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[Solved] Dynamic Visibility Question

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Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
I was wondering if theres a way (through GUI) to reduce all unit's vision by X% when they enter X Region and reset it when they enter Y Region. I've looked through and didn't find anything, though I might have mised it. I'll keep on looking as I wait for an answer, thanks
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
1. You can reduce the vision of the unit
2. You can't reduce it by percentual (%) but in Integer (whole number) value.

I used Item Sight Range Bonus as base ability
Make the number for "Data - Sight Range Bonus" to a negative value (making it reduce, not increase)
To make it negative, hold SHIFT + double click that field
Add the "-" followed by your desired value to be put
In this this map, I used -400 sight range, so the unit will have a reduced of 400 sight range
Note: Enter the woods and leaves the woods, try it for several time, you'll notice the different


  • Simple Reducing Sight System.w3x
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