders model, you could make the boss to play its animation 'morph alternate' for a cooler entrance.

That's all I got for now
If I have another suggestions, I will surely visit this thread and pour it out ;D
The Golem is out of the battle area, somewhere a bit up further but you can still see him

The fight area is circular, and surrounded with pits of spikes.

The golem itself chucks rocks into the air periodically which fall down on the fight area (where the players are). After so many attacks, the golem will chuck a larger boulder into the center of the arena spawning many smaller golems.

The smaller golems move very slowly and will attempt to cast a channeling spell the knocks all nearby players a short distance (dealing intense damage should it knock them into the spikes). If you deal enough damage while they cast the spell, it backfires sending them flying opposite the direction your facing.

The object would be to knock the mini golems into the main one to deal damage.

Once the main golems health has decreased enough, it will come to the main battlefield to fight the players more personally. The golem is invulnerable to normal attack/spells and it's attack will send you flying like the mini golems attacks, luckily the golem is incredibly slow and attacks via AoE stomps/slams which can be easily avoided.

After trying to smash the players for a while, the golem will spawn some mini-golems and charge up for a shattering earthquake attack (which causes the center of the arena to spike up into the air knocking all players to spikes). Like before, you want to knock the mini-golems into the large one, which will break the golems concentration on it's attack and cause it to fall over, making it vulnerable to normal attacks.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Sand Dragon (sand/desert):

A dragon bound to the earth. Unlike its winged brethren, it cannot fly, but moves through sand as easily as one moves through water (I feel like I'm writing a Pokedex entry).


Sandstorm (stampede, with dirt-shaded Crushing Waves, reduces visibility, range, accuracy and speed)

Triple Shockwave


Earthquake (damage to units, causes entire arena to shake)

Impale (using Earthquake rock models)

The dragon itself spends most of the time under the sand (submerge), surfacing periodically to attack and diving again. Only its head is visible, but its entire body will emerge if attacked. The first few times, its passage is marked on the surface (think sharkfin, use Dust or a similar effect), but as it takes damage, it will no longer reveal itself. Alternatively, its passage is always shown, but dissapears a few seconds before attacking.

The boss can only be damaged when above ground (or by a Earthquake), so either when it's preparing to attack.

The Dragon's lair is a large circle of rocks encircling a vast sandy area. Whenever the dragon is angered, the terrain moves like a stormy sea (ripple effect).

Use the Snap Dragon model, using the swimming animation for when it pops its head out of the sand, and the submerged animation for when it swims.

There's a sand-colored Snap Dragon skin on the hive, use that along with the dust explosions/spells.
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
The Mountain That Walks (Rock/ environment)

Aeons ago, a desperate struggle took place on a faraway mountaintop, a small army fighting to destroy an evil warlock terrorizing the countryside. When the warlock was defeated, his potent magical energies accumulated in the mountain and continued to grow, until one day they gained sentience and the ability to move about,taking humanoid form to do so. Thus was born (Name of boss), the Mountain that Walks.


Mountain fog: The Mountain's peak is shrouded in eternal fog, which can be summoned to blind foes and lower their morale. (Lowers accuracy (curse) and defense of enemy units in an area)

Bat Swarm: Millions of bats use the mountain's caves as a roost, the temperature remaining relatively constant within. They will not hesitate to defend their territory if threatened, confusing the invader and overwhelming them by sheer numbers. (Does minor damage and lowers movespeed, use Locust Swarm with lots of tiny riderless Battroll models)

Rockslide: (Deals damage and pushes units back, dealing increasingly greater damage as they are pushed back. Alternatively, use Stampede with boulder models, stunning units hit by the boulders. If the boss' arena is on a slope, make sure the spell is only used where the rocks will be moving in accordance with the laws of gravity.)

Fissure: The great maws of the earth open up, swallowing units whole. When the Mountain is defeated, they may be retrieved. (The spell fires off in a straight line, with the smoking fissure doodads appearing at the bottom, lowering the terrain underneath it, any unit caught within it is trapped within the fissure unless it moves away immediately. And if this is for an RPG-type map, a good way to introduce an underground dungeon crawl / rescue mission...)

Slam, Shockwave, Bash, etc.

The Mountain that Walks is a gargantuan unit, able to strike at both air and ground units, though he is of course vulnerable to both. Use a particularly large Mountain Giant (maybe with an alternate skin), with very high life, armor and attack but horrible move and attack speed (it is a mountain, after all). Clouds surround its head, while occasional flights of bats are seen emerging from it.
Level 2
Aug 24, 2009
Here's a small tip an Idea i got from Wow Cataclysm
Make Rock shards either fall down or burst out of earth sort of Like Giant/golem/ancient
Stamps Rock spike bursts out underneath a player
Or Whilest Sanddragon emerges it causes a spike to burst up underneath players
Level 3
Jul 24, 2010
Earth Boss: Probably Golem art or some Rock formation, If that's too generic then you can use a Tauren or Beast as the Art.

Pros: High Attack, High amt of HP, High Defense (Heavy of course), Make him BIG in comparison to other units

Cons: Slow movement, slow attack, slow casting time

Spells (Just suggestions, pick any you want):
Fissure - Causes surrounding units to slow in attack, movement, etc and after X seconds opens up a volcano.

Spawn Golems (Interval spell, make it periodic) - Spawns a couple of lackies to "annoy" the players, make them be spell resistant if you want; make different classes if you want variation (more attack/less etc) Make the spawn points shoot up spikes before the golems come out so it spices things up.

Shower of Rocks - Make it rain rocks randomly on the battlefield and if possible, make the rocks stun if they hit someone

Iron Defense - Increases the defense of the Earth Boss, or makes him immune to spells, or invincibility that can be dispelled

Rock Wheel - Throws rocks in a circle hitting everything around him, doesn't have to stun, maybe make it cripple (see if you can make the rocks' projectile speed slower so ppl can run out of the way if they have the brains for it)

Shockwave - Does Shockwave in a circle hitting everything around him (make it fast so it has a higher chance of hitting)

At 30% Life.....
Metamorphosis Form - Give him increased Attack and change his attack to ranged instead of melee, give him less defense to make it fair but increase his movement speed.

(New Skills)
Quick Sand - Make all players go to him and then make him stun them

Sandstorm (Passive) - Deals dmg to units around him (disease cloud effect)

Rock Cannon - Make him fire rocks that stun but quicker now

Rollout - Make him move around the battlefield except deals dmg if touched (bladestorm)

Give him reincarnation if you want but set reincarnation to 10% of his max hp.

These are just some ideas, feel free to use them.
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