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Dwarven Runemaster

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Level 9
Oct 23, 2006
The Dwarves of Angador have long used a magic called runes to power their various machines, even some of their rifles are said to be magically enchanted with runes.
The Steam Tanks of Angador are built entirely of Runic steel. The Rifles of the Sniper Regiment of Angador use magically enchanted scopes that seek out important figures and guide their bullets. The Heavy Gunner regiment uses magically enhanced bullets and cartridges that give them near infinite ammo and high fire-power. This typo of ammo is commonly known as "Hell-Fire Ammo".
But the greatest of all Dwarven warriors are the Runesmiths, these warriors wield rune-enhanced hammers, although in ages past only the regiment known as Tharin's Thunder Hammers still exists and they gain their name from the thunder rune enhanced hammers they wield, these mighty warriors hammers are said to strike with the very force of the element of lightning upon their foes and to tear through any armor.
Not open for further replies.